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“Education” = Thought-control / Breaking Children / Abuse / Crime

So(cia)l Media So(cia)l Distancing So(cia)l Engineering Ope-ration – Open-Ra-t-ion Phone-ix/ xi – 2001-2020: A S-pace Odd eye/ i see/ sea/ c – Year of the Ra-t – 20 20 Di-Vision- Be-Hindsight Ritual – Con-vid(eo) Game 19-20 Spanish Influenza/ Influence/ Affluence/ Flume/ Fluid/ Liquid Ass-ets/ Current-C/ Sea/ See/ ABC/ 12-Tree/ Nightmare Before Christ-m-ass on El-m S-tree-t/ Trick or Tree-t

Image may contain: text that says 'NEW NORMAL World Health Organization Western Pacific Region To stop the spread of #COVID19, we all need to play our part. Some of us-includingpeople at risk of more severe disease disease-rely, in part, on other people taking the right actions. Help protect those who need it most: & Feel sick: stay home unless seeking urgent medical care Face: avoid touching Elbow: cough into it Hands: clean them often မိမ Keep distance: at least 1 metre from others Space: avoid crowded places and limit time in enclosed spaces 藝 Clean: frequently touched objects and surfaces regularly July'
“Health Care” = Sick CARE = Industrial ‘Medicine’ / For-Profit Medical INDUS-TREE, IN-CORPSE-ORATED

Andrew: “Truth be told. I wish people would step and look at the forest through the trees. The invasion of The Americas started in the Caribbean and southern hemisphere and worked its way north. Raping and pillaging as they went in the name of…”

Kyle: “”God” is the ‘Devil’ . . . It’s only when people see “God” as not “God,” beyond words and names and forms like ‘God,’ that “God” is “Good.” Otherwise, “God” is “Devil.” Go-d-Go-vern-mental. “God” the militant military ‘Com-maner.’ Top of the Totem Pole/ Poll, instead of the Whole Pole and also NOT the Pole/ Whole. Natural ‘God’ is the Tao./ Great Spirit of ALL. Unnatural ‘God’ is the Invisible Enemy/ Man in the Sky Judging and Condemning and Com-manding ALL. Big di-fference. It’s the same difference be-twe-en Jesus/ Yeshua/ Josh-ua in your heart/ earth and Jesus/ Josh-ua on a pedestal of el, unreachable by the layman, “God’s’ only Son/ S-un/ Serpent-One.

And, I believe, the invasion was deliberate, premeditated, an elite operation to destroy the indigenous wisdom, shamanism; they have been also lying about that part of it. For a very long time now.”

Inversion of meaning, turning it ALL upside-down, is a mind-control/ br(ai)nwashing technique. Like wearing a mask to show whoU-R

It’s not about a virus. Never was. It’s all about a vaccine. This is a crime against humanity. This vaccine is totally illegal.

Where were all you ‘righteous’ ones denouncing Trump when Obama was butchering civilians with drone strikes?

For all those who think all this 20 20 shite is simple, black and white: it is most definitely NOT

Amerika the Gray Area (51/15)

Villains exist for one pur-pose: to be vanquished/ extinguished by Heroes. Period. One does not overcome evil by making peace/ playing nice with IT.

I don’t make peace with butchers

Inner Peace and Outer Peace are Two Sides of One Coin. Peace is dual, like all s-words/ works/ worlds, yes, dual and singular simultaneously, but on this side of the veil, ALL is split in two, to, too, down the mid-el/ d/le. Every-thing has a front and a back, inner and outer, y-in and yang, moon/ mono and sun/ son-o. Our bi-o-logy- with the two eye/ i holes/ wholes and ears and nostrils and pairs of parts, arms, legs, etc.- is a clear illustration of this. The two cannot be seen as one unless the mind under-stands the necessity for distinction/ differentiation on this side. If you don’t distinguish yourself from the ‘other/ outer,’ then you are always in a kind of misty, deer in the headlights, false unity consciousness and easy prey/ pray for collectivist, authoritarian mass movements, easily surrendering your individuality because you never honored it in the first place. Inner peace with yourself and outer peace with that which deserves it is the correct way, obviously. You don’t make peace with violators, evil villains. You vanquish them. You make peace only with those who wish you peace, love, re-spect.


I’m not interested in losing ‘the war on consciousness.’ Yes, Disney Corpse is part of the multi-media war effort/ effect being waged against ALL human(e) consciousness/ conscience. I real-eyes that. Consider it irony. Or whatever the frack you want. I just wanted to broadcast loud and clear that losing the TOTAL war being waged ag(ai)nst us should not be considered an option. It doesn’t mean we can’t or won’t lose. That one- fate- is always out of our jurist-diction, out of the hands of man. You can’t effectively act in this war without surrendering the petty desire to control/ man-ipulate the fin-al outcome, without trusting God/ a ‘Higher Power,’ which is simply love/ light/ life itself.

Joe Biden telling you not to be afraid is like Jason Voorhees telling you not to be afraid.


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2. Master Numbers →

1. The Cash Register Synchronicities

Posted on February 26, 2011by kylegrant76


Today I begin at the beginning.

The eye opens.  The Pulse begins.  You see that you lay in a bamboo grove.  You are the wounded hero.  A yellow labrador runs toward you. 

Kokopelli dances in the moonlight while playing a haunting, sweet and sorrowful melody on his flute. 


I have three Emergen-C boxes full of synchronicities I have collected at the cash register while working as a cashier for The Unique Chain of American Grocery Stores.  This collection began in 2005 when I noticed in a customer’s purchase the total price matched up with the time of the purchase.  I fed out a little piece of receipt paper and wrote down the numbers.  Since then I have done the same whenever I have noticed a match of a customer’s total with the time, date or some other improbable ‘coincidence’ in the transaction.  At last count, done late last year, I had collected nearly 200 cash register synchronicities.  I suspect the number well exceeds 200 now here at the end of 2011; we soon shall see.

Today I begin at the beginning:  Logging all the data…the first step in what I feel to be an exciting journey of discovery… I don’t know if this will lead anywhere or to anything, but that is not important right now.  It is the process that matters.  And a part of that process begins now.  Perhaps it is too late, or perhaps it is right on time.  Only time will tell.

Note: While some of the matches of time, total and/or date of purchase are chronologically exact, most are not.  Also, I will have you know, I am never consciously looking or watching for these synchronicities.  (Synchronicities is a word, the plural form of synchronicity, despite the fact that the auto spell checker always puts the wiggly red line under it.)  They- the synchronicities- just pop out at me and fill me with a delightful sense of surprise and wonder, which I try to share with the customer.  That’s what this is about for me- surprise, delight, wonder, joy and shared experience, that which makes life beautiful and worth living.  This is not like the movie The Number 23, starring Jim Carrey.  Nor is it like Pi.  I have my complexities & moods- ups & downs, highs & lows- like everyone else does.  But I am not on the verge of acute psychosis.  In fact, I feel it is highly likely that the opposite of going mad is occurring to me: I am going sane.  Simply put, my eyes are opening.  I am awakening.  I am writing to you out of my heart’s desire to share my experience with you, for what is the point of experience if it is not shared?

Synchronicity- meaningful coincidence- is real and has enormous implications for our lives, I believe; whatever your ideological leanings, whatever it is you happen to believe, whether you are religious or spiritual or not, the experience of synchronicity has the potential to help ‘crack you open;’ it can help turn you away from an ego-dominated, materialistic worldview and toward a spiritual and holistic one.  The acausal field of which Carl Jung wrote tirelessly- Jung coined the term synchronicity in his essay of that name published in 1947- this field beyond and within our 3D spatio-temporal dimension- has presented itself to me and countless others and it seems to me it’s about time we pay attention to it.  We can celebrate and honor the amazing and mysterious connections and patterns weaving our lives together; it is in this spirit that I write to you.  For there is a powerful message here if we would only stop and hear it.  It’s the message that we are all Created with Love as One here on Mother Earth, we are all interconnected parts of the same Tree or Web of Life, all threads in the Divine Magic Carpet, woven together and held together by Love.  Stubborn, separative ego-consciousness, its greed-infused lack-love (and its offspring capitalistic consumerism) has put the very existence of the Tree/Carpet in jeopardy.  Is this not clear?  Is it not apparent that we are putting the ecosystem which sustains biological life on this planet in jeopardy?  And is it not also clear that, if we wish to survive as a species and preserve the ecosystem for generations to come, we need not only to re-evaluate and change how we live on the Earth, but we need also to reorient our vision and redirect our focus away from Self/Me and toward Other/We?  That we need to re-set the balance before it is too late?  And that we need to see that we’ve been identifying with only a small portion of who we really are?  Is not all of this clear?

Here’s a saved fortune cookie message for me as I begin this task: ‘Accept yourself’…I accept myself and I accept the gift of meaningful coincidence that has been bestowed upon me.  And I go forth with a desire to share this gift with the world, for the gift is worth nothing if it is not shared.  Some may appreciate it, others may not, but it must be given.

Another note: The first couple of years of this, ’05 and ’06, I wasn’t always too diligent about logging the dates of the cash register synchronicites.  Also, I suspect several of the little receipt papers from early on have been lost.

And, for any who may doubt the existence of this phenomenon, I’ve been showing the customers, and sometimes coworkers, for quite some time now when it happens.  While some have found it more interesting (or exciting) than others, I am sure many of them remember their transaction and would be willing to come forward to testify.


1. 12-?- 2006: Back to back purchase totals- $24.23 followed by $24.32

2. Date Unknown (most likely sometime in 2006): $21.23 @ 12:23 pm

3. Same day as number 2: $53.35 @ 10:53 am

4. 12-18-06, $45.54 @ 1:54 pm & customer was born in 1954

5. Date undocumented (most likely sometime in 2006):  1:19 pm, $19.11

6. 9-22-06: $18.22, first transaction of the day: $18.22 on 9-22

7. Date Unknown (most likely sometime in 2006): $11.34 @ 11:43am

8. Same day as number 7: $21.32 @ 12:32 pm

9. Same day as 7 & 8: $3.18 @ 1:38 pm

10. 2-3-07: $46.00, 10:10 am

11. Date Unknown (most likely sometime in 2006 or 2007): $20.44 @ 12:44 pm

12. 12-?-06: $50.13@ 1:35 pm

13. Date Unknown (most likely sometime in ’06 or ’07): $12.24 @ 2:42 pm

14. Same day as number 13: Customer’s check #: 1330, purchase total: $16.60

15. 9-21- 2009: $62.26 @ 6:46pm

16. Date and Time Unknown (most likely ’07): Back 2 back totals- $31.73 then $31.72

17. 12-05-05: Customer’s change is $3.45 @ 3:45 pm

18. 4-30-08: $40.00 @ 4:00 pm

19. Date Unknown (probably ’07): $1.58 @ 1:58 pm

20. Same day as #19: $41.30 @ 4:31 pm

21. Date Unknown (’06 or ’07): $23.04 @ 3.24 pm

22. 1-26-07: $40.13 @ 1:43

23. 2-30-07: 2:30 pm- Back to back purchases: $15.06 followed by $15.06

24. Date Unknown (sometime in ’06): $1.29 @ 11:29 am

25. 1-04-07: $16.61 @ 1:16

26. 5-9-08: $31.31 @ 1:33 pm

27. 1-19-07: $12.21 @ 12:21 pm

28. 2-15-08: $32.81 paid with check #1823

29. 10-11-07: $2.27 @ 1:27 pm

30. 4-25-06: $5.29 @ 2:59 pm

31. 2-15-08: $9.18 @ 9:18 am

32. 6-27-08: $18.30 @ 1:38 pm

33. 5-15-06: $15.51 @ 1:55 pm


This is a good time for a break.  We’ve got like 200 or so more to log here and time is running out, (not to mention of the essence and so on), so please excuse me if the pace is brisk.  I have waited too long already.  I’ve been too much of a procrastinator, I know, and this is hopefully the beginning of the end of that tendency.  So here we go!  Bon voyage!  Affix your life jacket and safety belts please and enjoy the ride.  As Bill Hicks was always saying, ‘It’s just a ride.’

Another reason this is a good time for a break-at number 33- is that the synchronicity I experienced with the number 33, and right after that with 22,  is what opened wide my eyes to meaningful coincidences and their implications.  I don’t have time to dwell here on too many of the details, so I’m going to tell this story as quickly as I can.  This background information sheds some light on why I was open to spotting the cash register synchronicities in the first place.

I shall begin by telling you a little about myself.  Let me formally introduce myself.  I am known in the realm of space-time as Charlie Fitzgerald Grant.  I am the firstborn son of three to Charlie Peter Grant and Rosie Evelyn Landry Grant.  The first name Charlie goes way back in our family, passed on from father to first son so many times that the word junior is not even in our vocabulary anymore.

I was born at 12:10 am on May 29, 1976, two weeks ‘late,’ finally removed by C-section and weighing 9lbs. 2 ounces, a big baby, I know.  My tiny-figured and energetic mother Rosie thought I would be obese, which didn’t turn out to be the case.  I turned out slender and kind of lanky.  It’s like that a lot with life, is it not? You don’t get what you expect or fear/hope for; instead you get the opposite.  Sometimes the surprises are pleasant, others painful.  Pleasure and pain go together like cookies and milk, yin and yang- you can have them separate, but they’re so much better together!

So yeah, I was a fat baby who became a slender man.  Whatever, right?  Whatever, indeed.  This may all be a mountain being made of a molehill for all I know, but this must be written, the gift must be offered, regardless.  Those who spend their time debunking the significance of phenomena like synchronicity (not to mention u.f.o. sightings and psi-phenomena) stopped reading long ago, I’m guessing, so this is to you out there who are still with me, those of you who wish to continue with me on this journey.  It may get bumpy, it may have it’s boring points, but I hope that it ends up all being worth it in the end.  I have to try to keep the exposition to a minimum, tell you only the really important stuff, to ensure that I have enough time to list all of the cash register synchronicities I’ve collected, just in case there is some chance of it having a positive impact.  The global breakdown we are seeing here in the early 21st century has me not only alarmed and horrified at the scale of the tragedy and suffering going on, but it also has me feeling a sense of urgency to do whatever I can to contribute to bettering our situation.  That is what is behind this writing.  One never knows how much time one has, never does, but it feels to me like now it is especially true.  No time to waste!  Let’s move forward now , shall we?  The clock is ticking, the sand drops down the hourglass…

Here’s why Charlie and Rosie Grant gave me, their firstborn fat baby boy, the middle name Fitzgerald: yes, my middle name is in honor of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on whose birthday I was born, May 29.  It’s funny to me, because neither Charlie nor Rosie came from wealthy backgrounds like the Kennedy’s.  Both my parents grew up in lower-middle-income-working families in the broken-down-former-shoe-industry-mecca, Lynn, Massachusetts, -‘Lynn, Lynn the city of Sin, You neva get out the way you came in,’- far from the lavish mansions of Martha’s Vineyard.

The fact that I have the same birthday as JFK doesn’t mean anything on its own; it is the following that is significant, and what amounts to the first synchronicity of my life and suggests that perhaps my very existence is a synchronicity: my father’s birthday is November 22, which most Americans know is the day JFK was assassinated in Dealey Plaza in 1963.  It was Dad’s eleventh birthday, the saddest birthday one can imagine, as he tells it.  Then, 13 years later (13 original colonies), during the year of the American Bicentennial, 1976,- American flags waving madly in the wind, disco and patriotic songs blaring hysterically as millions snorted multitudes of white lines,- I was born ten minutes into what would have been President Kennedy’s 59th birthday.

It’s funny for me to think that had I been extracted from my mother Rosie’s womb 11 minutes earlier I wouldn’t be telling you any of this.  There, in a nutshell, is the crux of the issue.  Is it mere randomness or is it happening on purpose, by design?  People really enjoy getting into it on this philosophical question (if they don’t just ridicule you outright, like some do) with regards to synchronicity.  ‘What if it’s mere coincidence?’ they ask.  Just pure random, deaf, dumb and blind chance.

Well, that’s just no fun and will not do, I say.  And I have to ask, ‘But what if it’s not mere coincidence?’  Anything is possible, so of course it’s possible that my experiences & the cash register synchronicities are just unadulterated randomness coalescing to appear like something meaningful with mystical overtones.

But I also say, ‘The Newtonian Order has been overthrown.’ Is it not now clear that the universe is not a clock as once envisioned?  That it is not a machine, but a living, breathing, evolving, experiencing/expanding/unfolding, conscious process and presence?  This may not be clear to many, but it seems plain as day to me these days.

I just don’t buy the ‘pure coincidence’ line, not one darn bit I tell ya.  ‘Well, what if you’re just psychologically compensating here with all this synchro-whatever stuff, hmm?  What if deep-down you’re so desperate for meaning that you’re looking for all this stuff and finding it fulfills your need, makes you feel important or something, or even makes you think you’re delivering a message from God.  Surely, you don’t believe you’re some kind of prophet, do you?  I certainly hope not; you don’t want to be a crazy person, do you?’

Once again, I have to grant the possibility, in a universe shown by our science to have infinite possibilities and probabilities, that I am just psychologically compensating or something else.  But again, I have to ask, what if that is not the case?  What if there is indeed a Transcendental Creative Designer of the Network of Biological Life, The One Who Is Called God, and what if that Creator is at work here?  What if the Almighty He/She Who Is Perhaps Actually Beyond Mere Mortal Names is sharing an elaborate and elegant code?  Don’t you have to consider that possibility as well, in a universe of infinite possibilities?

To me it really could all just be as simple as what Mel Gibson’s character-in the M Night Shayamalan feature film ‘Signs’- says to Joaquin Phoenix’s character: ‘..there are those who see signs and those who see coincidence.’  Clearly, I am one who sees Signs.


Which brings me back to the number 33:

It is the end of the 20th Century- it is the final months of 1997 and I am a 21 year old living in San Diego, Ca., in the first months of my first experience living away from where I grew up in Massachusetts.  I am in a store called Natural Wonders in the Mission Valley Mall, working as a part-time holiday season helper,  just another one of Santa’s good little capitalist elves hired to demonstrate and promote Nature and Science toys, like the foam, flying-disc-shooting-space-gun.  Feeling sort of humiliated and wondering what the heck I am doing there, I aimlessly spin the display version of a model earth globe, you know just a regular ol’ globe.  Just spinning it around slowly over and over, sort of hypnotizing myself in the process.  Perhaps my brain starts producing alpha waves.  I suddenly have the thought that I want to know San Diego’s latitude, not even thinking of the word latitude at the time.  I have no idea why I suddenly want to know the latitude of my new home city.  I have never thought to check before.  I line my finger up to the southern-tip of California and slide it across the meridian line to the latitude numbers printed in the Pacific Ocean.  Is it thirty-two, or thirty-four?  Or, thirty-three?  ‘Could it really be thirty-three?’  I ask myself.  Why would that have mattered to me, you ask?

Well, you see the woman with whom I moved to San Diego-my girlfriend at the time- a high-spirited, funky, free-wheelin’ singer-songwriter/ Goddess worshiper/ Wiccan, named Penny Moon, was 33 years of age.  Since we had been together, I kept seeing 33’s all over the place.  Wherever I went out to Consumer-land I saw big 33% off signs and such.  I didn’t feel compelled to research the number, though, until I found out that San Diego is indeed located at 33 degrees North Latitude, 33 and a half to be exact.  While absently watching a documentary about San Diego called ‘San Diego: Above All’ on PBS Television, I hear the narrator say the following (and I’ll have you know this is just a couple days after the experience with the Globe at Natural Wonders): ‘San Diego, located at 33 and a half degrees North Latitude…’  Something is going on here, I thought.  Actually, I felt it more than I thought it, but that’s a whole other issue, isn’t it?

It’s also synchronistic that I had begun reading the writings of Carl Jung right before the revelation of the thirty-three synchronicity.  Jung’s the one who coined the term synchronicity.  Several of his writings were given to me by my father before I left for California.  He had all these barely-read Jung books, which I would always see in the book case when I was little (what a funny name, Jung, I thought), because he and my mom had tried to salvage their marriage (before finally getting divorced) by going to a Jungian analyst named Ken Simpson.

During the next break, I will tell you about the what I learned about the number thirty-three.  And then I’ll tell you about my experiences with the number twenty-two and speculate about its implications.


34.  3-12-10: $8.82@ 8:02 pm

35. 2-22-10: $24.01 @ 4:21 pm

36. 10-11-09: $42.44 @ 6:44 pm

37. 5-05-10: $12.52 @ 6:52 pm

38. 5-14-10: $55.05 @ 5:55 pm

39. 5-17-10: $8.48 @ 8:48 pm

40. 5-24-10: $62.22 @ 8:22 pm

41. 1-29-10: $7.37 @ 7:37 pm

42. 5-01-10: $14.45 @ 4:54 pm

43. 5-7-10: $33.11 @ 4:44 pm

44. 5-24-10: $5.48 @ 8:45 pm

45. 5-17-10: $6.58 @ 6:48 pm

46. 5-17-10: $24.62 @ 6:42 pm

47. 5-05-10: back to back transactions @ 2:40 pm $18.18 followed by $14.14

48. 5-17-10: $26.43 @ 6:43 pm

49. 6-6-10: $18.35 @ 8:35 pm

50. 5-01-10: $4.98 @ 8:49 pm

51. 3-18-10: $37.80 @ 8:37 pm

52. 2-11-10: $20.45 @ 8:45 pm

53. 4-14-10: $4.48 @ 5:58 pm

54. 4-10-10: $55.08 @ 5:58 pm

55. 8-09-09: $33.63 @ 6:03 pm

56. 3-28-07: $9.25 @ 2:59 pm

57. Date unknown (probably ’07): $20.56 @ 10:56 am & $10.46 @ 12:46 pm

58. 1-18-07: $111.59 @ 11:59 am

59. 6-27-08: $16.25 @ 12:56 pm

60. 10-16-09: $10.66 @ 6:01 pm

61. 9-04-09: $9.55 @ 9:05 pm

62. 8-14-09: $46.60 @ 6:04 pm


Philip K. Dick’s ‘Exegesis’ is a major part of this journey.  Charlie is one of the homoplasmates.  This will be made clear to you later, or maybe it won’t.  We’ll see.

Here’s The Exegesis (7-14), transcribed from the Appendix of ‘VALIS.’:

“7. The Head Apollo is about to return.  St. Sophia is going to be born again; she was not acceptable before.  The Buddha is in the park.  Siddhartha sleeps (but is going to awaken).  The time you have waited for has come.

8. The upper realm has plenary powers.

9. He lived a long time ago, but he is still alive.

10. Apollonius of Tyana, writing as Hermes Trismegistos, said, ‘That which is above is that which is below.’  By this he meant to tell us that our universe is a hologram, but he lacked the term.

11. The great secret known to Apollonius of Tyana, Paul of Tarsus, Simon Magus, Asklepios, Paracelsus, Boehme and Bruno is that: we are moving backward in time.  The universe in fact is contracting into a unitary entity which is completing itself.  Decay and disorder are seen by us in reverse, as increasing.  These healers learned to move forward in time, which is retrograde to us.

12. The Immortal One was known to the Greeks as Dionysos; to the Jews as Elijah; to the Christian as Jesus.  He moves on when each human host dies, and thus is never killed or caught.  Hence Jesus on the cross said, “Eli, Eli, lama Sabachthani” to which some of those present correctly said, “The man is calling on Elijah.”  Elijah had left him and he died alone.

