Passover: Game Over II

The Ship of Fools is sinking –

The Re-lation-Ship you are on –

Berthed – Birthed – Born on board –

Re-arranging the furniture on the

Deck –

It’s the Titanic – too big to sink –

1912 – 1913 –

I (9) + R (18) + S (19)

Mere-chant$ Dice – Pair of dice – Paradi$e –

Snake -eye$ – Serpent -ease – Pre-sent –

Mer-maid$ – Slavs – Slaves – Knaves –

Current-C – Cash Flow – Liquid

Assets – Blood Banks – River$ Running

To the C – Sea – See – Corpse-o-Ration$ –

Leading the B-lind She-ep to S-laughter –

Off the Edge of the Ledge of Know Ledge –

The 0 Card – The Fool – The Jack-ob – Joke-R –

Month of March to Month of April –

Moon of Mars to Moon of Venus –

From War to Beauty –

It’s the Olympian – too big to fail –

It’s old news – E con om x –

Only if you’ve been awake –

It’s fake news –

Only if you’re still asleep

You’ve been paying bill$ –

But have you been paying


You’ve been taking pill$ –

But has it been the Right


The Red









what I’m sayin’?

Row Row Row

Your boat –

Sit down you’re rockin’

The boat –

The body –

The temple –

Con temporary

Muse-ic – Muse-e-Om –

The Temptations –

A Muse ment (al) –

Con tempt –

Extemporaneous –

Con tent

Con sent

Con text u (al) :

The world is made of words

And words are signs, symbols – lay-bulls –

True or Fall-se(e) – Phallus-e

Seals – Bills – Bulls – Bulletins – Bullets –

Ballistics – Baal – Bel – Cabbala – Cabal – All –

Ah – El – o – hi – m –

Written down

On the Page

Of the Paper

Of the Papacy

The official documents

Of the doctors

Dock-Taurus- Tour Us –

Are you on Paper?

Can you be written down?

Scribbled by a Scribe of Scripture?


Can you be said?

Are you a name?

A number?

A statistic?

The sum of your parts?

When was the last time you asked

Yourself who you really are?

Yourself apart from the Other(s)?

The Brothers, Sisters, Fathers and Mothers?

Have you asked yourself if you are a body or

A mind? Really? Just some body? Or a no body?

Or not?

Have you even begun the quest-ion? The sea-rch?

The voy-age which inevitably leads to the end of all


If you can’t distinguish yourself from the Other(s)

Have you not been brainwashed into con-form-is-m

Collective –


The tetragrammaton


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