You Are The Current-C, Sea, See, 1-23, The Tree

‘We Are The Halluci-nation’

Authentic, or Natural, Unity- Com-m-Unity- can never be en-forced, im-posed nor coerced into being by ‘Authorities,’ ‘Government Officials’ or ‘CEO’s,’ power-mad CAP-10’s (Say-10’s) of Industry (Indus-tree).

Authoritarianism or Totalitarianism (Fascism- ALL Bundled/ Bound Tog-ether- Corporate + Government – Private + Public) violently violates the Natural interplay of diversity and unity- & the harmony be-twe-en All pairs of ‘Opposites’- that Nature IS- You ARE- by tyrannically stomping it OUT and then forcing EVERYONE to be the SAME by LAW (En-Force-ment).

In Nature (our Natural E-State) we are simply (in a complicated way) Al-one (All-one), Tog-ether & Al-one simultaneously, by and through Di-fference, Individuation, Se-par-ation, Di-stinction.

Yes, we are ALL Alone: you won’t find Anyone but Yourself within Yourself sitting in the dark of your meditation. But that is True for EVERYONE, so it is, paradoxically, in that Aloneness that we are All-one. Just look up the Etymology (True Original Sense) of the word ‘Alone’ and you will see it- the Light- for yourself. ‘Alone’ (Al-one) is actually a Compound (Com-pound- pounded-Tog-ether) word: All+one.

Fascism gives you UNIFORMS (One-form for ALL). It is an unnatural, abominable, (sick) man-made sy-stem of FORCED conformity. It is a violent Leveling down, dumbing down to the most common denominator, an insane dominator aggressively attempting to el-iminate what makes us who and what we really are as divine reflections, created in the likeness and image of the Creator, the Father, the Sun, the Great Spirit of which ALL of Mother Nature is a Reflection & Revelation.

Authoritarianism- fascism- bully-ism- is the Apotheosis of MIGHT MAKES RIGHT, which is, of course, nothing but the Holy Lie of the Brute, the Beast, and it is the Bedrock of ALL militarism and its dis-eased companions, ‘religious’ fundamentalism & ‘free-market economics’ (code for a system of Govern-mental, Corporate-welfare/ National Socialism/ Nazism). It’s Brutal CAPITAL-ism for U$ and Corporate-Socialism for the 1%.

Three people own as much wealth as the bottom half of all US households combined- 1. Bezos 2. Gates 3. Buffet.

We are NOT all in this together. It’s Them vs. Us. 1% vs. the rest of Us. Whether you acknowledge it or NOT. The truth of your situation doesn’t change based on your belief and attitude about it. If someone punches you hard in the face, does it matter whether or NOT you believe he or she punched you? Will you NOT still get a black eye regardless of your be(lie)f?

The 1% Own the Government, Corporations, Banks, Military, the Police, in other words, the ENTIRE SY-STEM. As Carlin said, ‘You don’t have Rights. You have OWNERS. They OWN You!’

So there is NO physically fighting this Beast. You can’t beat them and their sy-stem at their OWN game. You will always Lose. The Only way to win is not to play their game anymore. Stop playing by THEIR RULES. And star-t using our imagi-nations to find and create our OWN way out of the woods (in which we most definitely and currently find ourselves). As Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’

“There are liars, damn liars and statistics.”

-Mark Twain

Money = Moon-eye

An eye for an eye

A.i. 4 A.i.

19 : 91

10 : 01

1 : 1

Ro(om) Ra(tio)






Par all el

Pair of el

Sun & Mon


Yang & Yin


The Tao – The Two


1+9+8+4 = 2(0)2(0)
























The way of

The fu(ture

The Avia


Ac tor – Mot ion – Pic ture – S tor y – Thea ter – Projec tor – Direc tor – Charac ter – Elec tric – Spe cia l – Eff ect – Moo V – Moo Knee – Cap Ra Corn – Pop – But ter – Oi l – Ow l – l Ow – l – F in

Caption = Capt-ion & ‘Daisy’ = Day’s eye (in the sky- an I for an I – a.i. – 1.9. – 1+9 – 1+0- S-ign/ S-ine- S-een/ W-ave/ W-eave/ W-eb/ W-orld/ W-ide/ S-pider/ S-py-D-oo-r.)

S ky F lux

N et C ap aci tor

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