Room 101 II

Docked-ore Fauci (20)19

‘Fauci’ is Latin for ‘Jaw.’

Dr. ‘Fauci’ = Dr. ‘Jaw’

‘Jaw(s) 19’ = Dr. Fauci’s ‘Covid-19’ 3d novel (virus) movie/ hologram

‘Shark still looks fake.’

“‘Back To The Future’ predicted (Holly-Wood pre-dictive pro-gramming) 9/11, President Donald Trump (Donnie Darko/ Biff Tannen/ Gray Alien’s Sports Almanac/ Uncle John Trump & Nikola Tesla Time-Travel Technology), the Chicago Cubs in ’15 & ’16 (Swept Miami in ’15), the current, inevitable, long-coming-economic-collapse here in 2020, triggered by Dr. ‘Jaws 19,’ Covid-19 Dock-Tor ‘Fauci.’ It’s made to look like a campy joke, for plausible deniability, de-mockery, di-vision & con-fusion of the Re-public, Sun People of el, but when you openly and honestly look at the extent of the subliminal messaging (brainwashing the ‘subconscious’ through hypnotic suggestion) involved in not only ‘Back To The Future’ but ALL Holly-Wood (Holy Druid) Pro-duct-ions, it becomes highly illogical to deny there’s ‘more than meets the eye’ going on here. It’s the end of the innocence we’re living in here, like it or not and Ripley’s Believe it or not.

Not only is Trump a time-traveler, All the less than 1% ‘elites’ are. They get to live in the ‘real world’ where everything is possible. And We The People get this ‘fake world’ of ‘cost of living,’ scarcity/ scare-city, law-enforcement, paying to live, enslaved/ live-stocks and bond-age. As George (Carlin, not McFly) said, ‘You don’t have Rights! You have OWNERS! They OWN You!'”

“Small coffee please. Black as a moonless night. As Agent Cooper says. But not exactly as he says. But very close. Like how I am not exactly Agent Cooper, but very close. Did you know Agent Cooper is also Marty McFly (and Marty McFly is Pluto/ Hades, so Agent Cooper is also Pluto/ Hades, Underworld God of Wealth/ Riches)?”

“As long as you’re not Donald Trump.”

“Donald Trump is Biff. As ‘Back To The Future’ co-author Bob Gale has acknowledged. Biff is based on Trump. But Marty McFly is indeed Agent Cooper and vice versa. Marty is taunted continually with the slang way of calling someone a coward, the famous ‘chicken’ taunt. Biff (albeit in alternate guises in Parts 2 & 3, as Old Biff and as ‘Mad Dog’ Buford Tannen ‘Whad are ya, Yellah?’) uses this on Marty repeatedly throughout the movies. ‘What are you, chicken?’ ‘Back To The Future’ centers around Old Man Peabody and his ‘Twin Pines (Mall),’ which have been shown to clearly symbolize the ‘Twin Towers,’ same as David Lynch’s and Agent Cooper’s ‘Twin Peaks.’ All tying symbolically to the constellation of the Twins, Astro-logical sign of the Off-Spring Moons of May(Son)-June(JahOne) in the Northern Hemi-sphere, Gemini. So Marty is continually taunted with ‘Chicken,’ and what is a ‘Cooper?’ Or a Coop-er (Agent Cooper is called ‘Coop’ for short)? It is one who builds WOOD-EN ‘Chicken Coops.’ Take out one of the f’s in ‘Biff’ and you’re left with ‘Bif,’ which is anagrammatic with ‘fBi,’ and ‘Agent’ ‘Coop-er’ is an Agent of the fBi/ Bif(f). The ‘Twin Peaks’ movie Lynch made after the 2-season-tv series was called ‘Fire Walk With Me.’ Watch the scene from the ‘Twin Pines’ Mall at the beginning of the movie again and see how Marty and Doc appear to be ‘Fire-Walking’ after the Time-Travelling DeLorean carrying Einstein, the doG (star Sirius/ Serious ‘shit’/ 88 mph), initially travels through time (and through them as it disappears).”

Agent ‘DALE’ Cooper – DALE = Vale – VALLEY (of the Shadow of Death/ Psalm 23/ Number 23/ 2, 3’s/ 2 Trees)
Marty McFly lives in Hill VALLEY & in 2015- ‘The Future’- lives in ‘HillDALE’
1+9+8+4 = 2(0)2(0)

The Hatch – the H – Letter # 8 – Quarantine – L-ate – K-ate – Star G-ate

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