Passover: Game Over

20/20 (Di)vision – The En-d of the L-ine . . .

Arrival & Departure –

Please don’t forget your personal belongings.

The Raptor of the Rapture – Cap-ture – Cap-it-all –

Cap-Ra-Corn-Corpse-O-Ra-t-ion –

All the ‘Living the dream’ has been replaced

With ‘Surviving the Apocalypse’ & the ‘Apocalypse’

is the Eso-teric Apo-Calypso, the Apollo-eclipse, the Re-

Velation of Ra-y, the Unveiling of the Re-Veiling of Re-legion,

the Sun &

V-enus, Astro-Logos-Rhythm, the Intravenous, Book, Boo-k, Ghost-spell Bouquet, B-ankh-wet,

Divine, Divide, David, Deus, Deva-l, Devil-Elohim, Devious, Diabolical-Double

Allah, All-ah-ha, Hallelujah, You-Jah, Yah, Yes-h-ua, Josh-ua, Joke-R, Yoke-R, Yellow

Risen Reason, Arise Aries, Ana-G-Ram-maR, L-anguage, L-anguish, Letter # 12, Lingo,

Cunning-Linguist, Fox, 666, Hex-a-G-Ram-Aton, God’s Son + Sun, Same-One, Sym-bull, Same-pull, S-ample, Simulation, Simulac-Ra, Emulation, S-el-f-immolation, Circumambulation, Circumcision, De-cision, In-cision, Caesar, Scissor, Barber, Barba-Ra, Hannah-Barbarian, Barb-Aryan, Orion, Aaron, Irony, Osiris, Shiva, Lingam, O-Sirius, Isidore, Isis-Door, Delta Nile, Denial, AA, AAA, American Airlines, Dou-bull, Do-able, Abel, Cain, Cane, Cancer, C-Ra-b, C the See, the Sea, Homo-phone, Same-sound, Phoenician Phonetics, He-Brew, Go-sp-el, Ghost-spiel-berg, G-host, 7-8-c-ost, 15/6, Aleph-Beth, Alphabet, Gamble, Game-bull, Bull’s eye- Syllable, Tar-get, Tarot, Torah, To-Ra-, Torus, Taurus, Cerebellum, Cerebrum, Cherubim, Angel, Angle, English, Anglo, Yang-glow-star, Gloucester, Worcester, Manchester, Man-chest-star, Ster-num, Breast-b-one, Summer, Summit, Sun-mit, S-Om-it, id-entity, secret, sac-red, Secretions, Secular, Section, Essex, Saxon, Sect-ion, Cult-ure, Dark-Occult, Hid-den, E-den, Gar-den, Tog-ether, Al-one, Ai, 19, Neo-, -oNe, Ava-tar, Tarot, Rotary, Bi-bull, Para-bull, Old test-ament, New test-ament, Con-text, Con-test, In-gest, In-jest. No. w. Easter – Ishtar – April – Aphrodite – Hermes – Aphrodite – Hermaphrodite – Hermetic – Aphrodisiac. Eggs. Hunts. Bunnies. Re-production. Fertility. Soil. Soul. Sol. id. World. Whirled.

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