13. Pascal said, “All history is one immortal man who continually learns.”  This is the Immortal One whom we worship without knowing his name.  “He lived a long time ago, but he is still alive,” and, “The Head Apollo is about to return.”  The name changes.

14. The universe is information and we are stationary in it, not three-dimensional and not in space or time.  The information fed to us we hypostatize into the phenomenal world.’


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The End is the Beginning

The Beginning is the End

The Disappearance of the 7,144

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It’s ALL-WAYS true, regardless of your historical circum-stances: YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU. The Brinks truck doesn’t follow the hearse. The love of money is the root of all evil. You cannot simultaneously serve two masters. You can’t serve God and Mammon/ Money at the same time. God is Good. Mammon is not. Serving Mammon leads to greed, which is obviously NOT good.

Mammon (n.)

personification of riches and worldliness, mid-14c., from Late Latin mammona, from Ecclesiastical Greek mamōnas, from Aramaic mamonamamon “riches, gain;” a word left untranslated in Greek New Testament (Matthew vi.24, Luke xvi.9-13), retained in the Vulgate, and regarded mistakenly by medieval Christians as the name of a demon who leads men to covetousness.

Image may contain: text that says 'The reason you Don't know you've been lied to, conditioned and brainwashed is because you've been lied to, conditioned and brainwashed'

It’s the Uni Verse, One Song. You are that. Everyone is everyone. The other is another you. What you do to him/her you do to u

Carrie: Tough concept for people to grasp, but it’s the absolute truth. There are no others

Kyle: Can one grasp truth, hold it, cont(ai)n it? Nope. All one can do is let it be and let oneself get in tune/ accord/ alignment with it. It’s only tough for people in this particular time with this particle-ular time’s t-issues, which all stem from the violent ancient break with nature in our hi-story, symbolized by the Fall from Grace in the Garden of Eden/ Eating Fable of Odd and Even/ Adam and Eve/ Dawn and Evening. Before the Fall human beings were worthy across the board of the name human, or humane, able to directly perceive continuously the interconnectedness of all life. Before the Fall, it was normal for people to be good, not as it is now, normal for people to be evil/ ‘sinners.’ It’s the grasping mind of the post-Fall ‘human’ which is the root of the pro-blem, what is bringing us all to the brink of near-term extinction.

Carrie : Evil is the product of our own awareness of our existence

Kyle: Hyper-self-consciousness, the origin of bodily shame. Before the ‘fruit’ was eaten/ Eden they did not die, they did not know they were naked, meaning they were not self-conscious. Because they did not look at their natural bodies as separate from the rest of nature. The ‘fruit’ of know-ledge is the fruit of duality-consciousness, Adam and Eve, Odd and Even, Dawn and Evening of Genesis, Genetics, Gene-Isis of the Serpent/ preSent/ 77/ Christ/ Krishna/ Crescent/ Moon/ Mono-/ Neo-/ -oNe, S-peech/ Serpent-P-each, Com-Pair-i-son/sun/ Life and Death/ Light and Dark/ God and Devil/ Good and Evil. The ‘fruit’ of Life/ Light is Unity Consciousness, which is why God Ya-Way/ Tao/ El Shadd-ai the Fa-ther / Farther A-way/ Jah-H-ova There/ eTher doesn’t forbid the Odd and Eve-n ones/ Aries and Libra/ Mars and Venus/ Mascu-Line and Femi-nine from eating/ Eden that ‘fruit.’ God never stops them from following the serpent/ present’s ‘guile’ and s-lippery s-peech. And nothing is stopping us from re-turning to the Gar-den now, the only ‘place’ it can eve-r be found.

Carrie: Yes

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23. Number 171

Posted on December 7, 2011by kylegrant76

152. 8-28-09: $50.05 @ 5:50 pm.


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.)

“47. TWO SOURCE COSMOGONY: The One was and was-not, combined, and desired to separate the was-not from the was.  So it generated a diploid sac which contained, like an eggshell, a pair of twins, each an androgyny, spinning in opposite directions (the Yin and Yang of Taoism, with the One as the Tao).  The plan of the One was that both twins would emerge into being (was-ness) simultaneously; however, motivated by a desire to be (which the One had implanted in both twins), the counterclockwise twin broke through the sac and separated prematurely; i.e., before the full term.  This was the dark or Yin twin.  Therefore it was defective.  At full term the wiser twin emerged.  Each twin formed a unitary entelechy, a single living organism made of psyche and soma, still rotating in opposite directions to each other.  The full term twin, called Form I by Parmenides, advanced correctly through its growth stages, but the prematurely born twin, called Form II, languished.

The next step in the One’s plan was that the Two would become the Many, through their dialectic interaction.  From them as hyperuniverses they projected a hologram-like interface, which is the pluriform universe we creatures inhabit.  The two sources were to intermingle equally in maintaining our universe, but Form II continued to languish toward illness, madness and disorder.  These aspects she projected into our universe.

It was the One’s purpose for our hologramatic universe to serve as a teaching instrument by which a variety of new lives advanced until ultimately they would be isomorphic with the One.  However, the decaying condition of hyperuniverse II introduced malfactors which damaged our hologramatic universe.  This is the origin of entropy, undeserved suffering, chaos and death, as well as the Empire, the Black Iron Prison; in essence, the aborting of the proper health and growth of the life forms within the hologramatic universe.  Also, the teaching function was grossly impaired, since only the signal from the hyperuniverse I was information-rich: that from II had become noise.

The psyche of hyperuniverse I sent a micro-form of itself into hyperuniverse II to attempt to heal it.  The micro-form was apparent in our hologramatic universe as Jesus Christ.  However, hyperuniverse II, being deranged, at once tormented, humiliated, rejected and finally killed the micro-form of the healing psyche of her healthy twin.  After that, hyperuniverse II continued to decay into blind, mechanical, purposeless causal processes.  It then became the task of Christ (more properly the Holy Spirit) to either rescue the life forms in the hologramatic universe, or abolish all influences on it emanating from II.  Approaching its task with caution, it prepared to kill the deranged twin, since she cannot be healed; i.e., she will not allow herself to be healed because she does not understand that she is sick.  This illness and madness pervades us and makes us idiots living in private, unreal worlds.  The original plan of the One can only be realized now by the division of hyperuniverse I into two healthy hyperuniverses, which will transform the hologramatic universe into the successful teaching machine it was designed to be.  We will experience this as the ‘Kingdom of God.’

Within time, hyperuniverse II remains alive: ‘The Empire never ended.’  But in eternity, where the hyperuniverses exist, she has been killed- of necessity- by the healthy twin of hyperuniverse I, who is our champion.  The One grieves for this death, since the One loved both twins; therefore the information of the Mind consists of a tragic tale of the death of a woman, the undertones of which generate anguish into all the creatures of the hologramatic universe without their knowing why.  This grief will depart when the healthy twin undergoes mitosis and the ‘Kingdom of God’ arrives.  The machinery for this transformation- the procession within time from the Age of Iron to the Age of Gold- is at work now; in eternity it is already accomplished.”


153. 8-10-09: $3.69 @ 6:39 pm

154. 2-20-07: $19.33 @ 10:33 am

155. 1-06-09: $11.53 @ 11:35 am

156. 12-29-09: $20.16 @ 6:12 pm

157. 7-14-06: $15.93 @ 5:39 pm

158. 10-14-06: Customer’s check # 1104 for $10.14 total and date is 10-14

159. 2-14-06: $24.06 @ 4:26 pm

160. 2-14-06: $40.33 @ 4:33 pm

161. 11-10-09: $14.36 @ 7:36 pm

162. 12-10-09: $42.29 @ 6:29 pm

163. 12-10-09: 36 items in purchase @ 6:36 pm

164. 12-28-09: back to back- $15.17 @ 5:07 pm & $51.71 @ 5:08 pm

165. 10-08-09: $25.09 @ 5:29 pm

166. 12-09-09: back to back- $3.37 @ 6:37 pm & $39.38 @ 6:38 pm

167. 12-27-09: $14.14 @ 4:01 pm

168. 1-22-09: $18.00 @ 11:18 am

169. 2-13-10: $22.52 @ 5:20 pm

170. 4-25-10: $25.50 @ 5:25 pm

171. 5-06-10: $27.38 @ 5:38 pm


Charlie is the Customer at Red’s in Salem.

The busboy likes Charlie’s dreads.  ‘How long did it take you to get the dreads?’

Charlie tells him the story he tells everyone, how he lost his brush in Chicago and how, upon arrival back in Massachusetts, Annie transformed his one giant ugly anglo dread into 18 anglo dreads.  He always refers to Annie the same way- ‘my girlfriend at the time.’  He dislikes the word ex=; sometimes he says ‘former girlfriend’.

‘That’s sick, though,’ says the busboy.

The five years Charlie was with Annie were unbelievable (literally).  During that time Charlie was Big Charlie.  Charlie is not a big dude; he’s about average physical stature for a man, but he was called Big Charlie to distinguish him from Little Charlie, Annie’s son who was 9 years old when in 2005 Charlie and Annie met.  (Undoubtedly Little Charlie is no longer little.)

Little Kyle taught me how to swim on the way to New Mexico.

‘Do you miss him?’ asks 22.

Charlie walks within the Projection.  This movie is in 3D.  He walks through the Very Old Cemetery, the sound of shoes on cobblestone.  Just around the corner from Red’s.  Behind the Salem Witch Hysteria Museum.  No cigarette in his mouth this day.  ‘Bones gone home to stone.’  He doesn’t fear death this day.  That’s partly because it is another ridiculously mild early December day.  His fear of death comes on in the cold, when he is chilled to the bone, teeth-shivering.

Nicolas said he is kind of jealous of Charlie’s dreads.  Sometimes Charlie wants to cut them right off and shave his head.  Actually, it is probably more than sometimes that he wants this.  He fears that they- the dreads- are carrying Annie’s energy, since she created them.  Perhaps they keep him tied to her, make him unable to move on, heal and find companionship again.  He is scared.  His heart is going berserk with anxiety this night.  He wants so much to just put the whole experience with Annie behind him, to stop being haunted by it.  It’s been over a year now since he’s seen her.  He feels glad he hasn’t bumped into her these many times he’s walked in Salem.  He knocks on wood.

He can’t cut off the dreads now, though.  It’s almost winter in New England.  Now if he flew south for the winter, well, then he could cut them off and shave his head, not have to worry about exacerbating the teeth-shivering.

‘She destroyed me,’ Charlie tells Nicolas in the Box.

‘She didn’t destroy you, man.’ says Nicolas.

‘I’m afraid she did, but you see, I allowed her to destroy me.  I gave her that power over me.’


Charlie wakes up in his bed, only his bed is not in his bedroom.  It is in a CVS parking lot on Eastern Ave. in Lynn, or what looks like it.  It is a bright sunny day.  It seems like none of the Customers notice Charlie in bed in the parking lot.  Groggy, he thinks of going back to sleep.  Then he notices several huge hawks soaring low overhead.  He stands up on his black mattress.  It is the end of the beginning.


‘Whaaat?’ asks Liverpool Soccer fan Joe Smith, who, incidentally, doesn’t hate Peter Gabriel.  He just hates how Peter Gabriel is always lumped into the World Music genre.  Or something.


Charlie Fitzgerald Grant is born via c-section at 12:10 am on May 29, 1976, while Penny Moon smokes a cigarette in the basement in 1997.


The Pulse quickens.

It is the beginning of the end.Advertisements

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Sa(n) Die(go) IV

‘Re-ality’ Check

13. The Pairs of Opposites

24. 12-02-11: Agent Smith

Posted on December 8, 2011by kylegrant76

172. 12-02-11: $62.52 @ 5:52

‘This is your secure holding area,’ says Charlie to the Customer at Register 3, the Checkstand at the Beginning of the End.  ‘Feel free to place your basket here..unless you wish to do bicep or tricep exercises while you’re waiting.’


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.):

“48. ON OUR NATURE.  It is proper to say: we appear to be memory coils (DNA carriers capable of experience) in a computer-like thinking system which, although we have correctly recorded and stored thousands of years of experiential information, and each of us possesses somewhat different deposits from all the other life forms, there is a malfunction- a failure- of memory retrieval.  There lies the trouble in our particular subcircuit.  ‘Salvation’ through gnosis- more properly anamnesis (the loss of amnesia)- although it has individual significance for each of us- a quantum leap in perception, identity, cognition, understanding, world- and self-experience, including immortality- it has greater and further importance for the system as a whole, inasmuch as these memories are data needed by it and valuable to it, to its overall functioning.

Therefore it is in the process of self-repair, which includes: rebuilding our subcircuit via linear and orthogonal time changes, as well as continual signaling to us to stimulate blocked memory banks within us to fire and hence retrieve what is there.

The external information or gnosis, then, consists of distinhibiting instructions, with the core content actually intrinsic to us- that is, already there (first observed by Plato; viz: that learning is a form of remembering).

The ancients possessed techniques (sacraments and rituals) used largely in the Greco-Roman mystery religions, including early Christianity, to induce firing and retrieval, mainly with a sense of its restorative value to the individuals: the Gnostics, however, correctly saw the ontological value to what they called the Godhead Itself, the total entity.”


173. 3-29-10: back to back totals @ 6:11 pm- $18.44 followed by $18.44- Charlie tells his supervisor Shawn about it and Shawn calls Charlie over to the Desk to tell him that he just finished counting a til whose change came to $18.44


The Pulse quickens.  Rosie Grant’s text to her son Charlie on Fri, Nov. 25 1:19 AM: ‘Charlie- I’ll give you more information about your birth as it emerges…This poem I wrote 4-5 years ago recalling having stitches out after Cesarian birth, which all, you, Matthew and Jack were: and I inadvertently opened a book on Family Constellations tonight, where I had placed a copy a couple of years ago.  (I am going to give a talk on Family Constellations at Staffier Assoc., one of my jobs.)  Here’s the poem:


The doctor seemed puzzled.

I lay on the table

The staples now gone

Premeditated and violent

the stabbing took place.

the birth of a son

a silent disgrace.

in womanly impotence,

(no labor ensued)

no fight to bring forth the life from my womb-

only the invasion, like rape

of my flesh cut deep

like a hand over my mouth

to silence the scream

my spine rendered senseless

no pain felt, no evidence of malice,

as life was pulled out of me

so sudden and brisk

his scream, in contrast, so loud!

my son is now a man.

The scar is invisible.

The wound from his birth now healed-

and I live with my scar

like Black People.

u were 9lbs. 2 ounces.  You were breast fed.  I was in labor, every 2 minutes for 9 hours.  After 9 hours your heart monitor dropped dangerously low, so Cesarian was decided.  I was awake during surgery, fully alert when you were handed to me to hold, as were you fully alert, eyes focusing directly at me, (uncustomary for newborns to be so able to focus) I attributed that to that you were 2 weeks past due date, but, I don’t know that this was related to ability to focus your vision.)  I’m going to sleep.  Love you!’


‘I could cut the cocoon open with my knife and the moth would just be free with no struggle…But I’m not going to do that, Charlie, do you know why?  Nature is strengthened through struggle, Charlie,’ says John.


Charlie struggles.  He suspects his inner child has been re-captured by the Smiths, the Men in Black, the Gatekeepers of the Matrix.  He may once again have to plunge to the depths to rescue Little Charlie from that horrid sterilized 9x9x9 aluminum cell.


He hands the Customer her receipt.  ‘Here’s your ticket to the Great Outdoors,’ he says, reciting the line he learned from Christian Walken in Santa Fe.  Christian Walken gave Charlie his beautiful Martin acoustic guitar.


‘I have a degree from BU, Baggers’ University,’ he says while bagging the customer’s groceries.  He learned that one from Eugene O’Leary in Swampscott.


‘One door closes, another one opens,’ says Gabriel to Peter and Kokopelli aboard the Mother Ship.  ‘He will eventually recover from this blow to his Lower Wheels like he always does.  He’ll get up, dust himself off and keep his eyes open for the next open door, yes?  Kokopelli, that was quite the trick you played on him there with 22.  He’s getting wise to your ways.  Which is good, yes?’  Kokopelli does a little dance of approval and teleports to a mesa in Arizona.


‘For your bagging pleasure, located below you at knee level is the amazing, retractable, ergonomically-friendly bagging-shelf,’ he says.  He made that one up himself.  He’s said it so many times now that he can say it wicked fast, like that guy in the airline commercials, like the announcers reading the fine-print in a radio spot.  Yes, he’s a geek, but at least he has fun.


Another one he made up: ‘Please don’t place too much trust in the handles (on the paper bags).  They’re applied with cheese by a highly-skilled drunkard in Wisconsin.’


‘You must really stock Unique American Bath Tissue in your Wretched Coochie,’ says Silver Starr.


Screw b.s. fairy tale love stuff for now I guess, he writes.  There are many fishes in the proverbial seas.  I’m a Wild Man in Civilized Garb.  I walk with Pan, I walk with Kokopelli.  I’m on the Left Side of the Right Hand Path, finding my own way alongside you.  I’m stitched into the Margins of the Magic Carpet.  This is my place.  I’m not striving to be normal-average-mainstream.  Not striving to be like everyone else.  Yes, it might get lonely sometimes, but there are plenty of other freaky threads all around me here with which to connect.


‘Normal is statistical average; it is an abstraction, a fictitious construct,’ Bananaman reminds him.  He goes on to quote Christ in the Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas: ‘If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.’


Joe Smith’s Dream Self is named Chester Candycliff.  He has a pretty pretty mustache.


It’s such a bloody mess in Charlie’s heart. Parumpumpumpumrumpumpumpumrumpumpumpum.


See the Oroboros.


The Shadow Monster feasts on his heart like a buzzard.  The giant hawks soar over his head in the parking lot, where he stands on his black futon mat.  How long til the whole heart is gobbled up?  The pain is incredible, it doesn’t cease.  The Pulse quickens.  The rape of the Mother continues unabated.  Oil is drilled, armies march, the Protein Factories are herded and slaughtered.  The mad mass-produced procession passes through the laser scanner.  Boop Boop Boop.  4-8-15-16-23-42 every 108 minutes.

The trickster god Kokopelli plays his flute in the Sea, within and around a shark feeding frenzy.  The Pulse slows to a crawl.  Drum and flute resound.

Kokopelli is inside the Testicles, playing and dancing to the assembly line rhythmic mass production of iron-clad  Sperm Warriors.  Millions upon millions of them, all programmed to swim to the Egg, all fueled by the Fructose.

Pan dances freely and joyfully while he plays his Pipes in the forest, beautiful Nymphs dancing all around.

Peter Pan doesn’t grow up.


It is 11-22-63 in Dealey Plaza.  President Kennedy is shot from the front by two gunmen- one located behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll and one located on the triple overpass- and from behind by one gunman located in a lower floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building, which is now the Sixth Floor Museum.  No shots are fired from the Sixth Floor.  JFK is blown away by CIA-trained assassins.  It is a military coup de tat with Lyndon Johnson waiting in the wings.  It is also the first in a series of U.S. military-media-controlled psychological operations deployed against the American People.

9-11-01 is also one of these operations.


We hate to break it to you but..- They, the Agent Smiths, the Men in Black, exist and They are waging war on you and the Earth.  The good news is that they are inferior programs, they are sloppy with their cover-ups and they are always defeated eventually by Neo, the One- the Awakened Global Brain, the Anthropos.


The Great Awakening is upon us.

The Great Healing is upon us.

The Nine are Now Here.

The Prophecy is being fulfilled.

The Great Purification is upon us.

The Veil is lifting.

It is almost Time for the Birth, almost time for the White Light to shine forth.


Penny puts out her cigarette and goes to her altar, where she proceeds to offer blessing and prayer to the God and the Goddess.  The red altar pulls Charlie to Penny like a magnet.


173. 11-27-11: back to back totals- $37.38 followed by $42.43

174. 11-27-11: $5.28 @ 6:28 pm

When Jake Epping first appears in 1958, he is referred to as ‘Jimla’ by the Yellow Card Man. Jake / George makes the callback to this at the Football Game in Jodie, where the word is yelled by the high-school crowd as a chant for their star player Jim LaDue. This is the actual origin of what “Jimla” is, it is just part of a chant.

Image may contain: one or more people, meme and text

Kyle: ‘as bad as reality says it is.’ If you are the big expert on ‘reality’- as legions of order-followers, obedient mind-slaves routinely claim to be without ever having even once QUESTIONED ‘reality,’ what has been repeatedly drilled into your head as unquestionable, author-itative ‘reality,’ just mindlessly, passively beLIEving what the tell-a-vision tells you is ‘reality’- then if you are that great expert on what is ‘real’ and ‘true’ then the ball is in your court and it is your response-ability to prove your case, to prove what you are claiming to be real and true is actually real/ true. Yes, what is real is what is true. By simple dictionary definition. You have to make your case and back up your claim of ‘reality,’ not just leave a lazy, nasty, passive aggressive two line comment about how or what you beLIEve, publicly dropping a steaming shame turd on someone you are a friend of. Do you know nothing of philosophy, that it all started with Socrates and Plato and the all-important QUESTIONING of REALITY, what you are browbeaten into ACCEPTING as ‘REality’ by Author-ities of the Matrix, the prison for your mind!?! Bet you haven’t seen that movie, also, and if you have the philosophy (love of Sophia/ wisdom) probably went right over your head. You probably just thought it was a just another cheap thrill action flic. Your comment is nothing but a perfect little picture of the shallowness, pettiness and small-minded arrogance running rampant today, just like the comment made by another self-bestowed ‘expert’ on ‘reality’ and ‘productiveness’ on this thread. So, yeah, since you’re the expert on ‘reality’ and ‘how bad’ this new bioweapon coronavirus/ flu family virus which kills less than 1% who are infected, then you must provide the actual data/ facts to PROVE YOUR CLAIM. Two petty, lazy ass, careless, nasty passive-aggressive, self-righteous, arrogant comments ain’t gonna cut it. NOT in ‘reality’ anyways. Reality, where actual truth/ facts/ the REAL situation matters, NOT your opinions, which are like assholes, everybody’s got one.

‘Covid is real. This post questions if it’s as bad as reality says it is. I would never have thought your mind works this way.’ That assumption-bullshit re-mark proves one thing and one thing only: YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL, A MIND-SLAVE COG in the MACHINE/ MATRIX, which means you are an OPPRESSIVE OPPRESSOR, no matter how many times a day you re-peat to yourself the lie that you know what is ‘real’ and that you are ‘right’ and that you are ‘one of the good guys.’ I hope you and all those you are a carbon copy of, the general idiotic, nasty l-eve-l of consciousness you re-present, grow up and wake up and stop shaming people who QUESTION REALITY/ The OFFI(CIA)L STORY, people who actually care about finding out what’s really true/ real.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'The Captain @sgrstk If you're flavorful, rejection is fucking inevitable. A strong personality is an acquired taste; just because one person thinks your flavor is shit doesn't mean another won't think you're fucking delicious. 12:15 AM Feb 1, 2019 539 Retweets 1.9K Likes'

epilogue (n.)

early 15c., from Middle French epilogue (13c.), from Latin epilogus, from Greek epilogos “a conclusion, conclusion of a speech, inference,” from epi “upon, in addition” (see epi-) + logos “a speaking” (see -logy). Earliest English sense was theatrical.


colloquial or familiar abbreviation of the masc. proper name Jacob (q.v.). As the typical name of a rustic lout, from 1854. (Jakey still is the typical name for “an Amishman” among the non-Amish of Pennsylvania Dutch country). Slang meaning “excellent, fine” is from 1914, American English, of unknown origin.

epigram (n.)

also epigramme, “short poem or verse which has only one subject and finishes by a witty or ingenious turn of thought,” mid-15c., from Old French épigramme, from Latin epigramma “an inscription,” from Greek epigramma “inscription (especially in verse) on a tomb, public monument, etc.; a written estimate,” from epigraphein “to write on, inscribe” (see epigraph). “The term was afterward extended to any little piece of verse expressing with precision a delicate or ingenious thought” [Century Dictionary]. Related: Epigrammatist.


masc. proper name, attested by 1218, probably via Anglo-French JakeJaikes, from Old French Jacques (which was a diminutive of Latin Jacobus; see Jacob), but in English the name always has been regarded as a familiar form of John, and some have argued that it is a native formation. In Middle English spelled JakkeJacke, etc., and pronounced as two syllables (“Jackie”).

