(D)ale (C)ooper, For God’s Sake

dale (n.)

level or gently sloping ground between low hills with a stream flowing through it, Old English dael ‘valley, gorge,’ from Proto-Germanic *dalaz ‘valley’ (source also of Old Saxon, Dutch, Gothic dal, Old Norse dalr, Old High German tal, German Tal ‘valley’), perhaps from PIE *dhel- ‘a hollow’ (source also of Old Church Slavonic dolhu ‘pit,’ Russian dolu ‘valley’), or perhaps a substratum word. It was preserved by Norse influence in the north of England. Related: Dalesman

Entries related to Dale:

dell, dollar, thalweg

cooper (n.)

‘craftsman who makes barrels, tubs and other vessels from wooden staves and metal hoops,’ late 14c. (late 12c. as a surname), either from Old English (but the word is unattested) or from a Low German source akin to Middle Dutch cuper, East Frisian kuper, from Low German kupe (German kufe) ‘cask tub, vat,’ which is from or cognate with Medieval Latin cupa (see coop (n.)). A dry cooper makes casks, etc., to hold dry goods, a wet cooper those to contain liquids, a white cooper pails, tubs, and the like for domestic or dairy use. [OED] As a verb, ‘to make barrels, casks, etc.’ 1746. The surname Cowper (pronounced ‘Cooper’) preserves a 15c. spelling.

Entries related to cooper

coop, cowper’s gland

[Source: http://www.Etymonline.com, Online Etymology Resource]

Chicken = 53 (5+3) –

C3 + h8 + i9 + c3 + k11 + e5 + n14

Chic-ken Coop-er

Kyle = 53 (5+3)

K11 + y25 + l12 + e5

Mother Born in 19-53

(7/31/ L-eo)

8 + 8

O + A


My Birthday: 5/29/1976

5/29 – 5+2+9 (Also JFK’s DOB & My father’s DOB is 11/22/52; he turned 11 on 11/22/63)

Born 12:16 AM

Full Name: Kyle Charles Grant, 16 letters

District 16

About kylegrant76

Eye am that Eye am
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