8 CRS’s 03/15/2020 & Dark Journalist

CRS = Cash Register Synchronicity – Consumer Recreation Services – The Game – God – 26 – 8


1. 6:03 pm: Total $122.30 – Invoice# 2822 – Items 47 – State Tax 1 $0.28 – Subtotal $122.02

2. 5:44 pm: Total $44.08 – Items 22 – Invoice# 2814

3. 5:50 pm: Total $6.17 – Invoice# 2817 – Items 3

4. 5:24 pm: Total $25.22 – Items 8 – Invoice# 1082

5. 5:31 pm: Total $1.19 – Invoice# 1088 – Cash $1.25 – Change $0.06

6. 2:03 pm: Items 33 – Change $1.33 – Invoice# 1011 – Total $118.67

7. 2:44 pm: Total $44.30 – Invoice# 7544

8. 7:01 pm: Total $170.68 – Items 48 – Invoice# 7661

VALIS = Vast Active Living Intelligence System (1981) by Philip K. Dick

Page 81:

“In his study of the form that masochism takes in modern man, Theodor Reik puts forth an interesting view. Masochism is more widespread than we realize because it takes an attenuated form. The basic dynamism is as follows: a human being sees something bad which is coming as inevitable. There is no way he can halt the process; he is helpless. This sense of helplessness generates a need to gain some control over the impending pain – any kind of control will do. This makes sense; the subjective feeling of helplessness is more painful than the impending misery. So the person seizes control over the situation in the only way open to him: he connives to bring on the impending misery; he hastens it. This activity on his part promotes the false impression that he enjoys pain. Not so. It is simply that he cannot any longer endure the helplessness or the supposed helplessness. But in the process of gaining control over the inevitable misery he becomes, automatically, anhedonic (which means being unable or unwilling to enjoy pleasure). Anhedonia sets in stealthily. Over the years it takes control of him. For example, he learns to defer gratification; this is a step in the dismal process of anhedonia. In learning to defer gratification he experiences a sense of self-mastery; he has become stoic, disciplined; he does not give way to impulse. He has control. Control over himself in terms of his impulses and control over the external situation. He is a controlled and controlling person. Pretty soon he has branched out and is controlling other people, as part of the situation. He becomes a manipulator. Of course, he is not consciously aware of this; all he intends to do is lessen his own sense of impotence. But in his task of lessening this sense, he insidiously overpowers the freedom of others. Yet, he derives no pleasure from this, no positive psychological gain; all his gains are essentially negative.”

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