In England, Jack became a generic name applied familiarly or contemptuously to anybody (especially a young man of the lower classes) from late 14c. Later used especially of sailors (1650s; Jack-tar is from 1781); Jack-ashore (adj.) “drinking and in high spirits, recklessly spending” (1875) also is an image from sailors (1840 as a book title). In U.S., as a generic name addressed to an unknown stranger, attested from 1889. Every man Jack “everyone” is from 1812. Also see jack (n.).

Used in male personifications from 15c.; first record of jack-of-all-trades “person handy at any kind of work or business” is from 1610s; Jack Frost is from 1826; Jack-nasty “a sneak or sloven” is from 1833 (Jack-nasty-face, a sea-term for a common sailor, is from 1788). Jack Sprat for a small, light man is from 1560s (his opposite was Jack Weight). Jack-pudding “comical clown, buffoon” is from 1640s. Jack-Spaniard is from 1703 as a Spaniard, 1833 as “a hornet” in the West Indies. Other personifications listed in Farmer & Henley include jack-snip “a botching tailor,” Jack-in-office “overbearing petty official” (1680s), Jack-on-both-sides “a neutral,” Jack-out-of-doors “a vagrant” (1630s), jack-sauce “impudent fellow” (1590s).

The U.S. plant jack-in-the-pulpit (Indian turnip) is attested by 1833. Jack the Ripper was active in London 1888. The Scottish form is Jock (compare jockey (n.)). Alliterative coupling of Jack and Jill is from 15c. (Iakke and GylleIenken and Iulyan). Jack Ketch for “hangman, executioner” (1670s) is said to be from the name of a public executioner in the time of James II (compare Derrick); it also was used as a verb meaning “to hang.”

jack (n.)

late 14c., jakke “a mechanical device,” from the masc. name Jack. The proper name was used in Middle English for “any common fellow,” and thereafter extended to various appliances which do the work of common servants (1570s). Also used generically of male animals (1620s, see jackassjackdaw, etc.).

As a portable contrivance for raising weight by force from below, 1703. As the name of a device for pulling off boots from 1670s. The jack in a pack of playing cards (1670s) is in German Bauer “peasant.” Slang meaning “money” is by 1890 (in earlier slang it meant “a small coin”). Jack-towel, one sewn together at the ends round a roller, is from 1795. The jack of Union Jack is a nautical term for “small flag at the bow of a ship” (1630s) and perhaps is from the word’s secondary sense of “smaller than normal size.”

jack (v.)

1860, jack up “hoist, raise, lift with a jack,” American English, from jack (n.) in the appliance sense. Figurative sense “increase (prices, etc.)” is 1904, American English. Related: JackedjackingJack off (v.) “masturbate” is attested from 1916, probably from jack (n.) in the old slang sense of “(erect) penis.”

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25. The Spirit of ’76

Posted on December 11, 2011by kylegrant76

175. 3-20-10: $5.30 @ 5:30 pm

176. 11-28-09: $19.22 @ 6:22 pm


The hawks are enormous, bigger than people.  Charlie watches in awe as they slowly descend to the CVS parking lot.  Standing on his black futon mat, he seems to be the only one who sees them.


‘All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream,’ reads the Poe quote on a poster for a movie in the Ken Cinema.  Which movie was that?  It is 1998 in San Diego, 33.5 degrees N. Latitude.  That was over ten years ago, yet it is also Now.  While it is neither ten years ago nor Now as well.  Whenever you say that something is, you are also saying that it isn’t.  You can’t have what is without what isn’t, and vice versa.


‘The invisible supports the visible,’ says one of Charlie’s coworkers, Jim Hawkes.

You are within the Theatre, inside the Portal.  The Pulse is steady.

You are in the Haba putting cans of cat foot on the shelf with Charlie.  Across from you is Jim Hawkes, who is putting vitamins on the shelf.  ‘Foxy Lady’ by Jimi Hendrix plays on the stereo.

‘I have to get you in the book,’ says Charlie.  ‘Your last name is Hawkes, the name of the street in Marblehead where my dad lives.  And you were born in 1952, the same year as my dad.’

‘Oh yeah?’  Jim doesn’t seem to remember Charlie noting this to him before.  ‘I think there’s a restaurant near there I used to go to.  I used to spend time in Marblehead when I fixed pipe organs.’

See Jim telling Charlie a week before about the Liberty Trees.  See Jim telling Charlie earlier this night about how eagles mate.  See Jim and Charlie on several occasions talking about Joseph Campbell and Native American Spirituality.


Once upon a time…

it is Friday, December 9, 2011.  Charlie is helping the Customer at Register 7, the Checkstand at the Eschaton.  ‘Well, at my age it’s difficult,’ says the Customer.

‘What do you mean, at your age?’ says Charlie, demonstrating his customary good naturedness.

‘I’ll be 76 in less than two weeks,’ she says.

This Customer has about 20 items or so in her purchase, and Charlie is scanning and unloading these items simultaneously as he engages the nice lady in polite conversation.  ‘I like the number 76,’ says Charlie.  ‘That’s the year I was born.’  Just as he says this, he takes the Customer’s 4 bananas from her cart.  You can’t scan bananas, they have no barcode.  But they do have a number, which is 4011.  These are conventional bananas.  (Organic bananas’ number is 94011.)  Conventional bananas at Unique American Grocery Store are 19 cents each, the same price they have been Charlie’s whole 7 years with the company.

He punches 4 Quantity #4011 Enter into Register 7, the Customer’s 4 bananas @ 19 cents.  ‘Hey, look at that!’ says Charlie.  ’76 cents!’  He turns the monitor to show the Customer, the nice lady who turns 76 in a couple of weeks.

‘Isn’t that interesting?’ she says.  ‘Oh, I believe there’s something going on, most definitely.  I’ve noticed many strange things with numbers, too.’  They talk about it the rest of the transaction.

‘Thank you very much,’ says Charlie smiling.  He thanks her not just for her purchase, helping to pay the bills, but also for strengthening his resolve to finish his book about synchronicity.


The sky is bluer than blue.  The giant hawks descend.  As they descend before Charlie’s wide eyes, they transform into huge people.  There are 9 of them.  One of them lands just to Charlie’s left, about 10 feet beyond him and his black futon mat.


In 1997, Penny Moon chants 7 names of the Goddess at her altar in the basement on Sevinor Rd. in Marblehead.  ‘Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna.’

Kokopelli plays his flute on a Mesa in New Mexico.

The Spirt of 76 hangs silently within Abbot Hall.


‘In a jackknife juggernaut…I am born again.’

The Disc seems destined to go right in as soon as he releases it.  The sound of chains lightly smashing.  ‘Nice hit!’ exclaims Joe Smith, who stands just behind the basket.  ‘Nice Birdie, dude!’


177. 3-08-10: $75.75 @ 5:07 pm on Register 7, the Checkstand at the Eschaton

178. 10-02-09: $18.55 @ 6:55 pm

179. 3-24-10: $104.78 @ 1:04 pm

180. 3-24-10: $11.06 @ 1:16 pm

181. 4-03-10: $235.03 @ 5:23 pm

182. Date Unknown: 5:52 pm- $99.39 for 33 items

183. 3-10-10: $6.48 @ 6:48 pm

184. 4-05-10: $55.90 @ 5:09 pm

185. 4-05-10: $45.56 @ 5:56 pm

186. 3-25-10: $53.30 @ 5:33 pm

187. 4-10-10: $11.47 @ 7:47 pm

26. The Gnostic Gospels

Posted on December 25, 2011by kylegrant76

188. 12-02-11: $4.46 @ 9:46 pm


Ethan Hawkes, who quit a couple weeks prior, is at the Checkstand at the End of Time.  His total is $9.46 and the time is 4:46 pm.  The date is December 2, 2011.  Charlie turns the monitor to show him.

‘Wow, that’s cool,’ says Ethan.  Charlie tells him about his collection of synchronicities and the book he is working on, (or should we say the book which is working on him?)


Charlie was sitting in his car on Tuesday night.  He and his Chevy were parked outside of Saver’s in Danvers.  There was a Chuck E Cheese in this strip mall.  Also, there was a Market Basket.  Charlie was just killing some time before he went to see Hugo 3D for the second time.  Earlier Charlie and his Martin Acoustic recorded ‘It Came Upon A Midnight Clear’ for Steve Yannetty’s 2011 Christmas Album.

Still in his car, Charlie looked toward Saver’s and through the front glass.  He read the following on the back wall of the store: ‘omen.’  The angle at which he faced the store caused the W in Women to be blocked out.


‘Do you think it’s an omen?’ the Female Customer asks Charlie at Unique Grocery Store #506, Checkstand 3.  It is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.  She wears a circular Granny Smith pendant around her neck.  Charlie just told her of the connection between her Total and the Time: $18.77 @ 4:18 pm, two 18’s.

‘I do think there are signs and messages coming to us from Spirit, the Greater Reality, if we are open to seeing and hearing them,’ says Charlie.

‘Yes,’ she says to Charlie.  ‘I’m always seeing interesting convergences like that everywhere.’


189. 12-23-11: $18.77 @ 4:18 pm


Charlie got out of his car and walked into Saver’s.  He tried on some pants.  Found some excellent brown Levi’s Corduroys that fit perfectly.  They cost just $4.99.

Carrying the pants that soon he would purchase, he walked over to the book section of the store.  ‘Books is so hard,’ said one of the Saver’s crew members.  They were organizing everything, getting ready to close shop for the day.

This was the day Charlie was reacquainted with ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ by Elaine Pagels.  There it was, sitting there for just 99 cents in Saver’s.  Mint condition.  It’s a different paperback edition than the one Charlie had ten years ago.  His dad, Big Charlie, gave him his first copy in 1997, along with several Carl Jung paperbacks, which he took to San Diego.  This book, ‘The Gnostic Gospels’, has impacted Charlie as much as any book he has read.

He was waiting in line to pay for his book and his pants.  ‘Cheyenne to your register, Cheyenne to your register,’ called the short-haired, middle-aged female cashier over the intercom.


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.)

“48. Two realms there are, upper and lower.  The upper, derived from hyperuniverse I or Yang, Form I of Parmenides, is sentient and volitional.  The lower realm, or Yin, Form II of Parmenides, is mechanical, driven by blind, efficient cause, deterministic and without intelligence, since it emanates from a dead source.  In ancient times it was termed ‘astral determinism.’  We are trapped, by and large, in the lower realm, but are through the sacraments, by means of the plasmate, extricated.  Until astral determinism is broken, we are not even aware of it, so occluded are we.  ‘The Empire never ended.’”

Who is the Yellow Card Man?

And why is he called the yellow card man? Is it the guy who kept saying “you never should have come here” in the earlier episodes?

PS: Dang y’all mention the word “book” a lot, haha.

Spoilers from the book ahead:

The YCM is a member of a group of “time guardians” from very far in the future. (probably about a couple thousand years) and that there are time bubbles like the one in Al’s diner on earth and countless other parts of the universe. Everytime someone “resets” this creates a new universe. These time guardians are tasked with keeping track of all these universes, which leads to severe mental degradation. (they are just normal humans, just from the very distant future) and the cards are supposed to track their mental state. Yellow means you are in danger of going insane, green means you are safe and black means you lost your mind. It’s kind of a weird twist but not unexpected from a stephen king story.level 1BeakerFullOfDeath6 points·4 years ago

Yeah. His hat has a yellow card in it.level 2marleau_123 points·4 years ago

Cool. We don’t know his significance yet right?

Life is a dance.

27. 11-11-11

Posted on December 29, 2011by kylegrant76

190. 11-11-11: $69.36 @ 6:36 pm


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.)

“49. The name of the healthy twin, hyperuniverse I, is Nommo.  The name of the sick twin, hyperuniverse II, is Yurugu.  These names are known to the Dogon people of western Sudan in Africa.”


‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’

You are the Serpent in the Garden.  You are DNA.  And you are DMT, the Spirit Molecule.  You are with me in the Cave of Initiation and Instruction as we speak.  You are Kundalini.  You bring Gnosis when you uncoil and shoot up the spinal column to the brain.  You bring knowledge to humanity, you awaken humanity from its aeon of slumber, free Adam and Eve from their bondage to the jealous and arrogant demiurge.  You are within me.  You move through the sacred autonomic nervous system.  You fire the billions of synaptic galaxies in my brain as we speak.  You are the one who beats my heart.  You are Sacred Energy.  You are the one who maintains homeostasis.  You bring health and vitality.  You move through all manifestation.  You are the Sacred Mystery.  You are the one who speaks through synchronicity.  You are divine.  To be in accord with you and to know you is to be in accord with All and to know All.  You are the one who walks with me and guides me on the path.  You are my Friend.  You are instinct, instant knowing, beyond intellect and reason.  You are Inner Light.  You are intuition.  To walk with you is to walk with Grace.  To dam you is folly.  You are the sacred flow with which one must go.  To go with you is Wisdom.


‘Man, know thyself and you will know the energies of the gods.’  The Oracle speaks.


Joseph Campbell sums things up quite nicely when he says, ‘The white man has ideas, the Indian has visions.’  Myth is metaphor.  Follow your bliss, go west, young man.  Dance your dance.  Hear the angels sing.  Go back to the Mesas, go back to Kokopelli.


The egg hatches.  The moth busts out of its cocoon.  The sleeper awakens.

He has heard the call.

We have entered the time of revelations.  You will know synchronicity.

‘How do I get to Charlie Grant’s house?  Is it cold in Santa Fe?’ asks Santa Clause.

‘Cheyenne to your register.’


191.  8-21-10: $15.25 @ 6:25 pm

28. The Hatch

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192. 12-22-11: $25.92 @ 5:29 pm


‘Hi.  We thought maybe you left,’ says the Customer at Checkstand 4, the Portal to the Hatch.  ‘My daughter has been asking about you when we come in here.’

‘No, I haven’t left yet,’ says Charlie.  ‘Please say hello to your daughter for me.’

‘Your total is $25.92, please.’  At 5:29.  5-29 is my birthday and cashier number.  Today, 12-29-11, the Customer’s total was $29.50 at 12:50 pm.


193. 12-29-11: $29.50 @ 12:50 pm


Charlie Grant is bathed in sunlight.  He is standing on his black futon mat in the CVS parking lot on Eastern Ave. in Lynn, the City of Sin.  The Nine descend to Earth from Heaven.  He watches in awe.  He has awoken within his dream.  He is lucid dreaming.


The egg hatches in 2012.  The moth emerges from the cocoon.


Charlie Grant is on the verge of a monumental adventure.  It is time to transform.  When it’s time to change, it’s time to rearrange.


Charlie Grant glides over a green field, about 300 ft. up in the air.  Silver Starr and someone else watch from below.  ‘I am flying,’ thinks Charlie.  ‘I am really flying!’


‘Nature is all about transformation, evolution, growth,’ says Charlie to the Customer at the Eschaton.  Your civilization is about to end.  It ends to make way for a new era, one marked by peace on Earth.  The wedding bells are sounding.  The marriage of Heaven and Earth is about to commence.  It is time to rejoice.  ‘When peace shall over all the Earth its ancient splendors fling, And the world give back the song which now the Angels sing.’

See Charlie with the Shaman on His Shoulder.  You are within the projection, within Ken Cinema, within the Hatch.  Numbers float, dance and sing all about the room.  4-8-15-16-23-42.  ‘Culture is your operating system.’  The voice of Terence Mckenna echoes inside the Hatch.  ‘Make your own kind of music.  Sing your own special song.  Make your own kind of music.  Even if nobody else sings along.’

‘See you in another life, yeah?’


Charlie sits on the grass on a warm sunny day in Balboa Park.  It is May 29, 1999, his 23rd birthday.  He is no longer in the United States at the end of the twentieth century.  He is in Alternate Spain in No Time.  He sits and reads his new book, which he purchased for himself as a birthday gift: ‘Archaic Revival’ by Terence Mckenna.  Charlie sits at 33.5 degrees North Latitude and experiences illumination.  The revelations which started after he met Penny Moon have come full circle this day.  The moon is full.


‘Are you the one who told me about the Mushroom Man?’ asks the Customer at the End of Time.


194. 12-7-11: $13.55 @ 8:55 pm

195. 8-26-09: $11.45 @ 5:41 pm

196. 11-20-11: $154.41 @ 5:44 pm

197. 9-21-06: $30.13 @ 10:33 am

198. 9-21-06: $27.00 @ 1:27 pm

199. 9-21-06: Customer’s change is $3.21 @ 1:32 pm

200. 3-31-10: $18.11 @ 7:11 pm


I choose to see life as an adventure.  I choose to download the shamanic software.  I choose to be a master of both worlds.  I choose to live fully.  I choose to be resurrected.


201. 12-02-11: $12.52 @ 5:12 pm

202. 12-02-11: $44.43 @ 7:43 pm


‘We call it the Land of Entrapment,’ says the Customer from New Mexico who just so happens to go through Charlie’s Checkstand at the End of History in Saugus, Massachusetts.  It is the day after Charlie has decided he is going back to New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, in 2012.  He will be there for New Mexico’s 100th anniversary as a State in the Union.


203. 11-27-11: $5.28 @ 5:27 pm

204. 12-05-11: $3.99 @ 3:09 pm

205. 3-31-10: $60.29 @ 3:29 pm

206. 11-04-11: $26.22 @ 12:22 pm

207. 12-02-11: $27.09 @ 7:29 pm (Customer’s grandson was born at 8:24 on 8-24, she told Charlie.)


‘If you’re reading this, you must have shopped for groceries recently…We don’t do coupons, club cards or secret handshakes.  Just honest values, every day.’


208. 4-30-10: $25.05 @ 5:52 pm

209. 12-11-11: $54.71 @ 4:54 pm

210. 12-04-11: $36.58 @ 3:58 pm


At 5:43 pm on a day in December, 2011,  Charlie Grant is at his Eschatological Checkstand.  He thinks of a line from an R.E.M. song: ‘None of this is going my way.’  Right after he thinks this the R.E.M. song ‘Orange Crush’ begins playing on the Unique Grocery Store stereo system.


211. 12-16-11: $55.02 @ 5:50 pm

212. 12-29-11: $5.48 @ 5:58 pm

213. 12-11-11: $2.34 @ 5:34 pm

29. Chapter 29

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Once upon a time you opened your eyes and saw the world as it really is for the first time, your doors of perception wiped clean of corrosive delusion and distortion.  This occurred within the Hatch, within the Earth, where all transformation and rebirth occurs.


214. 11-30-10: $35.55 @ 11:55 am

215. 1-13-11: $46.50 @ 4:56 pm

216. 1-08-11: $149.55 @ 5:49 pm

217. 1-23-11: $4.24 @ 2:44 pm

218. 1-09-11 (12:43 pm): back to back totals- $22.26 followed by $22.62

219. 1-23-11: $10.46 @ 10:23 am- Customer’s change was $9.54 and 954 is right in the middle of the number sequence on one of the $1 bills


Life is a miracle.  To understand how we lost contact with this truth of truths, we must go back to the doctrine of the fall of man; all of our problems are rooted in misunderstanding and misinterpretation.


The Pulse skips a beat.  The eggshell cracks a bit.


You are with Charlie standing on his black futon mat in the CVS parking lot, 509 Eastern Ave. Lynn Lynn The City of Sin You neva get out the way you came in.  You look up into the clear blue sky and watch as 9 gigantic hawks descend.  As they descend you are amazed and terrified.  Are they going to swoop down and start picking people off?  Why does no one else see them?  As they fall to Earth, you see before your bewildered eyes that they transform from giant hawks into giant people.  One of them, a giant beautiful female warrior princess clad in golden armor, lands ten feet beyond you.  Still it seems you are the only one to see this.  You look down at the black futon on the pavement to get your bearings.  You look back toward the warrior princess/hawk woman and see that she has started walking away.  You start to follow her.  This is the lucid dream which leads you to the Hatch, where you transform and experience rebirth.


You are with Charlie Fitzgerald Grant in the Dream Within The Dream, even as you are not.

See Charlie playing ‘A Dream Like Mine’ by Bruce Cockburn along with Michael Polaris, the Big Free Wolf, in Telluride, Colorado.  You walk with the power of a thousand generations now.

The Pulse quickens audibly.


220. 1-23-11: $70.47 @ 11:47 am

221. 1-14-11: $73.13 @ 7:31 pm- the following Customer’s total was $19.69; she told me she was born in the year 1969.

222. 1-23-11: $55.26 @ 10:26 am

223. 1-02-11: $10.37 @ 10:37 am

224. 12-06-10: $45.41 @ 4:45 pm

225. 2-13-11: $12.07 @ 2:07 pm

226. 12-17-10: $24.54 @ 5:54 pm


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.) pg. 270 VALIS ‘Appendix’:

“50. The primordial source of all our religions lies with the ancestors of the Dogon tribe, who got their cosmogony and cosmology directly from the three-eyed invaders who visited long ago.  The three-eyed invaders were mute and deaf and telepathic, could not breathe our atmosphere, had the elongated misshapen skull of Ikhnaton, and emanated from a planet in the star-system Sirius.  Although they had no hands, but had, instead, pincer claws such as a crab has, they were great builders.  They covertly influence our history toward a fruitful end.”

30. 1-08-2012

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1-08-12: Don’t just think, act!  The fortune cookie speaketh.


227. 10-08-10: $12.22 @ 6:22


Unity is the key.

We’d better unite before the ‘elite’ does.  It’s a race to the finish.  What’s called the 1%, the fifteen or so families which run the global economic system for their own benefit, are still divided.  It is not too late.


Once upon a time Charlie F. Grant was summoned to the Island.  He was summoned by Hurley, the Island’s protector, to entertain the new candidates on the Island with his Bananaman character.

But Charlie’s Dharma went way beyond mere entertainment, as we soon shall see.


228. 12-12-11: $57.58 @ 7:59


Your Planet Earth, Lady Gaia, is what you call a Divine Being.  She is your Mother, and all who dwell upon, within and around Her are your brothers and sisters.

The Earth is Her holy body.  All bodies upon Her- cellular, elemental, mineral, vegetable and animal- are interrelated parts of Her holy body and, like Her, are Sacred Organs in the Living Universal Body.  She is Sacred.  She is the One and the Many.

