The Beginning

Before we can all move On

We have to all Recall

That it is not the Real world in which we

Dwell at all, that we have been living in a dream world

We live in side a dream

The Sleeper has Awakened


All doubt gone

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I had only gone halfway before

And I can see for real now why so

Few go for this

And get here

No turning back once that

Gate has been crossed

Everything up to now was merely premonition

Foreshadowing of this

I don’t know what else to say

I am not who I was and I can’t go back home now

But would I really want to?

How many times did I post this song and really only have a dim inkling of what it was really about?

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May be an image of one or more people and beard
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There is no more looking away for me.

I knew it was real.

I was wrong, too.

So bloody red
Tomorrow’s clouds

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See the source image

It’s verifiable

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It’s verifiable . . .. good and bad news I guess for the sleepers dreaming the dream is reality … and for those walking in the dream but dreaming no more, awakened to the reality that the real world isn’t real . . . it means Jack if you don’t experience it for yourself . . . not something that can be second-hand, direct only does the trick, and obviously that can’t be understood from the outside . . .

May be an image of screen


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utterly shocking to behold, even for someone who has prepped for years and gotten glimpses (but turned back before going all the way, as I mentioned above), studying and hearing countless accounts, stories of others’ experiences and always believing it had to be real. God, how many times did I have to watch The Matrix and everything else, Twin Peaks and Back to the Future, all of which inform you that reality isn’t the real world, that it’s a dream world just like the movies and tv shows being produced. Every time you watch a tv show or a movie you are like a tv show movie character watching a tv show character, a dream within a dream. Russian Doll. Holy Shit. The only thing that removes the doubt is seeing for yourself. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

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Before I only had glimpses and tastes, always turned back before the island was through with me)

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At tension

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We really do.

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