This is another hard part of a very hard life in a generally hard time.

‘We are testing ourselves!’ said the elder woman God put before me the day after President Trump declared a State of Emergency.

I had asked her who was testing us, after she said, ‘We are being tested.’

It can’t be God testing us. God does not need to test us. God is intimate with us at all times and in no time at all. All the time in the world.

This ‘virus’ is multi-dimensional. It is psycho-morphological. Most are clueless about what psycho-logy (study of Psyche) actually implies. The study’s implications.

This time now here (nowhere) is a plain expression of what has been implicit all along, that I am living in a time of universal warfare, war-shipping due to a misunderstanding of the meaning of worship, the feeling or expression of reverence for a deity, a God.

If Yahweh- Jehovah- Jah – Yah – is the One and Only, as he proclaims, then why and how is he also a jealous God? If he is the Only God, then by Who(m) or What (not to mention How or Why) could this jealousy be caused? Not only does he posses the psychologically destructive attribute of jealousy- the deadly sin of envy of someone for their attributes or achievements- but Yahweh- the Tetragramm-Aton – is also a liar. This is why the early ‘Christians,’ various sects of followers of Joshua loosely dubbed Gnostics or ‘Knowers,’ recognized Yahweh as Demiurge, or ‘False/ Fallen God/ Ang-el/ De-vil/ Satan/ Set-N/ Saturn/ Titan-ic.’ The foil of the Evil, Phony-Phoenician-Bull(shit) God is the New One, Neo-/ Yeshua/ Joshua/ J-Zeus/ Jupiter/ Jesus/ Horus/ Sun/ Son. To follow Jesus is to follow the Ascending, Deathless God. To follow Jehovah is to follow the Descending, Death God. Good vs. Evil = God vs. Devil = Young vs. Old = Hot vs. Cold = On vs. Off = Day vs. Night = Positive vs. Negative = Yang + Yin = Deus = David = Divide = Divine = Deity = Deva-l-ight.

The Savior is within you.

Be the Savior you want to see in the world.

Here’s your chance.

Inform people of truth. They are not bodies/ bio-computers. They are spirits. They are not time. They are eternity. They are not Death/ Sleep. They are Life/ Awe-wakening. They are not Then. They are Now. Tell them by your presence and your own confidence in your own knowing. Know thyself and you shall know God, all Gods and Goddesses rolled into One, experienced and expressed in this Eternal Now, the Only Moment There is or ever was or shall be. When have you ever experienced a then? Hasn’t it always been now?

Embody your attitude of gratitude. Transc-end dualism. Drop the inner con-flict, dia-logue. Are you not one being with one voice? It is not your person-hood, mask, your attributes or physical and mental strengths and weaknesses that make you who and what you are. It is simply who you are in your simply being you in the now. To be now requires saying no-w. No more dualism, duel-ism, fighting myself. Game over. There never was a fight. The universe is one verse. Two is an appearance, apparition. A movie special-effect of the projection booth light behind and beyond you, yet that which is truly you.

Yes, we are traversing hell at the moment here on March 25, 2020. But I collected 7 CRS’s yesterday, of all numbers I could have collected under the bizarre beyond bizarre, Twilight-Zone conditions (only 25 customers at a time allowed in the store, 2 workers at the door at all times counting customers and waging an all out assault on God’s microbial world with sanitizer wipes. Only 4 registers open at a time to accommodate the new medical-industrial-govern-mental-complex-legally-mandated phenomenon/ emergency social re-sponse: social-distancing. A perpetually-enforced single-file line going down the grocery aisle. Toilet paper kept behind the front-desk, by request only. My hands chafed to a Rash by sanitizers which are classified as ‘pesticides,’ a fact I only learned night before last.) How does the old saying go? If you’re going through Hell, keep going.

“Thank you for shaking us and showing us we are connected to something much bigger than we think. Thank You, Coronavirus.”

Thank You Sickness Balancing Health. Thank You for Poverty Balancing Wealth. Thank You for Death Balancing Life. Thank You for Darkness Balancing Light.

An Attitude of Gratitude Supports Immuno-Health. The Mind (Psyche) Impacts the Body (Soma). Psycho-Somatic Medicine is Real. Whether you Be(lie)ve it (Buy it) or NOT. What is True is What is True, Re-gardless of what one may or may NOT Be(lie)ve. The Mind is in accord when it surrenders to what is True/ Real/ Changeless/ Immutable. The Mind is out of accord when it resists what is True/ Real/ Changeless/ Immutable.

And now, without further adieu, from the Holy Whole Heel of Hell Below, Live and in 3d (di-mention$), here are the miraculous 7 CRS’s (Cash Register Synchronicities of 3/24/2020, yester-dei):

CRS = Cash Register Synchronicity – Consumer Recreation Services – The Game – God – G-odd – C-ape – C-od(d)

1. 2:28 pm: Total $28.10 – Items 10

2. 5:43 pm: Invoice# 3405 – Total $71.41 – Items 18 – Subtotal $70.79

3. 5:08 pm: Subtotal $150.85 – Total $151.10 – Items 55 – Invoice# 3397

4. 2:34 pm: Total $7.98 – Invoice# 3355

5. 1:53 pm: Total $6.43 – Items 5 – Invoice# 2619 – Change $0.57 – Cash $7.00

6. 2:31 pm: Items 26 – Total $50.50 – Invoice# 3354

7. 2:56 pm: Total $161.26 – Items 71 – State Tax 1 $0.81 – Invoice# 3359 – Subtotal $160.45

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