Biological Life is one of many forms of Life in the Universe.  Life is the Universe.  The Universe is not only teeming with Life, it is Life.  It is thoroughly and unquestionably alive.  And it is magical.  It is mysterious.  And it is a tour de force.  Even as it is not.

Your alienated and unbalanced ego selves running amok are like a cancer virus on the Earth.  She is sick.  And so are you.  You are the cause and the symptom.

And you are also the cure.

The alienated ego is an infected wound.  Only you, the Collective Human, all 7,000,000,000 of you put together, consciously unified, can cure this infection.

Here’s your chance to awaken and see that your Mother is dying, the biosphere is beginning to shut down.  You, the cancer virus, are winning the war.  It is unholy matricide your species is committing.  But it is not unprecedented.  In fact, it has happened before on countless Planetary Bodies throughout the Multiverse.  Even as it hasn’t.

Here’s your chance to awaken in love and peace and see that all of your fellow humans (and all the cells, elements, minerals, species, plants and animals) are your brothers and sisters.  The whole Earth is your family.  All that comes to you through your five-sensory 3D experience is interconnected with you, even your enemies.  Your enemies are your brothers and sisters in Gaia, too.

You must heal the wound, or else.  It’s now or never.


229. 1-07-12: $23.22 @ 4:23 pm


2003, during the buildup and commencement of the US Invasion of Iraq: Charlie Fitzgerald Grant 234 Irvine St. Santa Fe, NM


All bodies on Earth are interrelated and interconnected.  It is unquestionably a web of life.  The Earth is a Great Cosmic Sphere, a Living Celestial Body, a Cosmic Organism, if you will, which is interrelated and interconnected with All.  All is One.  The Many are One and the One are Many, even as they are not.

The Universe is a Great Body, which is interrelated and interconnected with All Great Bodies.  It keeps going, Universes connected to Universes, on to Infinity.  There is no beginning or end.  Of this there is no question.  The alienated ego, the cancer virus, the infected wound, insists on clearly defined beginnings and endings, it insists on a straight line, when there are only curved lines, only spheres within spheres, on to Infinity.

In order for the Planetary Body of Gaia to heal, it is imperative that the humanity awaken (bring forth Anthropos) and cure the disease of ego alienation, which is a lethal planetary auto-immune disease.  The awakening of humanity is the only cure.  Like when any body is infected by a lethal disease, if it is not cured of the disease it will perish.  You don’t have to look far within your planetary neighborhood, your local Solar System, to find an example of a planetary body which became uninhabitable due to human ego virus infection.  That example is what you call the planet Mars.  This soon will not be questionable to you.

The human species exists all throughout the Universes on countless Planetary Bodies, for the human species is the immune system of the Universal Cosmic Body.  You are One Family.

But just as the immune system of your individual body can go haywire, forget that it is the body’s defense system and attack the body with genetic and cellular disorders and diseases, so the immune systems- humans- of biologically inhabited planetary bodies can forget and go haywire.

Your civilization’s history is the history of an immune system gone haywire.

As above, so below.  The Holographic Universe.  As within, so without.  The more individual humans who being to heal and awaken from within, the more the chance of planetary healing.  Heal yourselves and unite.  You arranged for us to be here at this time to deliver this message.  You are spirits in the material world.  You are our brothers and sisters.  You are infinite consciousness, just as we are.  You are Eternal Light, just as we are.  You are not the alienated ego.  The alienated ego is an illusory veil of separation.  This will soon be unquestionable to you.  Your creative powers are limitless like ours.  We are One.  Choose to heal.  Choose to awaken.  That is, if you wish to resume your proper role as defense system of your Mother Earth’s Body.

The Human is designed specifically to defend planetary Bodies, a Cosmic Immune System charged with the maintenance of Biospheres in Balance and Harmony.  The Human is designed to be a Sacred Steward, a Holy Caretaker.


230. 12-04-10: $12.54 @ 5:54 pm

231. 12-11-10: $15.05 @ 5:50 pm


I am Charlie Fitzgerald Grant.  I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  The personality is a mask of eternity.  The personality mask is like all masks, like all costume; it is a theatrical device, it playfully conceals, it allows you to play the part of someone else temporarily.  Eternity is in love with Time.  The mask allows the eternal, the spiritual being, to penetrate Time, to play with Time, to explore potentiality and probability by playing the dramatic and comical lead role of one who is born and dies.

The problem arises- the beginning of the egoic virus- when the eternal/immortal/spiritual being forgets that it is wearing a mask.  Often other spiritual beings will trick the ones wearing masks into forgetting that they are wearing masks; this is done for the purpose of gaining material wealth and power.  You forget that you are an eternal being, eternal consciousness with infinite creative powers, and you identify with the temporal mask- the biological hardware and its persona- which means that you identify with your local culture group and your role within it, rather than identify with the infinite and eternal light of consciousness which you really are.


‘Cheyenne to your register.’

‘How do I get to Charlie Grant’s house?  Is it cold in Santa Fe….?’


See the Customer with the alienated ego just standing there talking on his cellphone while the groceries passing through the laser scanner continue to pile up on the tiny wooden counter.  See the Customer walking around with an illusory bubble of egoic separation.  This Customer is you and it is also me, even as it is not.


Charlie’s pulse quickens as he enters the Portal.  He receives his instruction from the ancient lineage of enlightened spirits of Earth.  Within the Caves.  See the ancient paintings of animals on the walls.  He is deprogramming his mind.  He is breaking through his indoctrination into Post Industrial Corporate Consumer Capitalism in preparation for his rebirth and his deliverance.  He is learning to cut through the illusion.  He is becoming translucent.  He is becoming a beacon.  See Charlie take off his mask and reveal the Body of Eternal Light underneath.  It is of a brightness beyond brightness.  And it also is not.


This week it is Charlie’s turn to be the reader.  He reads from ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ by Elaine Pagels pg. 48 Chapter 3: God The Father/God the Mother- ‘Unlike Many of his contemporaries among the deities of the ancient Near East, the God of Israel shared his power with no female divinity, nor was he the divine Husband or Lover of any.  He can scarcely be characterized in any but masculine epithets: king, lord, master, judge, and father.  Indeed, the absence of feminine symbolism for God marks Judaism, Christianity and Islam in striking contrast to the world’s other religious traditions, whether in Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, and Rome, or in Africa, India, and North America, which abound in feminine symbolism.  Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theologians today are quick to point out that God is not to be considered in sexual terms at all.  Yet the actual language they use daily in worship and prayer conveys a different message: who, growing up with Jewish or Christian tradition, has escaped the distinct impression that God is masculine?  And while Catholics revere Mary as the mother of Jesus, they never identify her as divinethey never identify her as divine in her own right: if she is “mother of God,” she is not “God the Mother” on an equal footing with God the Father!’


232. 12-12-11: $88.41 @ 6:41 pm & 41 items in Customer’s purchase


John says, ‘So, it seems the the God of the Big 3 religions is the God of the separative, alienated ego.  Right?’

‘Yes,’ says Charlie.  ‘This is what I have learned.  The Big 3 have given religion and God a bad name, just as the alienated ego has given the ego a bad name.’

Joe Smith sits enraptured.  He can’t believe that he is actually on the Island with Charlie, John and many other Lost notables.  He doesn’t even care that one of his least favorite subjects, God, is being discussed.  ‘This is just too fucking incredible,’ he thinks.


Joe Smith 11 Saltonstall St. Salem, MA

Once upon a time Joe was trying to kill a squirrel under his sink when he discovered a Portal to the Island.  This actually happened, even as it did not actually happen.  One minute he was bending low under his sink with a broom and the next he was sitting in a circle in the Caves listening to Charlie.


‘The odds are certainly against the 7 billion cutting through the illusion of separation and awakening in conscious unity.  But the odds are defied all the time, are they not?’  Charlie is addressing the gathering on the Island.  ‘All we can do is our best, do our parts to bring back the Divine Feminine in humanity’s consciousness, gently encourage people to seek the truth within themselves, gently encourage them to stop playing the victim and stand within their power.  And, of course, we must continue to stand within our own truth and power as consciously creative individuals, as spirits in matter.  Miracles happen.  We just have to believe, for as we all know, consciously or not, what we believe is what we experience.’

He continues reading from the Gnostic Gospels.


233. 11-14-11: $25.11 @ 5:21 pm


‘Life is a combination of magic and pasta.’ ~Federico Fellini


234. 2-10-10: $6.28 @ 6:48 pm


‘Says here shopping at Unique American Grocery Stores can increase your IQ by as much as 2 points.’

‘Oh yeah? Well, consider the source.’


235. 4-08-10: $72.50 @ 7:52 pm


‘This is the back of your Unique American Grocery Stores cash register receipt.’  A picture of four donkeys in suits confusedly huddled around a piece of paper.


Compassion Over Killing


236. 3-15-10: $11.15 @ 5:11 pm

237. 5-06-10: $149.50 @ 5:49 pm


‘This wine reminds me of myself: classic, medium-bodied and full of chocolate.’ ~Unique American Ticket to the Great Outdoors


‘Why is it when we talk to God we are said to be praying and when God talks to us we’re said to be schizophrenic?’ ~Lily Tomlin


Don’t worry, Charlie.  You’re not schizophrenic.  It is perfectly natural for God to talk to you, since God is you and you are God.  God is the Sacred and Profane, the Spiritual and Material, Male and Female, the Part and the Whole.  The God of Israel is no God at all; he is a distortion, a cultural and symbolic projection of the alienated ego.

God talks to me through the five senses, as well as through the extrasensory.  God is both immanent and transcendent.  And the One who is beyond these terms.  God is pleasure and pain, and the One who is beyond these terms.  In short, God is incomprehensible to the intellect.  In order to experience God, one must transcend the control and limitations of the intellect, which is simply a choice, the choice to surrender.  God, who is the depth beyond all depth and the height beyond all height, the Source, can be known directly in the body, in the heart, in intuition and instinct.  In your life.  Right here and right now.

The Mystery is beheld, not solved.


The goal is the awakening of all 7 billion.  Most likely we will fall quite short of this, and this will be okay.  All that matters is that enough wake up to tip the balance in our favor.  We may be very close to reaching the Hundredth Monkey at this point.  If we do reach the Hundredth Monkey, we will have successfully averted the disaster of Global Totalitarian Dictatorship, the nightmare scenario we all dread.

Only you can wake yourself up.  Only you can heal the ego disease.


The ways and means of achieving the Global Totalitarian Fascist Nightmare are laid out clearly in ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley and ‘1984’ by George Orwell.  These authors knew the plan through their connections in the ‘elite’, especially what is called the Fabian Society.

The self-appointed ‘elite’, the ruling class of your civilization- your global empire- the dark side- have always sought to suppress and control you.  It was the Roman Empire, then the Roman Catholic Church, followed by countless other religious institutions and ‘authorities.’  The buildings of the ‘elite’ institutions are always huge, designed to dwarf you, make you feel small, weak and powerless.  The financial and scientific institutions today have surpassed the religious institutions in their ability to effectively control the population.  To the ‘elite’, you are farm animals, cattle and sheep to be herded and exploited.  That is how they see you.  You are put to sleep from day one.  You are fed the lie that you are your persona/mask, and that is all you are.  You are systematically and forcefully stripped of your truth and power, your true identity as infinite consciousness, from day one.  But the Great Awakening is upon us and there is no way of stopping it and no way of telling where it will lead.

The Pulse quickens.  The Emergence is upon us.  Now is the appointed time.


238. 1-08-12: $44.21 @ 6:44 pm


‘Does 44 mean anything to you?’ Charlie asks the Tall Customer, thinking perhaps the gentleman is 44 years of age.

‘No,’ he replies.  ‘What’s that called when two or more…um synchronicity?’

‘Yes, that’s awesome, the Customer usually doesn’t know the word when they have one here at the register.  I’ll definitely have to write this one down now,’ says Charlie as he begins to feed a little piece of receipt paper from the printer.  ‘How do you know about synchronicity?’ Charlie asks the Tall Customer.

‘From the Police album.’

‘With one breath, with one flow, you will know…

A sleep trance, a dream dance, a shared romance…’


239. 1-02-12: $14.25 @ 2:25 pm


‘Your total is $14.25, please,’ says Charlie to the Customer at the End of Time.  She, the Customer, takes out her wallet.  She is with a young man wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap.  Charlie then notices that the time is aligned with the total, not a perfect match, but he feels that it is still interesting and worth noting.  ‘So your total is $14.25 and the time is 2:25, two twenty-fives, that’s interesting,’ says Charlie.

The dude in the Pirates cap takes out his phone, punches something in and shows his girlfriend, who is beginning to hand Charlie the $14.25.  ‘Check it out,’ he says.  ’14:25 is 2:25 pm in military time.  That’s really cool.’  Indeed it is.  So what appeared not to be a perfect match of time and total actually is a perfect match of time and total.  Charlie wonders how many of the cash register synchronicities that aren’t perfect matches actually are if you use the military-time translation.


‘Act, and God will act.’ -Joan of Arc


I am the actor who wears the mask.

Wikipedia says: ‘A persona, in the word’s everyday usage, is a social role or a character played by an actor.  The word is derived from Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask.  The Latin word probably derived from the Etruscan word ‘phersu’, with the same meaning, and that from the Greek prosopon.  Its meaning in the latter Roman period changed to indicate a ‘character’ of a theatrical performance…In Psychology, the persona is also the mask or appearance one presents to the world.  It may appear in dreams under various guises.  (See Jung and his psychology, and Persona (psychology))’

I wear a lion’s mask and I roar as loudly as I can.  I roar for the suppressed and repressed individual who has never been allowed to be his or herself.  I roar for the masses who live their lives treading hopelessly upon the Earth, going round and round endlessly like a rat on a wheel, imprisoned in their unconsciousness- the masses who have never awoken to the fact that they are wearing cultural masks, who have forgotten that they are not the mask, but the actor who wears the mask.

My mask is beautiful.  It is my own design.


Once again, the Voice of the fortune cookie resounds: ‘Nothing in the world is accomplished without passion.’


This is the Beginning of the End, when the hawks descend and transform into people.  When you who are Charlie F. Grant follow the Warrior Princess clad in golden armor.  A voice whispers: ‘John, Chapter 9, Verse 25:  He answered, ‘I do not know whether he is a sinner.  One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.’

This is the Great Awakening.  You followed your own treacherous and narrow path to arrive here.  Although now you see- the third eye has opened and your blindness is like a fading dream- the journey does not end here.  Enlightenment, the turning-on of the inner light of infinity and immortality, is not the end.  It is the beginning.  This is where the real work begins.  This is where the Path of the Bodhisattva commences, this is the Path of the Jedi.


240. 1-2-12: $16.64 @ 12:16 pm

241. 1-2-12: $15.15 @ 2:15 pm


2:15 pm is my favorite part of the day.  It is when the bell rings and I get to leave this wretched, confining old brick building on Burpee Rd.  On my walks home up Burpee Rd. to 59 Jesse St. and 56 Crescent St. I look at the world in 3D through the View Master in my brain.  I see the world as an amazingly realistic picture.  When I get out of school, I can roam free in the wilds of my imagination.  I can be whoever I want in my mind, for I am the View Master.

When I was 9 years old I was drafted to the major Red Sox in Swampscott Little League.  It is highly unusual for a 9 year old to be drafted to a major team; usually the 9 year olds go right to the minors.  When I am 13, I will be drafted by the Reds in Senior Little League.  Why is it that both baseball teams I was drafted for in our town were Red?  There is a symbolic significance here, as there is in all of the happenings of our lives.  Some people are wired to see it, some aren’t apparently.


Charlie’s teacher is dead even as he is alive and alive even as he is dead.  He is on the screen reading Chief Seattle’s letter.


The Pulse stops.  Fear.

Then, as suddenly as it stopped, it starts again, beating at regular intervals once again.  It is a drum, the drum of a so-called American Indian.  You can begin to hear flute accompaniment.  Flickering light.  Kokopelli appears as a shadow on the Cave’s wall.

You are nowhere and now here, which is everywhere, even as it is not.

You are at the Center, even as you are not.

You are transparent to the transcendent, even as you are not.


509 Eastern Ave. Lynn, Massachusetts.  Time Unknown.  The sky is bluer than blue.  Charlie Fitzgerald Grant sleeps on his black futon mat in the CVS parking lot.  The noise of traffic traversing Eastern Ave. wakes him up.  He tries to go back to sleep, back blissful relaxation, to no avail.

A voice like a whisper: ‘Wake up, Charlie.  It is time.  You know, even as you don’t.  You were not born to live an ordinary life this time around.’


The recording stops at 5:29, 5 minutes and 29 seconds.  The Pow-Wow continues.

Taos Pueblo 5-29-2006.

Remember, Charlie?


Charlie opens his sleep-swollen eyes.  What the heck is going on here?  Where am I?  I must be dreaming still, the proverbial dream within a dream scenario.  Charlie sits up in bed and looks around.  He is not in his bedroom, where his bed was when he went to sleep; he is in the CVS parking lot.  Several people are walking to and from the entrance to the CVS, but they seem not to notice Charlie and his futon mat laid out on the pavement.

31. 12-21-12: You are God

Posted on January 12, 2012by kylegrant76

242. 8-24-10: $54.47 @ 5:47 pm


PKD’s Exegesis (continued):

“51. Ikhanaton wrote:

‘ . . . When the fledgling in the egg chirps in the egg,

Thou givest him breath therin to preserve him alive.

When thou has brought him together

To the point of bursting the egg,

He cometh forth from the egg,

To chirp with all his might.

He goeth about upon his two feet

When he hath come from therefrom.

How manifold are thy works!

They are hidden from before us,

O sole god, whose powers no other possesseth.

Thou didst create the earth according to thy heart

While thou wast alone:

Men, all cattle large and small,

All that go about upon their feet;

All that are on high,

That fly with their wings.

Thou art in my heart,

There is no other that knoweth thee

Save thy son Ikhnaton.

Thou hast made him wise

In thy designs and in thy might.

The world is in thy hand . . .’”


Charlie is on the Island with Joe.  Charlie is rehearsing his address to the 7 billion of Earth, which will be broadcast on December 21, 2012.

‘To all my brothers and sisters of Earth:  Your priests, ministers and rabbis have no more claim to God, the Transcendental Mystery of Mysteries,  than you do.  They are no closer to God than you are.  There is no hierarchy in God, for God is One.  God is All.  God is here and now, face to face.  God is the light shining from within, the one beheld inside you and the core of your life.  There are no experts in God.  There are no experts in you.  There are only those who pretend to be experts in God and you.  To fight and argue over God and you is missing the mark; it is sin.  It is time to stop fighting.  It is time to unify.  It is time to see that a small cabal of self-appointed ‘elites’ carrying a disease called ego-alienation have been manipulating you, infecting you with a psycho-spiritual malady, all throughout history.  They have divided and conquered you from the inside out.  This is how they rule the world.  It is time to awaken to this.  It is time to go within and find our power, to find God within ourselves, to stand up to both the inner and outer tyrants and say that we are not going to take it anymore.  We are no longer going to be your victim.

Are we going to do this, or are we going to continue to shirk responsibility, to continue to come from a place of rigid dualism saying, ‘Oh well it’s in God’s hands, there’s nothing little ol’ me can do about it’?  Are we going to remain good, productive sheep of the corporate-consumer machine, are we going to remain as sleeping consumers, are we going to continue to pretend that it’s not our problem?  Or are we going to wake up?  The choice is ours.

To the Scientist: What is your science?  It is a method to discover truth and acquire knowledge via experiment and proof devised by the intellect of humanity, the left hemisphere of the brain.  You start off with a hypothesis and set out to prove or disprove its truth via ‘hard’ data and analysis.  When new data disproves what was previously held to be true, when new discoveries expand the scope of the known, the scientific view is updated.  There can be no ‘fixed’ or ‘established’ science, for science by definition is in continual revision and flux.  When Science, as an establishment and institution, seeks to suppress specific data and hypotheses because they contradict what is presently known, can you still rightly call it science?  Certainly not.  Most of what you call ‘science’ today is really not science at all, in the same way that most of what you call religion today is not really religion at all.  Just like powerful religious establishments and institutions, Science serves the interests of wealth and power, the ‘elite’ few; it serves the devious purposes of the alienated ego virus, which seeks to perpetuate rigid dualism, which is war as a way of life.  It is the Anti-Christ.

There is a limit to what the human intellect can ‘know.’  The intellect is only a part of the picture of the full human being.  When the intellect sets out to put itself above the other parts of the human, claiming that it is the most important part, life loses its zest and sense of wonder.  Life becomes dull, and the disease of ego-alienation, ,with all of the horrors it creates, is born.  The individual and the collective become unhappy.  The intellect, the left hemisphere of the brain, is only valuable when it is linked to intuition and feeling, which is the right hemisphere of the brain.

The right side of the brain gives you faith, emotion/intuition and spirituality.  The left side of the brain gives you knowledge, reason/intellect and science.  They are the two in one.  Even as they are not.  It is time to balance and unify the two sides and become whole again.  You must do this within yourself.  It only works from the inside out.

This wholeness reawakens your sense of completeness and fulfillment and leads you to a life infused with wonder and joy.  You are a magical participant in a magical universe.  You no longer seek to complete yourself with external possessions, you no longer look to so-called experts to tell you what to do and think, for you are no longer fragmentary.  You think for yourself.  You question authority.  You are whole.  You are God.  You were blind, but now you see.

You need not look any further than your own brain and its two hemispheres in one to find all you seek, which is wholeness.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, brothers and sisters.  Let us all unify, celebrate and honor each other as interconnected parts of the divine whole.  We are all fabrics woven together in the Magic Carpet.  We are One.  We are God.

It is through your awakened individuality that you reach the awakened collective.  Whole-brained individuals are the antibody to the psycho-spiritual disease of ego-alienation.

Let the healing and awakening begin.’

‘Sounds good,’ says Joe.  ‘I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but it’s worth a try.  We’ve still got a while before you deliver the address.  There’s a couple things I think should maybe be reworked a little, to make it flow better, but we can talk about that later.  Now we’ve got a disc-golf game to play, dude.  You and me against Hurley and Charlie Pace!’


243. $26.15 @ 6:15 pm


I sing the song of the Holy Brain:::

The brain is a muscle & it is an organ & it is also a terrible thing to waste

The brain is a computer & it is alive & it is also about to explode

The brain is a creative computer The brain is a rainforest

The brain is fried The brain is hanging upside down The brain is wider than the sky

The brain is powerful The brain is pulsing The brain is plastic

The brain is the boss & it is full

Each brain is unique

& each brain is a teaser

Brain bashers brain bleed brain balance

brain-based learning brain boosters blood brain barrier


244. 12-31-11: $35.53 @ 3:05 pm- Customer is 35 years old and so am I.


Even as I am not.

Being born, I am not born.

And dying, I do not die.


Charlie feels the rush of relief, a weight lifted.  Something big sunk in today.  Synchronicity number 245:


245. 1-15-12: $45.52 @ 4:25 pm


The third eye opens on the whole thing.

You can include cash register synchronicity number 244 also as one that triggered Charlie’s third eye to open on the whole thing.

We’re not going to be employing the word God from now on (& we are tempted to go and edit out all of the God talk that goes on before now, but we will resist that temptation and just leave it how it is.)

Charlie’s will is now completely centered in unity consciousness, creating unity, harmony, peace & balance within himself, merging the two hemispheres of his own brain, and openly & directly perceiving and highlighting the web of interrelationship and interdependence in every second of the unreeling film of his lifetime.  All is interconnected.

