Ti-me T-ra-v-el

“There’s something they’re NOT telling us,” said the regular customer during a highly irregular time, after sunset one day, about a week and a half ago. He was the first one to inform me that the government had shut down restaurants. He’s a restaurant worker who just then had to leave work due to the shutdown, so I was getting the news right from the horse’s mouth. When he said, ‘There’s something they’re NOT telling us,” he was beginning a theme that has presented itself to me bluntly since in conversations with customers/ fellow human beings/ w-hole spirits/ homo-sap-iens, a pattern of comments several customers have made to me during the Plan-demic outbreak and its Govern-mental Re-sponse/ Lockdown. Many people are NOT buying the official narrative here. I know that I am NOT isolated/ a-lone in distrusting/ disbe(lie)ving govern-ment and its offi(cia)l stories/ lies. So bring on your pathetic ad hominem attacks ’til the cows come home. I know exactly how to contend with the likes of hostile defenders of the corpse-orate sy-stem. You simply call them out and peacefully expose their web of lies, con-fusion and con-tempt for what it actually is.

Government – controlled by the Ruling El-ite (s-elf-appointed) Oligarchs, Ruling Class, 1% – has overreached with it’s lockdown order, exposed itself, boxed itself in. There are more of us than them. Way more. They are a vast minority. I thank God I am not in the 1% this in-carnation/ lifetime. It is far harder being a liar than being h(one)st. A lie must constantly be maintained. The truth must constantly be concealed. Not only is that hard work, it’s an act of utter futility, completely foolish. The 1% are the ‘Wizard of Oz.’ Charlatans. Pathetic, weak pretenders hiding behind the curtain. Why do you suppose they need such a High Wall (S-tree-t)? Divide – Divine – David – Deva-el(ohim)/ al(lah). Abracadabra. Abraxas. Break the spell of el cast on the peop(le). Let my Peop(le) go. March – Mars- Wars – Mary – Army – Aries – Maritime – Arise – Admiralty – Rose – Night – Eros – Mare.

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