T(h)rees 2

Re-d-i – Re-di-e – Read eye – AE IOU – I Owe You –

i / eye Ow(e)n You – Debt – Dead –

Re-drum i i Re-d-R-oo-m –

Vow-el – ow(e)n-er-ship of Fool$ –

Living in i-ll-us-ion – American dreaming too long –

All that one appears to own is in reality only on loan – No one owns anything – There aren’t even any things – All is verb/ word/ vibration. Everything vibrates. No thing is still.

Covid 19 = Code 19 – S-un Ra Code(ed)/ Co-dead – Re(a)d – Re(a)l – E-State – Fake News State – Sentence – Spell – Invisible Enemy – Artificial Intelligence Con Test – Creed-it-ability-

Middle – Riddle –

Sphinx – Sphincter –

Pink Floyd –

Ra-ce Politics – Political Race

Margin al – eyes -d

Right Wing Wrong Wing – Big Busy-ness/ mess-bird/ word/ log-os/ ox l-a-d

Ra – R + a – 18 + 1 = 19 – a.i. 1.9. in the S-ky – S-letter# 19 – S-un – S-on R+a –

Sky – God – Sun – God – Son of God – Daisy – D(ai)sy – Day’s eye – i 9 – eye femi-nine – Sac-Re-d – Sec-Re-t Femi-9 – 360 – Womb-man – Circ-el of el-ight / el-if-e – Tomb-Two-m-To-m-id-PyRa-m-id – 9+4 – Scorpio – Halloween – Scar-e- Scar- Score – M-ask – the Quest-ion – See-k and F-in-d – D(ai)sy – Day’s eye – i 9 – Divine – Divide – David – D-Eve-d-ea-d – D-ebit – C-ar-d – Cre-d-it – Creed-O – Credence – Ability – Creed-ability – Credibility – Believability – Bel-Eve-Ab-el-et – Hallo-ween – Hallow’s Eve-n-in-g- Lib-Ra- Baal-lance – Bea-m – Bee-m – Be-mid- Bethel-mind – Beta-Bat-a-Ra-dia-n-ce – Zoo-Dia-C- Zodiac – Bio-Two-See – To C – Bi-O – Two- Sp-heres – You hear – To here – There – Ether – Nowhere- Now-here – Other – Either – Hathor – Weather – Wetter – Wedding – Wetting – Water – Watt-UR- What You Are – Unique- One of a kind – Hue-man – kind – kin-d – family-r-d-oo-r – a-lien – Alpha line – Om-Mega Aton – TetragRamm Aton / A-ten / Against 10 / 01 / Tog-ether – Clothed in Heave-n/ Up-per Re-gions / Firm-ament / Mid-n / Mind Psyche/ Eros / Rose / Logos / Ology / Night Mare B4 XM ass / Saturn alien Sack Ra Vice Society / Ass-o-cia-t-ion/ Disasso(cia)tion / Dislocat-ion / Non-loc-al-it-y /

Phone ix – xi – 911 – 9/11 – E-merge-n-C Om-Mega Ritu-al – Rich Jewel – Rite of el – Yule Log-os- Ox- A- Bull – Sym-Bull-et – Sym Bio Isis – Phony – Phoenician Phoenix – Phonetics – Sounds – Pines – Penis – Anna G-Ra-m – S-pine – Braintree – B-R(ai)n 3 – Left Hemi-Sp-here + Right Hemi-Sp-here + Corpus Call-o-sum in the Mid-el / Mind-el / C-enter of G-o-d/ el / All-ah/ ha/ exhalation + inhalation / Per-spirit-Ra-tion / Perspiration / Re-Spirit-Ra-tion / Respiration / X-Pire-Ra-t-ion / X-Mass/ Black Mass/ Bulger Whitey / Bull-Jeru-Salem White-E / L / S-Tree-T/ Pineal G-land/ Pine-Al God’s L-and / God’s H-and/ dna / dan-ce/ T-hir-d eye/ eve / T(h)ree/ 33/ Mir-ror / Tree’s eye/ i / 9 / 3×3/ Sac Re d Sec Ret e Femi 9 / 36-0 De-Grease / Pines / Peaks / Towers / Evening / Halloween M-ask/ Quest-ion / Mason Mesh Mess i ah / i Jah / eye God / 3+3 / Tree+Tree/ Mister E / Meister 5 / M-a-star Fire of Eve-ry-1 – N-on-e – N-in-e – K-no-t-ted 911 – 1122 – ’63 – Murder Most Fowl – Hurley – Chic-Ken – Hugo – James – McFly – McCluck’s – Ken-n-eddy – Whirlpool- World Pool – Aquarium – Aquarius – Aqua-Osiris – Cooper – Cooper – Cooper – Coo-per – 3+3 – May-Son- Sun – Bel-tane – Horus – Hours – OuRs – Earth – hEart – Cor-e

A First and Everlasting Love

For a very long time I considered low self-esteem to be some kind of virtue. I had been warned so often against pride and conceit that I came to consider it a good thing to deprecate myself. But now I realize that the real sin is to deny God’s first love for me, to ignore my original goodness. Because without claiming that first love and that original goodness for myself, I lose touch with my true self and embark on the destructive search among the wrong people and in the wrong places for what can only be found in the house of my Father.”

“The question is not ‘How am I to find God?’ but ‘How am I to let myself be found by him?’ The question is not “How am I to know God?’ but ‘How am I to let myself be known by God?’ And, finally, the question is not ‘How am I to love God?’ but ‘How am I to let myself be loved by God?’ God is looking into the distance for me, trying to find me, and longing to bring me home. In all three parables which Jesus tells in response to the question of why he eats with sinners, he puts the emphasis on God’s initiative. God is the shepherd who goes looking for his lost sheep. God is the woman who lights a lamp, sweeps out the house, and searches everywhere for her lost coin until she has found it. God is the father who watches and waits for his children, runs out to meet them, embraces them, pleads with them, begs and urges them to come home.

It might sound strange, but God wants to find me as much as, if not more than, I want to find God. Yes, God needs me as much as I need God. God is not the patriarch who stays home, doesn’t move, and expects his children to come to him, apologize for their aberrant behavior, beg for forgiveness, and promise to do better. To the contrary, he leaves the house, ignoring his dignity by running toward them, pays no heed to apologies and promises of change, and brings them to the table richly prepared for them.

I am beginning now to see how radically the character of my spiritual journey will change when I no longer think of God as hiding out and making it as difficult as possible for me to find him, but, instead, as the one who is looking for me while I am doing the hiding. When I look through God’s eyes at my lost self and discover God’s joy at my coming home, then my life may become less anguished and more trusting.

Wouldn’t it be good to increase God’s joy by letting God find me and carry me home and celebrate my return with the angels? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make God smile by giving God the chance to find me and love me lavishly? Questions like these raise a real issue: that of my own self-concept. Can I accept that I am worth looking for? Do I believe that there is a real desire in God to simply be with me?

Here lies the core of my spiritual struggle: the struggle against self-rejection, self-contempt, and self-loathing. It is a very fierce battle because the world and its demons conspire to make me think about myself as worthless, useless, negligible. Many consumerist economies stay afloat by manipulating the low self-esteem of their consumers and by creating spiritual expectations through material means. As long as I am kept ‘small,’ I can easily be seduced to buy things, meet people, or go places that promise a radical change in self-concept even though they are totally incapable of bringing this about. But every time I allow myself to be thus manipulated or seduced, I will have still more reasons for putting myself down and seeing myself as the unwanted child.”

-Pages 107-106 “The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming” by Henri J.M. Nouwen (1992)

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