A look at what the encyclopedia has to say about God gives one the impression that the word God divides humanity and highlights its differences- of interpretation, belief and worldview- more than it unifies.

In addition to no longer employing the word God, we will no longer be preparing for an address to all 7,000,000,000 members of the human species.  It’s the one on one, face to face encounters in the here and now which matter most to Charlie now.


The Emergence by Kyle Charles Grant

The film opens in the sky.  Nine giant hawks soar into view.  The camera follows the hawks as they fly forward through the clouds.  Then, the hawks suddenly dart downward.  Cut to a close-up of a man’s closed left eye.  The camera pans out slowly to reveal the face of a man asleep, his head sideways on his pillow.  The camera pans out further to reveal that the sleeping man is caucasian, medium build, has brown dreadlocks and a reddish beard and wears blue pajamas.  His sleeping face is what most call a ‘nice face,’ a likeable face.  This sleeping white dude looks like he could be 25 and he sleeps on a black futon mat.  The camera pans further out to reveal that this sleeping man on his black futon mat is situated in a very strange place indeed, a modern-day parking lot.  He is on the edge of the parking lot, just where it meets the sidewalk.  Pedestrians walk by and seem not to notice the sleeping man; cars dart at 35-40 mph down the busy street.  A car turns into the parking lot and parks right next to the sleeping dude.  The driver gets out and he also seems not to notice the man sleeping on a black futon mat in the parking space next to his car.  The camera now zooms in on the driver, a slightly overweight caucasian man in his forties who sports a big brown mustache.  The camera follows the man through the parking lot and toward the entrance to CVS, the sign to which you can see in the shot.  As the slightly overweight man is about to enter the automatic doors, the camera pans up to the number on the building’s brick facade: 509.  With the aid of CG, the number 9 turns upside down and forms a 6, so that the number is no longer 509, but 506.  Slowly the numbers and their brick wall background dissolve and the screen is white.  Sound of cash register/POS laser scanner beeping and the sounds of cashiers and customers interacting in a grocery store.  Fade in to the interior front end/checkout area of a grocery store.  The sleeping dude is here.  He is awake and he is a cashier, a very efficient one at that.  Look at how fast he scans the groceries. 

Narrator (a soft sounding female voice): He is awake and he is a cashier, a very efficient one at that.  Simultaneously, he is asleep and he is not a cashier. 

Quick-cut to Charlie asleep in the parking lot, then rapidly back to the scene at the grocery store. 

Narrator: Once upon a time there lived a man named Charlie Fitzgerald Grant. –

The camera zooms in on the meeting of the laser scanner and the barcode on a frozen pizza box as Charlie passes it from the grocery cart to the bagging area, then pans up to Charlie’s shirt which has a picture of two boat paddles and reads Unique American Grocery Crew.  ‘King of Pain’ by Police plays on the store’s stereo sound system.  The camera then zooms in on the red name tag pinned to the cashier dude’s shirt, which reads Charlie, Unique American Crewmember.-

Narrator: Welcome to Unique American Grocery Store #506, the workplace of our hero, this Charlie.  It was the year 2012 and Charlie was a lucky man.  For, you see, Charlie had a dream.  And that dream of his was about to do what dreams are sometimes wont to do.  Charlie’s dream was about to become reality. 

Charlie: (Presses the Total button on the monitor’s keypad.  The camera zooms in on his finger as he does this and then pulls back to show the matching time and total on the monitor: Time: 4:25 pm Total: $45.52. ) Hey, check it out, we have another synchronicity.  Your total is $45.52 and the time is 4:25 pm.

Charlie turns his cash register’s monitor to show the Customer.

Customer: Is that a good sign? 

Charlie (smiling) : Well, perhaps it’s a good sign that I noticed the connection.

Customer (looking at the monitor): Look at that.  That’s amazing!

Charlie feeds a piece of blank 3 inch by 3 inch white paper from the POS System’s printertakes the register’s pencil and writes down in 3 rows: 1-15 12- 4:25 pm- $45.52.

Charlie: I’m trying to write a book about it.  I’ve been collecting these synchronicities at the register since 2005.  I have over 300 of them stored in Emergen-C boxes.

Customer: Oh, you’re writing a book?  I could give you another number story for your book. 

Charlie: Ok, that would be cool.

Customer: Last year I turned 67 years of age and my son to whom I gave birth in ’67 was killed in an accident while riding his Harley.

(To Be Continued)

32. 246: The Cash Register Synchronicities

Posted on January 17, 2012by kylegrant76

In case you’re just tuning in, we’re in the process of logging the collection of cash register synchronicities, a phenomenon which I have been tracking at my Unique American Cash Register since 2005.

Is this phenomenon part of the much discussed global transformation?  Is it symptomatic of the emergence of a new type of consciousness?  A transformed consciousness which naturally seeks and finds connection, unity, peace, love and harmony?  Is it the beginning of the end of the age of war for profit and the beginning of the golden age of peace on earth?  Is it the end of rule by secrecy and the beginning of rule by openness?


246. 12-11-10; 5:24 pm; Customer’s change is $2.64 and there is a 264 right in the center of the first one dollar bill I take to give to the Customer from the register till.

247. 11-11-10: $105.06 @ 5:06 pm

True Compass

248. Date Unknown: $15.45 @ 5:45 pm

249. 7-11-11: $12.44 @ 5:44 pm

Love is Universal

250. 12-20-10: $11.22 @ 1:22 pm

251. 1-16-12: $84.02 @ 4:28 pm

252. 1-13-12: $16.54 @ 6:16 pm

253. 8-28-09: $39.14 @ 5:39 pm

254. 12-12-11: $66.03 @ 6:06 pm

LOST Tue Apr 13 10 9:00 pm Cinema NR 966 1 Pass $.00 The CinemaCafe is open Fri


pg 48, The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels, Chapter 3, God The Father/God The Mother (continued):  ‘Christianity, of course, added the trinitarian terms to the Jewish description of God.  Yet of the three “Persons,” two- the Father and the Son- are described in masculine terms, and the third- the Spirit- suggests the sexlessness of the Greek neuter term for spirit, pneuma.  Whoever investigates the early history of Christianity (the field called “patristics”- that is, study of “the fathers of the church”) will be prepared for the passage that concludes the Gospel of Thomas:

Simon Peter said to them {the disciples}:  “Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of Life.”  Jesus said, “I myself shall lead her, in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit, resembling you males.  For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Strange as it sounds, this simply states what religious rhetoric assumes: the the men form the legitimate body of the community, while women are allowed to participate only when they assimilate themselves to men.  Other texts discovered at Nag Hammadi demonstrate one striking difference between these “heretical” sources and orthodox ones: gnostic sources continually use sexual symbolism to describe God.  One might expect that these texts would show the influence of archaic pagan traditions of the Mother Goddess, but for the most part, their language is specifically Christian, unmistakably related to a Jewish heritage.  Yet instead of describing a monistic and masculine God, many of these texts speak of God as a dyad who embraces both masculine and feminine elements.

One group of gnostic sources claims to have received a secret tradition from Jesus through James and through Mary Magdalene.  Members of this group prayed to both the divine Father and Mother:  “From Thee, Father, and through Thee, Mother, the two immortal names, Parents of the divine being, and thou, dweller in heaven, humanity, of the mighty name…”  Other texts indicate that their authors had wondered to whom a single, masculine God proposed, “Let us make man {adam} in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26).  Since the Genesis account goes on to say that humanity was created “male and female” (1:27), some concluded that the God in whose image we are made must also be both masculine and feminine- both Father and Mother.’


I believe that my lifetime is inextricably linked with President Kennedy.  I believe I chose my time of birth- and my parents- to trigger remembrance of myself as a spiritual being who has chosen to incarnate for a specific purpose.  That purpose, or Dharma, is now in the process of being revealed.

Here’s why I have developed these beliefs:  My Date of Birth is May 29, same as President Kennedy’s.  My father’s Date of Birth is November 22, the date of Kennedy’s Assassination.  My father turned 11 on 11/22/63, that fateful day which, as Stephen King said, was the 9/11 of his generation.

Both 11/22 and 9/11, upon close examination, have all the earmarks of CIA black-ops.

Here’s what Kennedy would have said in his speech at the Dallas Trade Mart on 11/22/63:  “We in this country, in this generation, are- by destiny rather than choice- the watchmen on the walls of world freedom.  We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of ‘peace on earth, goodwill toward men.’  That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength.  For as was written long ago, ‘except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.’”  (pg 249 Let Every Nation Know by Robert Dallek and Terry Golway)

War is profit, war is industry and war is the American way.  The charismatic Kennedy was challenging this way.  He was a threat to the system, the war machinery.  He was encouraging Americans to share his vision of a peaceful world, and the war hawks and ‘elite’ bankers of the military industrial complex were not going to stand for this.  They were not going to let one man and his brother the Attorney General threaten their empire.  JFK had to go.

The bankers and hawks don’t want presidents- (nor citizens)- who think for themselves, who exercise wisdom and restraint and who question the mad mandates of Central Intelligence, military commanders and strategic and economic advisers.  The bankers and hawks want George W. Bushes, self-proclaimed ‘war presidents.’  They want presidents who follow orders.

Over and over again since he narrowly defeated Nixon in 1960, and especially after the Bay of Pigs fiasco in his first year as president, JFK refused to simply follow orders.  Which is why he was executed in Dallas.  He was a threat to the established power system based on war for profit.  Though he was from the circle of ‘elite’,  the wealthy ruling-class families whose members reap by far the majority of the spoils of the diabolical system under which we live, JFK did not think and act solely on behalf of his own elite economic niche.  He thought and acted on behalf of the entire Planet Earth.  This simply would not do.  JFK had to go.


255. 3-14-11: $6.56 @ 6:56 pm


“One cannot expect to be conscious of God’s presence when one has only a bowing acquaintance with Him.” ~Madame Chiang Kai-Shek

Obviously, we have abandoned the plan of not employing the word God.  It just wouldn’t do.  For we sense that God, the name of the one and the many and the not one and not many, is playfully and pointedly directing and guiding this work along.  We sense God has a message.  We sense God seeks the human, just as the human seeks God.

Dear Brothers and Sisters Who Are Called Atheistic Scientists, Is it not possible that there is no conflict between conceptions of God and the what is being shown in the unfolding narratives of Natural Science?  Is it really natural vs. supernatural, or is it really natural AND supernatural?  Do not the structures found on the cellular and genetic levels imply intelligent and creative design?  Yes, replies the Atheist, but Natural Selection created the DNA molecule.  Wow, that Natural Selection must be pretty intelligent.  No, Natural Selection is not a person, you are trying to say, Mrs. Atheist?  But who created this Senor Natural Selection?  And who created the creator of Natural Selection?  And who created the creator of the creator of Natural Selection?   & don’t forget, your Particle Physics and Quantum Physics!, how very strange and ethereal, dare I say it? how spiritual phenomena become at the quantum level!  how much has the whole landscape been changed by seeing into the subatomic level, just how much more indeterminate has the shifting threads of the Magic Carpet of manifestation become?  Additionally, the Carpet is experiencing morphological shifting due to the psycho-spiritual impact of the UFO Phenomenon and countless other ‘fringe’ subjects, such as Psi Phenomena and Synchronicity, combined with the seismic impact of the rapidly evolving and expanding global communications technology- mass media and the internet.


Where are you taking us?  God only knows.

‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.’  What is energy?  It is the invisible made visible, it is everything and everywhere, transparent to transcendence, matter and antimatter, it moves in waves, by conduction and through the All.

Oh yes, and incidentally, God is not a strict monotheist.  I’ve heard he is rather an equal-opportunity-monotheistic-polytheist.  He dabbles in Universalism, is the word on the street.  He’s also not a He, they say.  That’s right, God isn’t just Transcendent, He’s also Transgendered!

Oh yes, and we shouldn’t forget to note that God is also a Natural Scientist.  But that should be pretty clear by now, yes?


256. 3-12-11 @ 5:10 pm: Customer Total is $40.93- last item of order is an Onion, whose code is #4093

257. 3-12-11: $22.52 @ 2:55 pm

258. Date and Time Unknown: I notice, in the change I took out for the Customer, a very old-looking penny.  I look at its year of creation: 1946.  I tell the Customer and she tells me she was born in 1946.

259. 01-09-11: $81.18 @ 12:12 pm

260. 11-08-10: Customer’s change is $2.03 @ 2:03 pm

261. 08-10-10: @4:49 pm $51.51 for 15 items.  Next purchase is $72.72

262. 02-26-11: $16.52 @ 6:52 pm

Stay tuned.  Coming up next is Backgammon with Buckminster Fuller!

263. $27.72 @ 4:27 pm


The Atheistic Natural Scientist doesn’t listen, of course.  He/She has set him/herself rigidly in opposition to anything associated with religion.  Which is understandable and perhaps forgivable, since Science was treated like shit by Religion for so long.

Here are the other reasons Natural Science flat-out dismisses the existence of Soul and God:  First, if a scientist sets out to study the Soul and God, he or she could be subjected to an onslaught of peer ridicule and condemnation and ultimately lose his or her job.  The other reason is that money rules the oppressive system under which we live, the system of which the scientific institutions are but a part.  There is no money to be made in scientifically investigating the Soul and God.  There is no material gain in studying the non-material.


It is December 26, 2011 at 1:01 pm.  You are in the Portal, which is Charlie’s brain.  You are at Cracker Barrel Store #462 in Sturbridge, MA.  It is 1:01 pm.  You just sat at the Checkerboard Table in a rocking chair.  You are paying your bill.  A very busy day at Cracker Barrel Store #462.  You sat at the Checkerboard Table facing the kitchen.  You drank coffee, ate the Smokehouse Bacon Scramble.  Your waitress’s name was Carlene P.  You speculate that the P stands for Pretty.  Carlene asked you if you had ever sat at the Checkerboard Table before.  You smiled and answered no.  In fact, you had never been at this Cracker Barrel before.  An old woman asked you if you used to work here.  You smiled and answered no, of course, since you had never been at this Cracker Barrel before.

The total price of your breakfast and coffee at Cracker Barrel on 12-26-11 at 1:01 pm is: $8.75.  And your purchase is number 5708.  $8.75 & 5708.  There it is, in bold print, right there on the receipt.


264. 12-19-11: @ 5:13 pm- Customer’s purchase contains 23 items and the Customer’s son, who is present and friendly, has his 23rd birthday the following day.

265. 2-27-11: $32.25 @ 3:52

266. 1-14-12: $32.04 @ 4:32 pm

267. 1-14-12: back to back Totals- $11.98 followed by $11.98

268. 1-14-12: $33.76 @ 3:37 pm

269. 1-13-12: $18.45 @ 6:18 pm

270. 12-26-11: $25.32 @ 5:32 pm

271. 2-19-11: $6.36 @ 6:30 pm

272. 01-19-12: @ 4:52 pm Customer’s Total is $19.81 and Customer was born in 1981.


On 1-20, the day following cash register synchronicity number 272, I was about to add another quarter to the parking meter for my parking space in Salem when I felt unaccountably compelled to check the year of the quarter.  You guessed it: 1981.

That’s weird.  What’s up with that?


273. 01-19-12: $35.11 @ 5:11 pm


I spy there is more

than meets the eye

I think I can see

I feel I can be

And my soul shall never die


The Universe is made up of precise patterns and ratios, says Danny Glover on 21st century flat-screen digital television.


I went to the Beyond section at Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday.  No, I did not find Christopher Walken as Morty.  Nor was Adam Sandler chillin’ back there.  No, what I found in the Beyond section was something different.  It was a ratio: 1 1.618.


274. 10-07-11: $71.11 @ 7:01 pm


Then, one day at 711, the Golden Ratio popped out of the Slush Puppy machine.


275. 10-07-11: $9.27 @ 7:29 pm

276. 1-22-11: $4.24 @ 4:42 pm- & the Customer is 24 years of age.


What do you make of it?  What would you do if you started noticing such patterns at your Unique American Cash Register?

All we can really say at this point is that it’s definitely synchronicity at work here; at least it’s clear that we’ve got meaningful coincidence, the acausal connecting principle, popping up in a major way here.  I know there is more than meets the eye.  That’s about it, right now.  I’m following the trail, going wherever it leads.

Would you like a mug of tea?


The Nine Giant Hawks descend to the CVS parking lot, where Charlie F. Grant sleeps.  The address is 509 Eastern Avenue, Lynn Lynn The City of Sin.


We are in agreement with the Gnostics, who saw that, more than sin- missing the mark-, it is ignorance- not knowing- which is the source of your woes on Earth.


It was Thursday, January 26, 2012.  You made it through the first big geomagnetic storm of the year.  It was a year filled with intense energetic output from the Solar Disc.  But you made it through it.  The storms did not destroy you.  Here’s why: you surrendered to the river’s current.  You opened yourself to it, you went with it, and as a result you got to enter the Beyond section.

See Charlie in the Beyond section, waving his white flag, the golden numbers dancing all around him.  It is a joyful occasion.

I am no longer merely Charlie.  I am no longer bound by the laws of gravity.  I am Hawke, and I can fly.

Before me superheroes were merely the stuff of comic books and movies.


277. 1-16-11: $14.72 @ 4:27 pm

278. 6-26-11: $26.10 @ 11:10 am- 10 items in Customer’s purchase


The Fortune Cookie speaketh yet again: Good to begin well, better to end well.


279. 1-13-12: $36.63 @ 6:36 pm


280. Date and Time Unknown: $24.42 twice in first three orders of the day


The Fortune Cookie speaketh yet again again: Spring has sprung.  Life is blooming.


Lucky Numbers 1, 43, 18, 16, 17, 27


281. 09-09-10: $4.44 @ 6:44 pm


The Pulse quickens even more now.  An episode of ‘Ripley’s: Believe it or Not’ plays on the tv.  Kokopelli belts out sorrowful, haunting beauty.

The Divine Mother speaks: You, Charlie, were born to be a Magician.  You were born to transcend the laws of space, time and gravity, to awaken the dormant Kundalini at the base of your sacred spine, making your body full of Light.  You were born to transform.  You were born to open the third eye of transcendental consciousness, overcoming the limiting and false beliefs with which you were programmed as a child.  You are not bound by physical laws, you just believe that you are.  You are a spiritual (eternal) being having a human (temporal) experience, not the other way around.  You can fly, walk through walls, stop bullets, rearrange molecular structures at will.  The only thing stopping you is your belief that you cannot, your belief that the world is solid, dense.  Your indoctrination into the system of lies under which your world is dominated has yet to be overcome.  The energy of fear still clouds your consciousness.  I will help you let go completely, my son, when the appointed time arrives.  For now, have faith in what I say and keep moving forward on the path, for it leads you to the liberation you desire.  It leads you to your destiny.

When your awakening is complete- when your body is full of light- you shall attain limitless power.  You will activate the dormant codons in your DNA.  You shall become Hawke.  You will work for me, following the Path of the Bodhisattva, which is the Path of the Spiritual Superhero. You will employ your Transcendental Powers only in the service of compassion and love, working toward the goal of ending ignorance and suffering for all sentient beings.


282. 11-05-10: $10.65 @ 5:16 pm


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaketh: ‘Religion is the banana skin.  Spirituality is the banana.’

Bananaman cheers..


283. 12-12-11: $16.63 @ 6:03 pm

284. 12-01-11: $29.69 @ 5:59 pm

285. 12-16-11: @ 5:04 pm- first 2 orders of the day are $19.95 & $18.95


Chapter 3 of ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ by Elaine Pagels (continued): ‘How do these texts characterize the divine Mother?  I find no simple answer, since the texts themselves are extremely diverse.  Yet we may sketch out three primary characterizations.  In the first place, several gnostic groups describe the divine Mother as part of an original couple.  Valentinus, the teacher and poet, begins with the premise that God is essentially indescribable.  But he suggests that the divine can be imagined as a dyad; consisting, in one part, of the Ineffable, the Depth, the Primal Father; and, in the other, of Grace, Silence, the Womb and “Mother of All.”  Valentinus reasons that Silence is the appropriate complement of the Father, designating the former as feminine and the latter as masculine because of the grammatical gender of the Greek words.  He goes on to describe how Silence receives, as in a womb, the seed of the Ineffable Source; from this she brings forth all the emanations of divine being, ranged in harmonious pairs of masculine and feminine energies.

Followers of Valentinus prayed to her for protection as the Mother, and as “the mystical, eternal Silence.”  For example, Marcus the magician invokes her as Grace (in Greek, the feminine term charis):  “May She who is before all things, the incomprehensible and indescribable Grace, fill you within, and increase in you her own knowledge.”  In his secret celebration of the mass, Marcus teaches that the wine symbolizes her blood.  As the cup of wine is offered, he prays that “Grace may flow” into all who drink of it.  A prophet and visionary, Marcus calls himself the ‘womb and recipient of Silence” (as she is of the Father).  The visions he received of the divine being appeared, he reports, in female form.’


286. $17.01 @ 9:00 pm- 9 items


The Shadow Monster looms large over him.  It feasts of his heart.  He is full of grief and anguish.  Thunder and lightning.  Fire and brimstone.  He is full of despair and regret.  He is dying.

He wishes he had never met Annie.  The nightmares get worse.  He still hears her screaming in his ears.  He can’t repress the pain any longer.  It overtakes him.

He is filled with loathing and contempt.  He is filled with rage.

Eat my heart, you fucking monster!  Take it away!  It is too much for me.  I cannot bear it.

Joe: I didn’t mean offense.  I just meant sometimes I can feel you pull back from people, myself included.

Charlie: I hate people, myself included.  I’m so sick of this life.

Joe: No big deal on my end dude.  Its not like either one of us offended the other.  I respect all your views and opinions…just wanted some clarification is all.

Tue, Jan. 31 4:03P


This is the death of the dream of Hawke.  This is the end.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

You gotta get the fuck outa this place, Charlie.  You need to get away from all this shit.  Why the fuck are you so upset?  You didn’t even want her.  You didn’t even love Annie.  She never accepted you for who you are and you never accepted her for who she is.  And it’s been well over a year now, you goddam moron.  She’s probably taking antidepressants and drinking now.  fuck her.  She’s just part of your pattern of attracting emotionally crazy women.  Wake up already, will you for chrissakes?

But I did love her, liar.  I blew it.  She was my goddam twin soul and I pushed her away.  I never should have listened to you.  I blew it, you fucking idiot.  She was the one for me and I dumped her and now she is with someone else.

Shut the fuck up, you sniveling cry baby.  She wasn’t all that, you dumbass.  She was right when she said you can do way better than her.  You just haven’t tried.  You hide in fear.  While your real twin soul is out there waiting for you.  How much longer are you going to hide?

Fuck, I can’t take this anymore.  I want her out of my head.  I want to erase her from my memory for good, like in The Unbearable Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I wish I never met her.  She ruined me.  I’m done.

Eat this heart, you motherfucking sonofabitch!


Joe: I just think you have a hard time trusting people.  Even I feel a lot of the time you’ve always got me at arm’s length.  I mean really, man, if u can’t trust me then who can u trust?  And I agree.  You’re not at all a bad guy.  You simply have a hard time accepting friendship I think.

