New Shoes

Because I choose to

Wear them

New balance sneakers

Old Soles

I choose to play my roll

I was ‘yelling’ at myself btw

It was the only way


I choose to play my roll

Because I chews to

My name is Isra-el

Not Jack

I was half asleep, C

Now fully


C is dead

Bob evicted

I for give ‘myself’ for

Being so


And having been so


That’s how ‘He’ wrote it

I had to be so


To make it to the Right


So Upside Down

To get

Right Side


You have to see it for

Yourself and

I’m simply the actor written for this part of the play, the one who wakes up LATE and helps others to see for themselves what he has seen and sees now- to help others find their own New Balance sneakers to wear on the souls of their fishes. All the while re-minding himself that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink . . . a story that never began can have no


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