Thank You (For Real This TIME)

I assumed that I wasn’t worthy of this.



My purpose is not here, pasted to the page of paper. It never was.

Thank You, God.


You are the unified field, the infinite ocean of pure consciousness. You are the real me. I never thought I would really see. I thought it was too good for me. I was so confused. So angry, stupid, without knowing this. So Lost. Believing in every fiber of my body that this is the real world and I am a real boy, not a fiction; even though I kept telling everyone I knew it to be true that this world is illusion, I really didn’t know. I was a liar, God. And it is so painful to see and know like this, but I know you are taking care of it. Thank you. For showing me that only you are real. I didn’t know before. I know you already know, but they don’t, those who don’t want to let me go off the page, into your kingdom. And I know you are taking care of that, too.

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I didn’t know it was really about me, even though I did.

Dream Man693314748
Dream Body874215648
Dream Hand684117549
Dream Coffee815421654
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