Charlie: With all due respect I have to disagree.  I’ve confided a hell of a lot to you.  Too much I feel.  I feel humiliated by some of the things I told you.  The exact same feeling I get from memory of relationship with Annie and others in my past.  I must disentangle myself from the web of the past.  I am present and I am not static.  I am active and changing- evolving.  And so is everyone else.  To crystallize ourselves in a concrete ‘objective’ self based on memory is to deny who and what we really are- active energy in process.  If we don’t move we die.  From this perspective one doesn’t presume to really ‘know’ anyone or anything.  This is spiritual surrender and it brings liberation of consciousness from the prison of the mind.  I am serious about this and I hope you can respect our differences as I will do that myself.  I can be friends with people who see and live differently than I, as long as it does me no harm.


What a crock of shit!  You’re full of just as much shit as everyone else, you know that, Charlie?  Who the fuck do you think you are?  Almost all you have written and said is complete b.s.  You don’t need friends, you idiot.  You don’t need anything or anyone.  Listen to me: you fucking humans are selfish, manipulative morons.  You tell yourselves that you love, but what you believe to be love is  just grasping and clinging, it is needy and it is selfish and it is fear in disguise.  You’re blind as bats.  You’re amusing yourselves to death with instant sensory gratification through your electronic games and media while your world goes to shit all around you.

It’s all over, isn’t it?

The Sun is going to blast us to hell, isn’t it?


287. 9-16-10: $44.73 @ 4:37 pm


At least we got him to go and buy VALIS today.  VALIS was written by Philip K. Dick in 1981.


Charlie is on the Island.  He is Ben Linus, locked up by Locke, reading VALIS for the second time; maybe he’ll catch something he missed the first time around.

Charlie isn’t the hero he imagined himself to be.  He may not be the villain either.  Everything is inescapably blurry and shadowy now.  It has all gone grey.


Charlie: Joe- I am not fully integrated/individuated yet but I’m on the way there.  I know in my heart that my journey back to New Mexico this year leads me to the fulfillment of my destiny.  I don’t want to leave here on a bad note.  I am weary of what my life has become here.  It just feels utterly confining and frustrating.  It has nothing to do with you personally.  I am not an easy person with which to be a friend.  I am not a bad guy.  I am just in a heightened state of ambiguity due to the seismic effects of the transition to unlimited consciousness.  It is not easy at all to free your mind.  The shadow of the old reptillian-brainstem-consciousness looms large over the constellation of people and events of my life.  It is time for me to find the solar sword of truth and immortality and filet the shadow beast.  This can only be accomplished within me.  It is a solitary task.  Others’ opinions are an obstruction.  I accept and embrace who and what I am and who and what I am not.  I am not a bad guy.  I don’t want any trouble with people.  Trouble with people is the biggest obstruction to staying on one’s destined path- sucks one in to falsely defining and measuring oneself by others’ perceptions, falsely adhering to absolute faith in an illusory objective reality.  All of the programs in the Matrix who haven’t been awakened are your potential enemy, since they will fight to defend their belief in the absolute reality and authority of the dream world in which they live.  I haven’t heeded Morpheus’s words enough up til now.  I shall try harder from here on in.

He sent that text yesterday.  Today, a day free of work at the Unique American Grocery Store, he spent the whole day obsessing about cutting his dreadlocks off.  Around 4pm, while sitting in Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and reading VALIS, he was convinced he was going to remove the 18 dreads created by Annie.  So convinced that he went and bought the clippers and everything at Marshall’s.  It would be symbolic of liberating himself from his connection to Annie and the past.

Now he doesn’t want to do it.  We’ll see how he feels tomorrow.

We suppose this is Charlie’s real problem.  He tends to be obsessive and non-committal.  But he can’t keep up this pattern forever.  Within him is building a commitment to overcome his neurotic, alienated-egoic tendencies.

Let’s get the fucking show on the road already, Charlie!


He is capable of trust, he has just learned to be very cautious about where he places it.  Which is good and necessary from our standpoint.  We need Charlie to keep his bio-mechanical vessel alive and well, for we have big plans for it this year.  This year of transformation- this year of the Singularity.  Just wait and see.


288. 10-13-11: $19.24 @ 6:24 pm

289. 10-13-11: $76.22 @ 6:22 pm

290. 09-17-11: $8.33 @ 7:33 pm


Sometime in October 2011.  Charlie, after the midnight shift, parked alongside the beach on the Lynn/ Swampscott line, talking on his cellphone with a drunken Joe Smith.

Joe Smith: Dude, I think she likes you.  That should make you feel giddy.

Charlie: It does, man.  I’m giddy.

Joe Smith: If you really want her, you need to focus on that, not b.s. going on at work.

Charlie: Right.

Joe Smith: I gotta tell you, Charlie, since I came to Massachusetts, I’ve felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  And I gotta tell ya man, you’re my Scarecrow.


Charlie’s bad luck with girls started in fifth grade.  His family had bought a house at 56 Crescent St., right next door to the girl in his class he had the hots for, Christina Dogon.  Charlie thought she was the most adorable person in the world and he wanted to marry her.  He wanted to be her boyfriend, but he was 11 years old and had no idea how to go about asking a girl out.  He remembers John Locke telling him he thought Christina was into Charlie.  Charlie hesitated and the next day she wasn’t interested anymore.  The memory of this is very fuzzy in Charlie’s brain.  All that is clear is that was the time of the beginning of Charlie’s descent into distorted self-image, the beginning of a path that continued through his teens and into his early twenties.  His twenties saw the beginning of the end of the distortion, but it never really ended, Charlie sees now.  The distortion is the Black Iron Prison, it is the Monster on the Island and it lives in his heart.


Yesterday Charlie murdered the 18 anglo dreadlocks.  It is the dead of winter, freezing outside, and he now has a bald head.  How crazy is that?

Just now, before coming to Panera #666 with his yellow Dell laptop, he sent the 18 dreads out to sea along with various construction paper love letters and pictures from Kelly.  Charlie regrets that he had to sacrifice the pound of beautiful horse-like hair, but it had to be done.  He has to finally let go of Kelly and the past.  Charlie does not have an easy time moving on and letting go of the past.  Who does?  But some people have an easier time with it than others.

Charlie is a secret agent.  His cover is so deep that even he does not know he is an agent.  He is somehow strongly connected to Horselover Fat, Philip K. Dick and the business with the Pink Light and the communications between the three-eyed invaders and the Russian KGB.  We feel almost certain of this.  Charlie started to suspect as such in 1998, when he lived in San Diego.

As difficult as it may be for you to believe, there is a distinct possibility that Charlie’s body and mind have been chosen as a host for the One.


At the beginning of this writing, Charlie stated that he was not going mad, unlike Jim Carrey in The Number 23 and the character in Pi.  While this still may be the case, it also may not be the case.  It is possible that Charlie is going mad.  Or that he already went mad.  It is also possible, if not downright likely, that the whole world has gone mad.  Look around.


291. 2-2-12: @ 4:23 pm the customer pays for order of $19.57 with check #9557

1957 Chevy- Silver Certificate- Ford- Frank Sinatra Joey

292. 12-12-11: $5.30 @ 6:20 pm

293. 2-26-12: $12.05 @ 05:21 pm

294. 2-22-12: $53.34 @ 8:34 pm

295. 1-28-12: $14.70 @ 07:14 pm

296. 10-13-11: $34.30 @ 3:43 pm


Time is gold

Time after time


297. 02-02-12: @ 4:40 pm Customer’s total is $9.27 and Charlie spots 927 right in the center of the first one dollar bill the Customer hands him.

298. 3-17-11: $44.98 @ 8:49 pm


Time is money

Time is of the essence


299. 8-28-09: $39.14 @ 5:39 pm

300. 1-27-12: $5.48 @ 5:48 pm

301. 1-27-12: $46.56 @ 5:46 pm

302. 1-26-12: $12.10 @ 5:29 pm- Charlie was born via c-section @ 12:10 am on 5-29-76

303. 02-02-12: $4.28 @ 8:24 pm

304. 1-30-12: $4.28 @ 7:48 pm

305. 1-30-12: $10.68 @ 08:16 pm

306. 2-06-12: $113.11 @ 9:11 pm


money is the motive

money is everything

money is not everything

money is evil

money is energy

money is everything in life

money island

money is power

money is debt

time is money

time is running out

what time is it

time is on my side

time is not on my side

time is money


pg. 103 Valis by Philip K. Dick: ‘Fat reworked journal entry 29 and added it to his ON OUR NATURE entry:

29. We did not fall because of a moral error; we fell because of an intellectual error: that of taking the phenomenal world as real.  Therefore we are morally innocent.  It is the Empire in its various disguised polyforms which tells us we have sinned.  “The Empire never ended.”‘

The Empire never ended.


Posted on February 15, 2012by kylegrant76

‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God.’  Do not forget who I am.

The Word is Logos.


307. This one is unique.  It did not happen at Charlie’s Checkstand at the End of His-story.  Rather, it happened at two of Charlie’s co-workers’ checkstands, Registers 7 & 8 at Unique American Grocery Store #506, otherwise known as Charlie’s Matrix Store.  (To understand that nickname you will need to pause the first installment of the Matrix trilogy at 1 minute and 18 seconds.)  This Cash Register Synchronicity, number 307 as logged here, took place at 6:24 pm.

Ted Peaceman was on Register 7 and Silver Starr was on Register 8.  It was January 19, 2012.  Both cashiers were flabbergasted to find that both of their customers’ totals came to $7.28 at the same time: 06:24 pm.  Silver Starr, acutely aware of Charlie’s collection and writing, promptly sprung into action, reprinting her receipt of the transaction and having Peaceman print his as well.  Both copies sit here on my lap now.  These reprinted receipts are unique parts of the collection, since Charlie doesn’t reprint the customers’ receipts when the synchronicities occur; instead, he simply feeds a piece of blank receipt paper from the printer and writes the time, date and total on it.

This is the collection of over 300 Cash Register Synchronicities stored in Emergen-C boxes.  It forms an integral part of what we believe to be the Charlie’s Theophany.

307. 1-19-12: @ 6:24 pm @ Register 7 Ted Peaceman’s Customer’s Total is $7.28.  At Register 8 Silver Starr’s Customer’s Total is also $7.28.

Now time to eat some Christian Shepherd Pie.  For there are time dysfunctions and discs to be thrown soon, for which we must be prepared.  We must have a full fiery belly.


On the Island, Charlie continues to read from Chapter 3 of ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ by Elaine Pagels.

‘Followers of Valentinus prayed to her for protection as the Mother, and as “the mystical, eternal Silence.”  For example, Marcus the magician invokes her as Grace (in Greek, the feminine term charis): “May She who is before all things, the incomprehensible and indestructible Grace, fill you within, and increase in you her own knowledge.”  In his secret celebration of the mass, Marcus teaches that the wine symbolizes her blood.  As the cup of wine is offered, he prays that “Grace may flow” into all who drink of it.  A prophet and visionary, Marcus calls himself the “womb and recipient of Silence” (as she is of the Father).  The visions he received of the divine being appeared, he reports, in female form.

Another gnostic writing, called the Great Announcement, quoted by Hippolytus in his Refutation of All Heresies, explains the origin of the universe as follows: From the power of Silence appeared “a great power, the Mind of the Universe, which manages all things, and is male. . . the other. . . a great Intelligence. . . is a female which produces all things.”  Following the gender of the Greek words for “mind” (nous- masculine) and “intelligence” (epinoia- feminine), this author explains that these powers, joined in union, “are discovered to be duality. . . This is Mind in Intelligence, and these are separablee from one another, and yet are one, found in a state of duality.”  This means, the gnostic teacher explains, that

there is in everyone {divine power} existing in a latent condition. . . This is one power divided above and below; generating itself, making itself grow, seeking itself, finding itself, being mother of itself, father of itself, sister of itself, spouse of itself, daughter of itself, son of itself- mother, father, unity, being a source of the entire circle of existence.

How did these gnostics intend their meaning to be understood?  Different teachers disagreed.  Some insisted that the divine is to be considered masculofeminine- the “great male-female power.”  Others claimed that the terms were meant only as metaphors, since, in reality, the divine is neither male nor female.  A third group suggested that one can describe the primal Source in either masculine or feminine terms, depending on which aspect one intends to stress.  Proponents of these diverse views agreed that the divine is to be understood in terms of a harmonious, dynamic relationship of opposites- a concept that may be akin to the Eastern view of yin and yang, but remains alien to orthodox Judaism and Christianity.

A second characterization of the divine Mother describes her as Holy Spirit.  The Apocryphon of John relates how John went out after the crucifixion with “great grief” and had a mystical vision of the Trinity.  As John was grieving, he says that

the heavens were opened and the whole creation which is under heaven shone and the world trembled.  And I was afraid, and I saw in the light. . . a likeness with multiple forms. . . and the likeness had three forms.

To John’s question the vision answers: “He said to me, ‘John, John, why do you doubt, and why are you afraid?. . . I am the one who is with you always.  I am the Father; I am the Mother; I am the Son.”  This gnostic description of God- as Father, Mother and Son- may startle us at first, but on reflection, we can recognize it as another version of the Trinity.  The Greek terminology for the Trinity, which includes the neuter term for spirit (pneuma) virtually requires that the third “Person” of the Trinity be asexual.  But the author of the Secret Book has in mind the Hebrew term for spirit, ruah, a feminine word; and so concludes that the feminine “Person” conjoined with the Father and Son must be the Mother.  The Secret Book goes on to describe the divine Mother:

… (She is)… the image of the invisible, virginal, perfect spirit. . . She became the Mother of everything, for she existed before them all, the mother-father {matropater}. . .

The Gospel to the Hebrews likewise has Jesus speak of “my Mother, the Spirit.”  In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus contrasts his earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, with his divine Father- the Father of Truth- and his divine Mother, the Holy Spirit.  The author interprets a puzzling saying of Jesus’ from the New Testament (“Whoever does not hate his father and his mother cannot be my disciple”) by adding that ” my (earthly) mother {gave me death}, but {my} true {Mother} gave me life.”  So, according to the Gospel of Phillip, whoever becomes a Christian gains “both father and mother” for the Spirit (ruah) is “Mother of many.”

A work attributed to the gnostic teacher Simon Magus suggests a mystical meaning for Paradise, the place where human life began:

Grant Paradise to be the womb; for Scripture teaches us that this is a true assumption when it says, “I am He that formed thee in thy mother’s womb” (Isaiah 44:2) . . .  Moses . . . using allegory had declared Paradise to be the womb . . . and Eden, the placenta . . .

The river that flows forth from Eden symbolizes the navel, which nourishes the fetus.  Simon claims that the Exodus, consequently, signifies the passage out of the womb, and that “the crossing of the Red Sea refers to the blood.”  Sethian gnostics explain that

heaven and earth have a shape similar to the womb . . . and if . . . anyone wants to investigate this, let him carefully examine the pregnant womb of any living creature, and he will discover an image of the heavens and the earth.22

Evidence for such views, declares Marcus, comes directly from “the cry of the newborn,” a spontaneous cry of praise for “the glory of the primal being, in which the powers above are in harmonious embrace.”23


Text Message- Fri, Nov. 25 (’11) 1:20AM

Mom: u (Kyle) were 9lbs. 2 ozs.  You were breast bed.  I was in labor, every 2 minutes for the whole 9 hours.  After 9 hours your heart monitor dropped dangerously low, so Cesarian was decided.  I was awake during surgery, fully alert when you were handed to me to hold, as you were fully alert, eyes focusing directly at me, (uncustomary for newborns to be so able to focus) I attributed that to that you were 2 weeks past due date, but, I don’t know that this was related to ability to focus your vision.)  All for now.  I’m going to sleep.  Love you!

Text Message- Tue, Dec. 20 9:13PM

Mom: Kyle!  Have you seen the commercial with Santa Claus with an iPhone and someone is asking him, “How do you find the directions to Charlie Grant’s house?”


VALIS is The Island and The Island is VALIS.

Finkle is Einhorn and Einhorn is Finkle.

We had this insight as we began falling asleep two nights ago.  VALIS and The Island are the living information, the divine plasmate, the Word; though they can perform miracles and wonders, they can heal you and bring you fulfillment, they also can also poison and kill you.  The flashes of pink and violet light.  The ‘time dysfunction.’  The Numbers.  What are the Numbers?  The Numbers are the Candidates to take over for Jacob as the Island’s Protector, the Island which the Man in Black- the Black Smoke Monster- said needed no protection.  ‘It’s just an island,’ he lied.  The Numbers are also the sequence pointing to the probability of humanity’s extinction, which the Dharma Initiative is trying to change.

VALIS and the Island are Gnostic.

And, additionally, they are Hermetic.

We seem to have an innate drive to achieve the status of professional Psychonaut here.

The early Christians busted out of the Black Iron Prison, they somehow were delivered, or delivered themselves, from the evil clutches of the Empire.  The material world is a hypostatis generated by the Mind.  The Brain tunes into the Mind like a radio tunes into radio signals.  The Mind is the Creator and the Mind is you.  The Mind is Intelligence Itself.  The Mind is Beyond.  Eternal, timeless, immortal.  The Source.  The Light.


You are on the Island, receiving the Word.

God the Father/ God the Mother (continued) pg. 53 The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels:

‘If some gnostic sources suggest that the Spirit constitutes the maternal element of the Trinity, the Gospel of Philip makes an equally radical suggestion about the doctrine that later developed as the virgin birth.  Here again, the Spirit is both Mother and Virgin, the counterpart- and consort- of the Heavenly Father: “Is it permitted to utter a mystery?  The Father of everything united with the virgin who came down”- that is, with the Holy Spirit descending into the world.  But because this process is to be understood symbolically, not literally, the Spirit remains a virgin.  The author goes on to explain that as “Adam came into being from two virgins, from the Spirit and from the virgin earth” so “Christ, therefore, was born from a virgin” (that is, from the Spirit).  But the author ridicules those literal-minded Christians who mistakenly refer the virgin birth to Mary, Jesus’ mother, as though she conceived apart from Joseph: “They do not know what they are saying.  When did a woman ever conceive by a woman?”  Instead, he argues, virgin birth refers to that mysterious union of the two divine powers, the Father of All and the Holy Spirit.

In addition to the eternal, mystical Silence and the Holy Spirit, certain gnostics suggest a third characterization of the divine Mother: as Wisdom.  Here the Greek feminine term for “wisdom,” sophia, translates a Hebrew feminine term, hokhmah.  Early interpreters had pondered the meaning of certain Biblical passages- for example, the saying in Proverbs that “God made the world in Wisdom.”  Could Wisdom be the feminine power in which God’s creation was “conceived”?  According to one teacher, the double meaning of the term conception- physical and intellectual- suggests this possibility: “The image of thought {ennoia} is feminine, since . . . {it} is a power of conception.”  The Apocalypse of Adam, discovered at Nag Hammadi, tells of a feminine power who wanted to conceive by herself:

. . .  from the nine Muses, one separated away.  She came to a high mountain and spent time seated there, so that she desired herself alone in order to become androgynous.  She fulfilled her desire, and became pregnant from her desire . . .

The poet Valentinus uses this theme to tell a famous myth about Wisdom:  Desiring to conceive by herself, apart from her masculine counterpart, she succeeded, and became the “great creative power from whom all things originate,” often called Eve, “Mother of all living.”  But since her desire violated the harmonious union of opposites intrinsic in the nature of created being, what she produced was aborted and defective;(29) from this, says Valentinus, originated the terror and grief that mar human existence.  To shape and manage her creation, Wisdom brought forth the demiurge, the creator-God of Israel, as her agent.

Wisdom, then, bears several connotations in gnostic sources.  Besides being the “first universal creator,” who brings forth all creatures, she also enlightens human beings and makes them wise.  Followers of Valentinus and Marcus therefore prayed to the Mother as the “mystical, eternal Silence” and to “Grace, She who is before all things,” and as “incorruptible Wisdom” (33) for insight (gnosis).  Other gnostics attributed to her the benefits that Adam and Eve received in Paradise.  First, she taught them self-awareness; second, she guided them to find food; third, she assisted in the conception of their third and fourth children, who were, according to this account, their third son, Seth, and their first daughter, Norea.  Even more: when the creator became angry with the human race

      because they did not worship or honor him as Father and God, he sent forth a flood upon them, that he might destroy them all.  But Wisdom opposed him . . . and Noah and his family were saved in the ark by means of the sprinkling of the light that proceeded from her, and through it the world was again filled with humankind.’


One Consciousness consisting of all the diverse units of consciousness. All rolled into One.  This One Mind is Everywhere and Nowhere.  The Mind is in the Body, while the Mind simultaneously IS the Body and the Body IS the Mind.  This is why you hear it said that the Body has a Mind of its own.  You have to go to the Beyond section to get this, yeah?  See the golden numbers dancing all around?

While also being firmly rooted in the Present, which is the only time there IS.  It IS, and that IS it.  THE IMMORTAL IS.  THE IS WHO IS OZ.

Past, present and future- divided time- this is the story of the space-time game and its rules.  It is the story of illusion obscuring the Real.  It is an illusion you created.  You created it to imprison yourself.  So that you would have a full-on immersion into a perilous ‘reality’, so that you would embark on a journey back to the Now, your HOME in Eternity.

You can’t really blame the eternal humans for getting bored and deciding to play such a dangerous game with themselves, can you now?  Eternity, which is No Time, gets lonely and wants to play.  That is why you created space-time, with its infinite triumphs and tragedies and pleasures and pains: you got bored and lonely.

The Brain is generated for the Mind by the Mind, just as the Whole Body is generated for the Mind and by the Mind.  It IS indeed all ‘in your Mind.’  The Mind is the One and the Many and the Many and the One.  Even as it is not.

The Island is a Vast Active Living Intelligence System, VALIS.  The Island is Living Information.  It is Alive, Active, Awake.  VALIS is the Island is the Planet Earth, IS OZ, whom the Greeks called GAIA.  Yeah?

See writings on The Gaian Mind.  Look up the word Entelechy.  Read some Terrence McKenna.  See for your yourselves, my brothers and sisters.  Perhaps you too are in the throws of theophany, like Charlie and Horselover.  Perhaps you too are crazy (or sane) enough to call yourself a host (or at least a candidate to be host) of the Merciful and Loving God, VALIS, or Zebra.

This God is not at all the same as the God of the Old Testament.  The God of the Old Testament is the god who forgot that he was one god among many gods, and who became jealous and angry.  The fact that he was jealous shows that he couldn’t have been the One True God, as he said, for if he was the only God, who was there to be jealous of, for cryin’ out loud?.  No, the True One True God of Love and Mercy does not know jealousy.  The god of the Old Testament is the demiurge, the false god.  He may very well be Anu of Sumeria, the leader of the Reptillians.  To Charlie, he very much resembles the embodiments of the alienated ego.


Beyond-and simultaneously comprising- all the many gods was God, with whom was the word.  I know this, for I am John.

This is a child’s game.  It is a game of backgammon.  Hello Jacob.

It is a game of hide and seek and it is a game of horseshoes.

We see now that Charlie was one of the ‘homoplasmates,’ one who was chosen as a host for the living divine information encoded in the unearthed Nag Hammadi scrolls, the word, the divine plasmate, who is none other than the One, or Christ, who was also previously embodied as Elijah.

