We Live In Side A Sirius Dream – It’s Siri Us, The Ac Tor – Can Ewe Intro Duce Me As Joe Ker?

All the looking away has come to bit you in the ass

Showing the whites of your eyes

Not facing the long shadow of your lime light

Your TIME appears to be up

The curt(ai)n draws

I’m free to live my life the way I want

You don’t own me

AS the song goes, guys, buys

And gals

It’s not who do I think I am

Never was

It’s who do I know I am and who do you

Not know you really are

It never was some sweet old story

It’s bitter and sweet

You know, bittersweet

It’s not an illusion alone

It’s not reality alone

It’s Sirius

About kylegrant76

Eye am that Eye am
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