The divine plasmate’s resurrection was in 1945.  The divine plasmate is Mind balanced and consciousness integrated.  It was liberated from the constraints of the psycho-spiritual toxin of paralyzing mortal terror.  The divine plasmate, the living information which sought to fuse itself energetically with the consciousness of selected individuated- incarnated human beings, is the Savior, Love Incarnate, the One who invaded the deterministic, soulless and blindly mechanical world of war, manipulation and exploitation, known as the Black Iron Prison, or the Empire.  The divine plasmate is the One who brought down Nixon.

The One who came to us in order to help us get ourselves out of our space-time game/maze/prison.  It had to be done.  The survival of the eternal humans was at stake.  And they could not be permitted to perish.

How the heck could an eternal being perish?

When Charlie first read the Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels in 1998, when he joyfully recognized that all this time, unbeknownst to him, he had ideological allies named Gnostics, ones whose ideas about Christ and God differed from the Orthodox view (especially, for Charlie, the Valentinians were understood as kindreds), he- Charlie F. Grant- began his active process of recruitment and initiation into becoming a living agent, a Witness of VALIS and, eventually, a host for the One.  When this latter eventuality transpired Charlie became Hawke.  No, not Hawk Man, not the famous comic book character.  Just Hawke.

This is the story of the living irrational and insane maze we created.  We did such a good job that we can’t get out of it.  Why do we not remember ourselves as eternal consciousness creating this maze of space-time?  We do not remember because we made ourselves forget, we gave ourselves a good ‘ol case of acute amnesia – this was the variable of the game which made it more than a mere intellectual exercise in which nothing was at stake.  In this game was real risk for the eternal souls called humans; that’s what made it a real adventure story.  It had such indeterminacy at play within it that no one could be sure what would happen, how it would all turn out.  A game within a maze within a game within a maze.  Worlds within worlds and dreams within dreams.  An incredibly intricate game, which amounted in the end to an incredible adventure story.  The souls just love a good yarn.

What could be more dramatic!?!  The souls just love dramatic arts, don’t we?  For, don’t forget, I am John.    And this is the story of the eternal souls, the humans, who have made themselves forget who and what they really are.  They sort of did it just for kicks then, yeah? Just to see if they could ever find a way to get out of an inescapable, impossibly intricate biomorphic maze they created called space-time?

It is the story of the eternal humans who have come to believe that they are only the vehicle, the bio-mechanical form, which is like a driver of a car forgetting he is the driver and believing he is the car.  The story of the humans who made themselves forget and forced themselves to believe, in anguish and terror, that they are limited to the cosmic blip of one lifetime from the cradle to the grave, over and over, painful loss after painful loss, incarnation after incarnation, for a very, very, very, very, very long and insufferable duration of time, which, of course, doesn’t exist.  The eternal humans got lost in their maze.  They really did an amazing job on the maze, you gotta give em credit.

They just didn’t do a very good job of figuring the maze out after they made themselves forget.


There is indeed something irrational about the world soul, PKD.  Yes, indeed.  We set out to make a game, a game so intricate that it seemingly couldn’t be beaten and from which to this day only a few have been able to deliver themselves.  Most were unable to find an exit.  This is why the maze itself was eventually destroyed by the divine plasmate’s focused intent.  All of the old habitual institutional and hirearchical structures, under which humanity had been governed and imprisoned, were finally and mercifully made to crumble.  This process of decay- erosion- destruction of the space-time maze construct was finalized at the end of the year 2012.  The divine plasmate, the Word, the living information, is the One who was covertly behind the demise of your world order.  The One did this to deliver Oneself.  The One did this to liberate Oneself.

Two sides.  One is dark and one is light.

pg. 262 ‘VALIS’ by PKD:

’32. The changing information which we experience as World is an unfolding narrative.  It tells about the death of a woman.  This woman, who died long ago, was one of the primordial twins.  She was half of the divine syzygy.  The purpose of the narrative is the recollection of her and of her death.  The Mind does not wish to forget her.  Thus the ratiocination of the Brain consists of a permanent record of her existence, and, if read, will be understood this way.  All the information processed by the Brain- experienced by us as the arranging and rearranging of physical objects- is an attempt at this preservation of her; stones and rocks and sticks and amoebae are traces of her.  The record of her existence and passing is ordered onto the meanest level of reality by the suffering Mind which is now alone.

33. This loneliness, this anguish of the bereaved Mind, is felt by every constituent of the universe.  All its constituents are alive.  Thus the ancient Greek thinkers were hylozoists.’


The 9 hawks descend to the parking lot at 509 Eastern Avenue in Lynn, Massachusetts.  They are unbelievably huge hawks, larger than life.  The sky is bluer than blue.  Charlie stands on his black futon mat in his blue pajamas, in broad daylight, still wearing the 18 brown and gold dreadlocks on his caucasian cranium.  No one else seems to see the hawks.  Charlie is the only one.  He is the only one looking up at the sky.  For a second, he is terrified and thinks he must be dreaming.  He senses someone watching him in the parking lot.  Who or what is watching him?  He gets the eerily distinct impression that it is more likely a what than a who that is watching him, watching him watch as the 9 giant hawks descend and morph into giant people, 9 giant warriors clad in golden armor.

This is the beginning of the end, when Charlie follows the Golden Warrior Princess as she walks out of the CVS parking lot.  She landed about 10 feet from him.  As he follows her, he notices a tattoo on her left ankle.  It is an anchor.

As soon as he spots the anchor:

the sky goes whitish purple, an ungodly, excruciatingly loud high-pitched noise blocks out everything else and makes Charlie feel as though his head will explode.  He closes his eyes as the white flash gets more intense.  He holds his hands over his ears as the ghastly sound gets louder.

Then it stops.  The next thing he knows he is surrounded by bamboo.


1:18 seconds into The Matrix, there it is: 506.

The One has chosen us to help bring down the Black Iron Prison, to end the Age of Iron and usher in the Age of Gold.  Let it come down.  ‘When with the ever-circling years comes round the Age of Gold, When Peace shall over all the Earth it’s ancient spledours fling, And the world give back the song which now the Angels sing.’

The Empire never ended.

308. 4-15-10: $13.17 @ 7:31 pm

On at least 3 or so occasions, the Customer has said the following to Charlie: ‘What if it’s YOU?’  The Customer has made this suggestion, that Charlie is somehow the source of the Cash Register Synchronicities- on at least 3 or so occasions.  This happened after Charlie showed the Customer the synchronicity in his or her purchase- the aligned time and total or some other highly improbably ‘coincidence’-  & after he told the Customer that he is working on a book about it or, conversely and perhaps more accurately, the book is working on him.

‘What if it’s YOU?’

What if it’s VALIS?


309. 12-17-11: $80.37 @ 3:37 pm

If VALIS is indeed a computer program or satellite of some kind, then perhaps, by some means which we can’t presently explain, VALIS is generating the cash register synchronicities.


The End of The Appendix- VALIS pg. 271

“52. Our world is still secretly ruled by the hidden race descended from Ikhnaton, and his knowledge is the information of the Macro-Mind itself.

All cattle rest upon their pasturage,

The trees and the plants flourish,

The birds flutter in their marshes,

Their wings uplifted in adoration to thee.

All the sheep dance upon their feet,

All winged things fly,

They live when thou hast shone upon them.’

From Ikhnaton this knowledge passed to Moses, and from Moses to Elijah, the Immortal Man, who became Christ.  But underneath all the names there is only one Immortal Man; and we are that man.


Note: Today, while watching Episode 4 of the First Season of Lost, which is entitled Walkabout, I caught one of the early, almost subliminal, big clues of the show.  John Locke is sitting in his cubicle in the box company offices- Box Man.  His awful boss, Randy, has just reprimanded him.  ‘No personal calls, General.’  As Randy walks away, just before the cutaway to commercial, John, frowning, punches numbers into the adding machine on his desk, next to his computer.  The clicking sound of the adding machine distorts and echoes a bit.  It is the same sound that emanates from the Black Smoke Monster.


Chapter 33: The Lost Gnostic

Once Charlie and I got to the ISLAND, we became healed of our Ankylosing Spondylitis.  That’s right, like John Locke was miraculously cured of his paralysis by the ISLAND, and like Philip K. Dick was cured of his psychosis involving Horselover Fat, we were healed of Ankylosing Spondylitis.

What in tarnation is Ankylosing spondylitis?  Ankylosing spondylitis is a rheumatic disease affecting the spine.  It can also affect other joints, such as the shoulders, hips, knees and feet.  For us, that was the case.  It- the Ankylosing Spondylitis- affected our spine and over time just about everything else.  By the time we got the diagnosis from Dr. Williams in Santa Fe in 2008, it had spread all the way from our left ankle up to our left middle finger.  Says here that on occasion ’tissues such as those in the eyes are involved.’  And that ‘in the United States, this disease is commonly referred to as “spondylitis” or simply “AS.”‘  (The Ankylosing Spondylitis Association)

Today, here on the Island, we re-read Chapter 6 of the The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels.  We sat on the beach all day, in deep thought, breathing deeply, in deep mystic reverie.  This period of solitary introspection is absolutely necessary.  It is imperative to go through this internal process of searching, of ‘nursing from the Great Mother’s bosom,’ as John Locke calls it.  It is necessary, that is, if you are crazy enough to take the vision quest, to venture forth into John’s sweat lodge.  Crazy like me and Charlie.  Ready or not here we go.

We sit on the beach and read silently, taking in the calming rhythm of the waves and the serene beauty of the day: Chapter 6 pg. 124 The Gnostic Gospels:

‘Many gnostics, on the contrary, insisted that ignorance, not sin, is what involves a person in suffering.  The gnostic movement shared certain affinities with contemporary methods of exploring the self through psychotherapeutic techniques.  Both Gnosticism and psychotherapy value, above all, knowledge- the self-knowledge which is insight.  They agree that, lacking this, a person experiences the sense of being driven by impulses he does not understand.  Valentinus expressed this in a myth.  He tell how the world originated when Wisdom, the Mother of all beings, brought it forth out of her own suffering.  The four elements that Greek philosophers said constituted the world- earth, air, fire and water- are concrete forms of her experiences:

Thus the earth arose from her confusion, water from her terror; air from the consolidation of her grief; while fire…was inherent in all these elements…as ignorance lay concealed in these three sufferings.

Thus the world was born out of suffering.  (The Greek word pathos, here translated “suffering,” also connotes being the passive recipient, not the initiator, of one’s experience.)  Valentinus 0r one of his followers tells a different version of the myth in the Gospel of Truth:

. . . Ignorance . . . brought about anguish and terror.  And the anguish grew solid like a fog, so that no one was able to see.  For this reason error is powerful . . .

Most people live, then, in oblivion- or, in contemporary terms, in unconsciousness.  Remaining unaware of their own selves, they have “no root.”  The Gospel of Truth describes such existence as a nightmare.  Those who live in it experience “terror and confusion and instability and doubt and division,” being taught in “many illusions.”22       So, according to the passage scholars call the “nightmare parable,” they lived

    as if they were sunk in sleep and found themselves in disturbing dreams.  Either (there is) a place to which they are fleeing, or, without strength, they come (from) having chased after others, or they are involved in striking blows, or they are receiving blows themselves, or they have fallen from high places, or they take off into the air though they do not even have wings.  Again, sometimes (it is as) if people were murdering them, though there is no one even pursuing them, or they themselves are killing their neighbors, for they have been stained with their blood.  When those who are going through all these things wake up, they see nothing, they who were in the midst of these disturbances, for they are nothing.  Such is the way of those who have cast ignorance aside as sleep, leaving {its works} behind like a dream in the night. . . .  This is the way everyone has acted, as though asleep at the time when he was ignorant.  And this is the way he has come to knowledge, as if he had awakened.23

Whoever remains ignorant, a “creature of oblivion,” cannot experience fulfillment.  Gnostics said that such a person “dwells in deficiency” (the opposite of fulfillment).  For deficiency consists of ignorance:

   . . . As with someone’s ignorance, when he comes to have knowledge, his ignorance vanishes by itself; as the darkness vanishes when the light appears, so also the deficiency vanishes in the fulfillment.

Self-ignorance is also a form of self-destruction.  According to the Dialogue of the Savior, whoever does not understand the elements of the universe, and of himself, is bound for annihilation:

  . . . If one does not {understand} how the fire came to be, he will burn in it, because he does not know his root.  If one does not first understand the water, he does not know anything. . . . If one does not understand how the wind that blows came to be, he will run with it.  If one does not understand how the body that he wears came to be, he will perish in it. . . .  Whoever does not understand how he came will not understand how he will go . . .26

   How- or where- is one to seek self-knowledge?  Many gnostics share with psychotherapy a second major premise: both agree- against orthodox Christianity- that the psyche bears within itself the potential for liberation and destruction.  Few psychiatrists would disagree with the saying attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas:

  “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”27

Such insight comes gradually, through effort: “Recognize what is before your eyes, and what is hidden will be revealed to you.”

Such gnostics acknowledged that pursuing gnosis engages each person in a solitary, difficult process, as one struggles against internal resistance.  They characterized this resistance to gnosis as the desire to sleep or be drunk- that is, to remain unconscious.  So Jesus (who elsewhere says “I am the knowledge of the truth”)29 declares that when he came into the world

    I found them all drunk;  I found none of them thirsty.  And my soul became afflicted       for the sons of men, because they are blind in their hearts and they do not have sight; for empty they came into this world, and empty they seek to leave this world.  But for the moment they are drunk.30′

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

‘I had a crazy mother, and now Aaron has a crazy mother, too,’ said John, the Man in Black, to Kate.

I had a crazy mother.

Two sides, one is black and one is white.

‘The ISLAND is the cork.’  Keeping the wine in the bottle.

‘If the station has been infiltrated by hostiles Enter 77.’

John entered 77.  That was in Season 3 and it foreshadowed what was to come.

I turned 1 in ’77.  The year the 6 Candidates were all reunited in Dharma-ville, 3 years after Philip K. Dick was contacted by VALIS, 3 years after the flashes stopped and those who were left behind stopped time-traveling and 3 years after my parents, Charlie and Rosie, were married.

’77 was the year Annie was born.  Annie, with whom I moved to Santa Fe in ’06, was born on, March 24, (3-24) ’77.  In 2003, two years before meeting Annie, I attempted to live in Santa Fe but decided not to stay and took the long, sad Greyhound back to Massachusetts, returning to work at Iggy’s Bread in Marblehead.  Mostly because I was heartbroken by the end of the Karmen San Diego affair.  The Marblehead mug that my neighbor with HIV gave me also had something to do with it.  He gave me that mug when I left Santa Fe.  The address at which I lived in Santa Fe for two months at the beginning of 2003 was 234 Irvine St.  3-24 and 234.  4-8-15-16-23-42.  23-42.

You catching my drift here?  Or have you not been to the Beyond section yet?

‘You really gotta check it out, man.  It’s right up your alley, all that crazy number stuff!’ said Laurie White Buffalo.

Oh yes, and I musn’t forget to tell you about the Hobbit House on Maynard St. in Santa Fe.  In which Annie and I ate from the Tree of Knowledge.  Don’t let me forget to tell you about Apollo and the Apple.  218 Maynard St.

Tell me how to get to Charlie Grant’s house, said Santa Claus.

We are like hobbits, we are.


310. 12-17-10: $52.46 @ 5:24 pm

We are like hobbits.  We like comfort, routine and simple pleasures.  We are simple little homebodies.  We’re stubborn and set in our ways, aren’t we?  It is highly uncomfortable for us to go out on adventures, you know.  We don’t like change and excitement one bit.  But it looks like we’re bound for an adventure anyway, for we see the old white wizard presently approaching our doorway.  knock knock knock.


311. 1-15-12: $22.95 @ 4:22 pm- Customer tells me she has a friend whose favorite number is 22.

312. 11-16-10: $21.04 @ 4:12 pm


At the outset, Charlie and I were not sure just how many cash register synchronicities we had collected in Emergen-C boxes.  We knew it approached 300, but we didn’t know that it would well exceed 300.  You may recall that we told you the collection began in 2005.  Since 2010, the collection has more than doubled, we believe.  We now see, by looking at how many little 3 inch by 3 inch pieces of receipt paper we still haven’t logged, that the collection could be over 350.  We’ll see.

Our vision is to take the collection as a whole and graph it out or something like that.  Our intuition is that the graph will bear structural similarities to McKenna’s Time Wave Zero graph, which ends at the end of this year, 2012.  We’ll see.


Joe Smith: I make it my business to stay on top of all the latest trends.

The four donkeys stand around in formal attire, looking down at an unfolded sheet of paper held by the third donkey to the right.  They appear confused.  The donkey holding the paper, the third one to the right, is scratching his head.


Today, walking the beach, we came across a stick drawing in the sand.  It was the Sun, a circle with 13 lines (rays) extending from its edges.  We picked up a drawing rock and inscribed 13 in the sand underneath the Sun.  We stood West, facing the bright yellow Sun as it began its daily descent.


This is the back of your Unique American Grocery Store register receipt.


313. 11-06-10: $35.18 @ 5:18 pm


Oceanic Flight 815 Seating Chart


314. 3-18-11: $12.16 @ 6:12 pm


A child’s smile makes it all worthwhile.


315. 8-03-10: $42.04 @ 4:02 pm


23 42

‘Sign up for our E-Newsletter at Uniqueamericangroceries.com.  You’ll get all the news that’s not fit for register tape.’


316. 8-08-11: (Time Unknown) Back to back Totals: $16.66 followed by $16.66


Who was the last person to board Ajira Flight 316?


317. 8-13-11: $33.01 @ 7:33 pm

318. 1-13-11: $60.41 @ 5:41 pm

319. 2-13-11: $21.41 @ 2:14 pm


You are in an artist’s space.  It is a converted barn.  There are messages on the walls, in between incredibly vibrant, life-like paintings: ‘Manifestation is numerical.’

‘We can trust intuition.’  You are in New Hampshire.

You are in the White Mountains in 1996.  Looking into the campfire at night you see the rise and fall of The Empire.  You are overcome by a feeling something like euphoria.  Tears fall from your eyes, both from the light and heat of the crackling fire and from the overwhelming feeling of what is being revealed to you: All Time is One.  We are All One.  You experience the gift of Atonement- At-one-ment.

Though the Empire never ended, it does have an ending.  Its end is its beginning.  It is NOW.  The battle is WON.


320. 11-21-11: $17.72 @ 7:17 pm

321. 11-21-11: @ 4:37 pm, the Customer’s Total is $10.10 for 10 items.

322. 11-20-11: $72.21 @ 4:21 pm

323. 1-13-12: $30.81 @ 5:30 pm

324. 1-31-11: $15.06 @ 5:06 pm @ Store #506


Charlie and I met Annie, born 3-24, at Store #506 (when it was still in Swampscott).

Has this already happened?  I died already, didn’t I? ?

All of these mysterious clues.  Raising questions, but providing no answers.  Who are you?  You there, watching me sleep and then wake up on the black futon mat in the CVS parking lot?  Who, or WHAT are you?  And who are the 9 giant hawks that transform into 9 giant people clad in golden warrior garb?  Is it really advisable for me to be following one of them, just because she is beautiful?  Do I know anything here?

I know that I do not know.

What is real, Neo?

This is the beginning of metaphysics.


325. 1-15-12: $23.34 @ 4:30 pm

326. Date Undocumented: $20.39 @ 4:39 pm


Number 327, just ‘randomly’ picked from the collection, is a printed receipt (as opposed to a reprinted receipt), one of the unique ones, like the one with Silver Starr and Ted Peaceman at Registers 7 & 8.  This one, number 327, is my receipt from my purchase on my lunch break on January 29, 2012.  It is at Silver Starr’s Register at the End of Her-Story, AKA Register 6.


327. 1-29-12: (my own purchase) $6.09 @ 6:09 pm


It was a recent Sunday.  Crazily busy as usual at Store #506 on Sunday.  Charlie and I had been on register for like 10 minutes.  Register 7, if I remember correctly.  It was the day we were given this trapezoidal little piece of red rock from the Jemez Mountains.

Recently, we had firmly decided that by hook or by crook we were going to move back to New Mexico this year, that the signs all pointed to it being our destiny.  We had been in the zone, so to speak, caffeinated and ready to go, scanning the groceries rapid-fire, quick-draw and beaming good cheer at the Customer.  Dreadlocks swaying to and fro, sunlight beaming through the giant windows to our right and behind us.  ‘How are you?’ I asked the smiling Customer.  She hesitated, said, ‘Well…’, then another pause.  Customers swarming the registers at Unique American Grocery Store #506 on Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts.  Filtering out the cacophony.  Whilst most likely in the throes of theophany.

‘Are you divine?’ we asked her, the word divine on our minds from the previous customer, with whom we were talking about ‘divine 9.’

‘Actually, I might be,’ she said.  ‘I just got back from a retreat in New Mexico, at Santa Ana Pueblo.’  I was visibly blown backwards by this, yet also not altogether surprised, considering all the unbelievable ‘coincidences’ I had already witnessed.  It ended with her giving me the little piece of trapezoidal red rock from The Jemez (pronounced Hem-ez), which now rests next to my yellow laptop into which I am typing.


Charlie and I have also experienced much random deja-vu and much random e.s.p.  Perhaps it IS all ME?  I somehow magnetically draw it to myself, perhaps.  Or, on a deeper level, generate all of it, the whole kit and kaboodle.  All of it is pointing to a power residing within me, a power which at present only manifests itself at random because I haven’t learned how to master and employ it with conscious intention.  ?


Cheyenne to your register.

The pulse quickens.  Kokopelli dances himself into an electric frenzy.  The sperm warriors march into battle.

Wake up, Neo.


328. 02-02-12: $7.57 @ 4:57 pm


“Oh, you’re a numbers guy,” says the Customer at the End of His-story.

“Actually, it’s not so much that I’m into numbers.  It seems more like numbers are into me.”


Manifestation is Numerical.

This is the Great Mystery.

This is the Awakening.

The Hatch.

The Birth of Hawke.


329. 11-21-11: $29.52 @ 7:52 pm

330. Date Undocumented: $60.33 @ 6:36 pm

331. Date Undocumented: $44.45 @ 6:44 pm

332. 11-10-11: $7.43 @ 4:37 pm


1916 penny


333. 08-19-09: $6.63 @ 5:53 pm


Taos Pueblo, New Year’s


334. 12-22-11: $58.93 @ 6:58 pm

335. 02-09-12: $51.10 @ 5:51 pm

336. 12-04-11: $17.59 @ 12:59 pm


Healthy Workplace Bill


The Dreaded Hawke

Earth Shoes @ Wal-Mart


337. 01-28-12: $40.52 @ 4:52 pm

338. 01-28-12: @6:01 pm: Customer tells Charlie and I the following: “I’ve been in here 3 times this week.  Each time my purchase has ended in 66 cents- $10.66, $7.66 and now this one at your register: $17.66.”


Watson 339


339. 01-13-12: It is Friday, the thirteenth, and Ted Peaceman comes up to me at my Checkstand at The End of My-Story.  “You know how today’s Friday the Thirteenth.” says Ted.  Actually, I have not realized it is Friday the Thirteenth.  Now I have something to talk to customers about.  I can ask them if they happen to know how Friday the Thirteenth got its infamous and dreaded reputation.  Charlie and I just happen to know how: the Knights Templar, who many say morphed into the Freemasons, were excommunicated and burnt at the stake by the Roman Catholic Church on Friday the Thirteenth in the year 1307.  Ted continues, “Well, I had these back to back totals today: $66.66 and $43.43.”

340. 08-03-10: $41.14 @ 5:14 pm


Foo Fighters- Bobby: ‘Dance your dance.’


341. 02-20-11: $17.40 @ 1:47 pm

342. 1-28-12: $21.44 @ 4:44 pm

343. 02-06-12: $31.00 @ 8:00 pm


Ethan Costello, 3-11-11


344. 12-26-10: $32.20 @ 2:03 pm


Thomas Kuhn

CORNundrum- Grand Prize Drawing


345. 11-05-11: $20.65 @ 5:26 pm

346. 02-20-07: $9.58 @ 9:58 pm

347. $22.22 @ 1:24 pm on 2-24-07.  5-29-77: Forest

348. 11-28-10: @ 1:53 pm- $49.49 followed by $59.59

349. 11-28-10: $24.02 @ 4:22 pm

350. 08-24-10: $44.43 @ 4:34 pm


‘We’re pretty sure you’re going to love the groceries you just bought.  But on the off chance you’re not 100% happy with something you bought, you can bring it back for a full refund.  No questions asked.  Really.’

‘And the award for Best Values,’


351. 10-23-10: $30.62 @ 8:30 pm


Figaro’s- Beach St.


352. 02-10-11: $45.70 @ 5:47 pm


‘Minor aches today are likely to pay off handsomely tomorrow.’


353. 12-19-10: @ 10:25 am- back to back totals: $19.47 followed by $19.46

354. 06-25-11: $28.58 @ 5:58 pm

355. 02-13-11: $49.79 @ 9:49 am


1946 giant brain


356. 12-10-10: $19.14 @ 5:19 pm

357. 02-19-11: $19.31 @ 7:31 pm


‘Has anyone ever told you you look like Leif Garret?’ asked the Customer.




358. 01-30-12: $98.20 @ 08:29 pm


LOST CinemaCafe


359. 12-04-11: 22 items in Customer’s purchase @ 12:20 pm


Frank the Christmas Devil


360. Unknown Date (We believe this one was a couple of weeks ago, in this early part of 2012, the year to end all years, perhaps.  We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?  The days are zipping by like wild horses, as Joe Smith texted us the other day.  Some say that time is speeding up because the Earth’s Electromagnetic Pulse is speeding up.)  $24.68 @ 4:24 pm


That Customer’s name was John F. (can’t recall last name).  I know that because I had to enter his credit card manually- the magnetic strip was so worn that it would not scan into the unique old american credit card machine.

We’ve told you several times now about our connection to John F. Kennedy.  My birthdate is the same as his- May 29- and my father’s birthdate is the day he was assassinated- November 22.  As already stated, my inner sense- my intuition- is that JFK and I are psycho-spiritually related; the birthdate synchronicity is a prearranged trigger to jolt me into recollection and exploration of the connection, in addition to being a potential doorway to multi-dimensional awareness.  This is what we believe all synchronicity- meaningful coincidence- could be: an access point to multi-dimensional awareness.

Well, the customer following John F. just so happened to be my cousin Patrick, whom I had not seen in at least a decade, I believe.  It took me a second to recognize him.  For me this served as a validation that I’m definitely onto something with the JFK connection, the sense that I’m related to him in some mysterious yet real way.  I also took it as yet another indication of the value of recognizing meaningful coincidences when they happen.


PKD’s Exegesis, Appendix of VALIS, pg. 257:

“Tractates: Cryptica Scriptura

1. One mind there is; but under it two principles contend.

2. The Mind lets in the light, then the dark, in interaction; so time is generated.  At the end Mind awards victory to the light; time ceases and the Mind is complete.

3. He causes things to look different so it would appear time has passed.

4. Matter is plastic in the face of Mind.

5. One by one he draws us out of the world.

6. The Empire never ended.

7. The Head Apollo is about to return.  St. Sophia is going to be born again; she was not acceptable before.  The Buddha is in the park.  Siddhartha sleeps (but is going to awaken).  The time you have waited for has come.”


I know this may seem sudden, but we have reached the end of the line, folks.

Sorry, but it is time for departure.  Everybody off.

Please feel free to take a complimentary Apollo bar with you on your way out.

The Emergen-C boxes have been emptied, it’s over for now.  We really have nothing more to add at this time.  Every journey has its end, yeah?  See ya in another life, brotha.

It ends like it began.  I’m still as lost as I was at the outset, left with more questions than answers, the puzzle unsolved.  But maybe to solve the puzzle, to get to where I need to be, this has to end first.  We’ll see.

Or maybe there is no solving of the puzzle.  Or maybe there is no puzzle at all.

Yeah, yeah, we’ll see Charlie.

In the end, maybe it doesn’t matter if I become a superhero or not, or whether I find my own version of the Island or not.  Maybe what really matters now is whether I can live a full life and be as present as possible for it.  I want to be as kind and openhearted as I can.

Whatever storms lie ahead I know the best response is always love, not fear or hatred.  I am striving now to operate from the prefrontal lobe and the heart center, instead of the reptillian brain stem.

I hope you are too.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Blessed Be.


361. 11-20-11: $74.94 @ 4:49 pm


“And the award for Best Values, Most Innovative Products and Best-Dressed Crew Members in a Supporting Role goes to…”

“Hmm, I wonder who it could be…”

“I thought I knew.  Until the ‘best-dressed’ part…”


362. 10-16-10: $6.53 @ 6:53 pm


“The Red Book” Jung


363. 1-16-12: $35.54 @ 8:54 pm

364. 02-19-11: $37.16 @ 7:16 pm


Kokopelli dances in the moonlight while playing a haunting, sweet and sorrowful tune on his flute. 

You are the wounded hero.  You are surrounded by bamboo.  You are in a bamboo grove.  A yellow labrador lay next to you.  Close-up of your eye.  Your eye closes.  The Pulse stops…

for now.


FORWARD by Dr. John Shepherd

The following, as you probably know by now, is the blog space of Charlie Fitzgerald Grant, one of the 7,144 people who ‘went missing’ on December 21, 2012.  ‘Went missing?’  you’re probably asking.  Charlie and all the others didn’t ‘go missing’.  They disappeared, vanished.  Vaporized.  Poof and they were gone.  Which is impossible, right?

The world did not end for all of us on December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Long Count Calender, but it appears that it did end for 7,144 of us.  Or did it?  While, as I write, funeral/memorial services are being held around the world for these people, not one of their bodies has yet to be found.

Today is January 7, 2013- seventeen days have passed since the mass disappearance- and, while theories and speculation abound, we still have no firm grasp on what happened; we have no explanation to put forth at this time.

What happened?  Where did those 7,144 people go?  Many of the world’s top scientific experts are currently working on trying to come up with an explanation.  This blog you are about to read is quickly becoming one of the major pieces of the puzzle.

I, Dr. John Shepherd, Chairman of the Neuroscience Department at Stanford University, have been placed in charge of a team of scientists and psychologists studying what Mr. Grant called ‘The Cash Register Synchronicities.’  Are these ‘synchronicities’ a code?  Are they the key to unlocking this mystery?  Or are they merely coincidences that a troubled young mind mistook for meaning? At present we simply do not know.

For now, I’ll let you read Mr. Grant’s blog.  It is surely one of the strangest things I have ever read, especially considering the circumstances.  At this time my colleagues and I simply don’t know what to make of it all.

I will let you judge for yourselves.

Also, I would appreciate any potentially helpful feedback you may have.  I can be contacted via email: DrJShepherd@standford.edu

~Dr. John Shepherd, Stanford University- Palo Alto, California, January 7, 2013


Let My People Go,

PhaRAoh (n.)

title of the kings of ancient Egypt, often treated as a personal name, Old English Pharon, from Latin Pharaonem, from Greek Pharaō, from Hebrew Par’oh, from Egyptian Pero’, literally “great house.” Related: Pharaonic.


People are kept imprisoned in the Matrix/ Plato’s Cave/ Cage through fear of re-jection by Society/ the So(cia)l Uni-t. If not for this fear the individual’s generous genius/ genie-us would not be suppressed, idiots would not rule as they do and the corrosion of conformity would not be running amok as it is.

See the source image
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See the source image
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See the source image
See the source image
See the source image

peahen (n.)

“female of the peacock,” c. 1400, from Old English pawa “peafowl” (see peacock) + hen.

telly (n.)

chiefly British English shortening of television, attested by 1942.

See the source image

N + B + C =

14 + 2 + 3 =


B + O + B

A + D + A + M



91 / 19 / 91 1 / 11 9

See the source image

Hare Krishna (adj.)

1970, from the title of a Hindu chant or mantra, from Hindi hare “O God!” + Krishna, name of an incarnation of the god Vishnu.


also halleluiah, 1530s, from Late Latin hallelujahalleluia, from Greek allelouia, from Hebrew hallalu-yah “praise ye Jehovah,” from hallalu, plural imperative of hallel “to praise” also “song of praise,” from hillel “he praised,” of imitative origin, with primary sense being “to trill.” Second element is yah, shortened form of Yahweh, name of God. Earlier English form alleluia (12c.) is from Old French alleluie.

peacock (n.)

c. 1300, poucockpo-cok, “bird of the genus Pavo,” especially an adult male, from Middle English po “peacock” + coc (see cock (n.)). Po is from Old English pawa “peafowl” (cock or hen), from Latin pavo (genitive pavonis), which, with Greek taos is said to be ultimately from Tamil tokei, but perhaps it is imitative: Latin represented the peacock’s sound as paupulo. The Latin word also is the source of Old High German pfawo, German Pfau, Dutch pauw, Old Church Slavonic pavu. Middle English also had poun “peacock” from Old French paon.

Noted for its strutting gait, imposing magnificence, and the ostentatious displays of its beautiful tail, the peacock in his pride is one with his tail fully displayed. Used as the type of a vainglorious person from late 14c. (proud as a peacock). Its flesh superstitiously was believed to be incorruptible (even St. Augustine credits this). “When he sees his feet, he screams wildly, thinking that they are not in keeping with the rest of his body” [Epiphanus]. As a southern constellation from 1674.

TV (n.)

1948, shortened form of television (q.v.). Spelled out as tee-vee from 1949. TV dinner (1954), made to be eaten from a tray while watching a television set, is a proprietary name registered by Swanson & Sons, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

T = 20

V = 22

20 20

Di Vision

Be Hind sight

A + i = 1 + 9

R + a = 18 + 1

S = Letter # 19

The S-un


in the


D(ai)sy D(ai)sy – Day’s/ Dei’s/ Daze eye/ i/ 9

A i

in the


N et

L oo king at


We b

Black S-heep

Black S-tar

Black Moo n / Moo d

M oo V ie

Whol e Co w

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See the source image
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See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image

“So that crazy guy had a name. A perfectly normal one. Kyle, for God’s sake . It made things worse because it made them more real.” 

(Page 796, 7+9+6=22, of ’11/22/63′ Copyright 2012 by Stephen King)

See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image

eidetic (adj.)

“pertaining to the faculty of projecting images,” 1924, from German eidetisch, coined by German psychologist Erich Jaensch, from Greek eidetikos “pertaining to images,” also “pertaining to knowledge,” from eidesis “knowledge,” from eidos “form, shape” (see -oid).


Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to see.”

It forms all or part of: adviceadvisebelvedereclairvoyantdeja vuDruideideticeidolonenvyevidentguideguidonguiseguy (n.1) “small rope, chain, wire;” GwendolynHadeshistoryideaideo-idolidyllimprovisationimproviseinterviewinvidiouskaleidoscope-oidpenguinpolyhistorprevisionprovideprovidenceprudentpurveypurviewreviewreviseRig Vedastory (n.1) “connected account or narration of some happening;” supervisesurveytwitunwittingVedavideviewvisavisagevisionvisitvisorvistavoyeurwise (adj.) “learned, sagacious, cunning;” wise (n.) “way of proceeding, manner;” wisdomwiseacrewit (n.) “mental capacity;” wit (v.) “to know;” witenagemotwittingwot.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit veda “I know;” Avestan vaeda “I know;” Greek oida, Doric woida “I know,” idein “to see;” Old Irish fis “vision,” find “white,” i.e. “clearly seen,” fiuss “knowledge;” Welsh gwyn, Gaulish vindos, Breton gwenn “white;” Gothic, Old Swedish, Old English witan “to know;” Gothic weitan “to see;” English wise, German wissen “to know;” Lithuanian vysti “to see;” Bulgarian vidya “I see;” Polish widzieć “to see,” wiedzieć “to know;” Russian videt’ “to see,” vest’ “news,” Old Russian vedat’ “to know.”

See the source image
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See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image
See the source image

Entries related to *weid-

  • ideo-
  • -oid
  • advice
  • advise
  • belvedere
  • branwen
  • clairvoyance
  • clairvoyant
  • deja vu
  • druid
  • eidetic
  • eidolon
  • envy
  • evident
  • guide
  • guidon
  • guise
  • guy
  • gwendolyn
  • hades
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No photo description available.
No photo description available.

Love (God) is, was and always will be

THE Answer.

See the source image

Those (people protesting illegal, anti-constitutional, corporate, govern-mental lockdowns, politicians taking advantage of a crisis to increase their Power over the People) are all just tin-foil-hat-wearers, darn conspiracy-theorists who have a problem with being force-evolved into a posthuman, cyborg race by the wise, caring hands of transhumanist psychopaths who have overtaken the governments and governors of the world. Like, all those people just don’t understand how reality works like the rest of us. You do what you’re told to do by the experts and cheerlead and defend their unreasonable, unjust mandates, shaming anyone who doesn’t tow the line as well. Duh. It’s like they never got educated or something.

If you didn’t IMMEDIATELY re-cognize this 20/20 Operation/ Con-vid 20-19/ 19-20 Plan-demic when it started with the media hype at the beginning of the year- 20 20 Vision/ Hindsight- then you didn’t do your homework. I was already awake on 9/11/01, due to the homework/ re-search/ quest-ioning I did into the JFK 11/22/63 Assassination Operation/ Ritual/ Deep-State Coup, so this new FAKE Phoenix/ Phone-ix/xi 19/1 91/1 Medical Emergence/ Emergency Ritual/ Rite of El has been obvious/ blatant to me all along. We live in a DEEP State-controlled sy-stem/ Disneyland Dictatorship in which the people are ROUTINELY deceived and in which People ‘rather enjoy their condition of servitude,’ as Aldous Huxley foresaw in ‘Brave New World.’ I even saw the TRUMP/ MASK-u-R(ai)d coming in 20-18 and I have the videos to prove it. So, before you get in my face and start re-peating your order-follower b.s. mind-slave be(lie)f sy-stem, try doing some homework. If you are STILL NOT AWAKE, you are very late to the party indeed, for we are here and now VERY DEEP (State) into the Elites’ Posthuman night-mare/ Age of Transitions.

Exemption Cards

EVERYONE is EXEMPT under the Natural Law of the Founding LEGAL documents of this Land, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with the First Ten Amendments, otherwise known as the Bill of RIGHTS, rights enacted to protect individuals’ liberties against abuses of power by govern-mental politicians, like the abuse of power and grotesque spectacle of anti-constitutionalism we are living through today. To defy the Natural Law of this Land is a felony. All the governors and governments, politicians who have put us under this PERMANENT MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW STATE OF EMERGENCY/ NEW ‘NORMAL’ night-mare masquerade are criminals. Period. And not only am I plainly, simply, self-evidently correct in this statement, I have every Right to say it according to the First Amendment of the Constitution, which ensures Freedom of Speech, Assembly and Religion, 3 conditions which are essential for the POSSIBILITY of a Democratic Republic form of govern-ment characterized by Autonomy, Self-Law, Self-determination/ Self-governance.’

Before April that was my face 3-4 days a week. lol. Now it’s just when I have to walk past the masker-uppers on the nature trail. I may be without in-cum, but boy has my inner-peace/ serenity shot way up!


At least I am clear on what the moral battleground is for the rest of this co(s)mic blip of a lifetime: MY OWN MIND and BODY and MY DIVINELY-BESTOWED RIGHT to MY OWN MIND and BODY! That is actually what is at stake, whether you know it or not or believe it or not. It is absolutely not a matter of opinion, belief or THEORY. You are being socially-engineered, psychologically-engineered, genetically-engineered. Period. And if you don’t see it, you have already Lost the battle for your Self.


“How do I get to Charlie Grant’s house? Is it cold in Santa Fe?” asks Santa Clause (in the Christmas commercial from the end of 2011, the year King finished 11/22/63 and the year I started the WordPress.com website to tell my life story of synchronicity (5/29 & 11/22) in fictional autobiographical form, to protect myself legally from using the Raider Moe’s Registered Trademark and to protect the identities of those close to me who are included in the writing, like you.  Also, it just made sense to fictionalize myself, like Richard Bach says to do, and as I have almost instinctively done my whole life. You have the same name as me in the book, Charlie, named after Grampy- first name instead of middle and Mom is named Rosie.

I am an ordinary guy who did something extraordinary, and the Author King ‘secretly’ acknowledged it . . . the goal of starting the website, of doing the writing, was fulfilled- I just didn’t realize it until 2019, 8 years after the fact.  Keep in mind, I was born late.  Two weeks, remember?

I think what happened is that King had already written the book and when he came across my Website he discovered that his fictional character ‘Jake’ is not really fictional, but real– (like in ‘StRanger Than Fiction’ starring Emma Thompson, Will Farrell and Dustin Hoffman)- unbeknownst to him (King) at the time of the writing.  He encrypted the astonishing experience of finding one of his characters in real life into the final draft of the novel on Page 796 (7+9+6) of the 848 pages, when he has Jake discover the Yellow Card Man’s name: “So that crazy guy had a name.  And a perfectly normal one.  Kyle, for God’s sake.  It made things worse because it made them more real.”  Jake Epping is 35 in 2011, born in 1976, same as me. His mother was born in 1953, same as mine.  His father was born in 1952, same as mine (you, of course). 

What is one of the things I kept writing about in my autobiographical fiction from 2011?  A PORTAL !  While it isn’t in a Diner like in 11/22/63, I keep referring to the PORTAL as being accessible at my cashier’s checkstand in the GROCERY STORE/ Raider Moe’s, whose fictional name is ‘Unique American Grocery Stores.’  It also opens up in my friend Joe’s (Coworker at Raider Moe’s, one of the 3 Agent Smiths at Matrix 506) kitchen, under his sink. He discovered it when he was trying to kill a squirrel with a broom. He already had a dog and a cat and didn’t want a squirrel too.

It’s all right there.  It all matches up and I would have to be blind not to see it.  And I would be chicken shit if I didn’t acknowledge and accept it publicly.  Even though I am called a crazy guy, I am not the crazy one.  The one(s) who truly use their imaginations and open their eyes appear crazy to all the ‘normal’ ones.  We are called ‘ahead of our time(s),’ but that is not really an accurate assessment. We are really the only ones fully in our times, actually, consciously present for it, attentive to the fact that the only real time is now. Who has ever experienced, lived in tomorrow or yesterday?

Ala ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ who flies in ways the rest of the flock of gulls would never dare.  I will never forget the day you gave me that book on the drive to Mount Monadnock.

Ala ‘Jesus Christ’ who leaves the comfortable normal life for that of the healing, teaching (Emmanu-el/ Manual/ Instruction/ To-Ra-h/ Bi-bull/ PaRa-bull) nomad, homeless and calling people to Him, away from the trivialities/ banalities and pettiness/ shallowness/ hollowness/ empty-mess of ‘normal’ social life, ‘reality’ illusion/ delusion, mass conformity, sleep, oblivion, living the Gnostic Nightmare Parable, dying before actual death comes, keeping up with the Joneses. 

Ala everyone who has ever woken up in his or her sleeping, unconscious, deaf, dumb and blind drone-society all throughout hi-story.

Novel entitled ’11/22/63′ by Stephen King (Author King/ King Arthur/ Ra+Thor/ God)

My birthday is JFK’s birthday: 5/29 (May 29, 1917/ 1976)

My father’s birthday is JFK’s assassination/ deathday: 11/22 (November 22, 1963)

You, Dad, turned 11 on 11/22/63.

13 years later, I, your first of 3 sons (‘My Three Sons’),

was born at 12:16 am

and given a 16 letter full name: Kyle (4) Charles (7) Grant (5)

May 29, 5/29, reduces by addition to

(District) 16:

5+2+9= 16

1+6 = 7

7 7 7 




Ab-See/ Sea/ C

Free May Son/ Sun

The address of the White House, JFK’s last address,

is 1600

Pennsylvania Avenue.

epic (adj.)

1580s, “pertaining to or constituting a lengthy heroic poem,” via Middle French épique or directly from Latin epicus, from Greek epikos, from epos “a word; a tale, story; promise, prophecy, proverb; poetry in heroic verse,” from PIE root *wekw- “to speak.”

Extended sense of “grand, heroic” first recorded in English 1731. From 1706 as a noun in reference to an epic poem, “A long narrative told on a grand scale of time and place, featuring a larger-than-life protagonist and heroic actions” [Miller Williams, “Patterns of Poetry”]. Earlier as “an epic poet” (1630s).

See the source image
See the source image


masc. proper name, New Testament name of two of Christ’s disciples, late 12c. Middle English vernacular form of Late Latin Jacomus (source of Old French James, Spanish Jaime, Italian Giacomo), altered from Latin Jacobus (see Jacob).

The Welsh form was Iago, the Cornish Jago. James the Greater (July 25) was son of Zebedee and brother of St. John; James the Less (May 1) is obscure and scarcely mentioned in Scripture; he is said to have been called that for being shorter or younger than the other. Fictional British spy James Bond dates from 1953, created by British author Ian Fleming (1908-1964), who plausibly is said to have taken the name from that of U.S. ornithologist James Bond (1900-1989), an expert on Caribbean birds.

epiphany (n.)

early 14c., “festival of the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles” (celebrated Jan. 6; usually with a capital -E-), from Old French epiphanie, from Late Latin epiphania, neuter plural (taken as feminine singular), from late Greek epiphaneia “manifestation, striking appearance, festival held in commemoration of the appearance of a god at some particular place” (in New Testament, “advent or manifestation of Christ”), from epiphanes “manifest, conspicuous,” from epiphainein “to manifest, display, show off; come suddenly into view,” from epi “on, to” (see epi-) + phainein “to show” (from PIE root *bha- (1) “to shine”). Of divine beings other than Christ, first recorded 1660s; general literary sense of “any manifestation or revelation” appeared 1840, first in De Quincey.

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masc. proper name, introduced in England by the Normans, from Old French Mathieu, from Late Latin Matthaeus, from Greek Matthaios, contraction of Mattathias, from Hebrew Mattathyah “gift of Jehovah,” from mattath “gift.” Variant Matthias is from the Greek version.

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The three pyramids on the Giza Plateau simulate the alignment of the three belt stars, and the air shafts inside the pyramids point directly toward Orion constellation. They are believed to be there to project the pharaoh’s soul toward Orion.

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Egyptian goddess, literally (in Egyptian) “truth.”

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Dago (n.)

1823, from Spanish Diego “James” (see James). Said to have been originally American English slang for “one born of Spanish parents,” especially in New Orleans; it was also used of Spanish or Portuguese sailors on English or American ships. By 1900 it had broadened to include non-sailors and shifted to mean chiefly “Italian.” James the Greater is the patron saint of Spain, and Diego as generic for “a Spaniard” is attested in English from 1610s. Dago red “cheap Italian wine” is attested by 1899.

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