The Matter = The Mother = The Ma-tri-x (24/6) Tri-logy, Whol-e Tri-nity – Heart of the City Hot-el

Governmental Geoengineering/ Artificial Weather-manipulation-modification-CONTROL is not some wild ‘conspiracy theory.’ No, it is reality, the ongoing insanity of the govern-mental sy-stem and its mad scientists who have no respect for nature and life. And all those who support the corpse-orate, puppet-politi-cia-ns. If they did respect Mother Nature/ Gaia/ Geo-(rgia) they would not continue to ‘intervene’ in what is not in their jurisdiction, the autonomic/ self-regulating sy-stems of Terra-astral, Whol-e Mother/ Matter Earth/ hEart. There is no limit to the insanity of the psychos ‘managing’ the sy-stem. Their geoengineering/ climate-engineering is weather-warfare waged on all life and its destructive effect on Mother Earth is ahead of carbon-dioxide as the first core-causal-factor in Earth’s accelerating heating/ Ozone layer death. They- the mad-scientists- are aerosol-spraying from jets (from dispersion-units apart from the plane’s exhaust sy-stems) directly into the ozone layer, our only defense from collective, immediate death from Ra-diat-ion. The Global Geoengineering Insanity is ‘The Manhattan Project’ of our time, as Dane Wiggington says.

CRS = Cash Register Synchronicity = Consumer Recreation Services – The Game – God


1. 4:34 pm: Items 34 – Total $119.04 – Invoice# 8239 – Subtotal $118.25 – State Tax 1 $0.78

2. 4:21 pm: Total $35.17 – Items 17 – Invoice# 8234

3. 3:52 pm: Items 29 – Total $71.29 – Invoice# 8221 – Cashier# 5290 – Matrix #506

4. 12:45 pm: Items 9 – Total $10.11 – Invoice# 8120

5. 12:39 pm: Items 12 – Invoice# 8112 – Total $33.95 – State Tax 1 $0.28 – Subtotal $33.68

6. 12:47 pm: Total $8.47 – Invoice# 8122 – Items 3 (‘I don’t need the receipt.’)

7. 2:09 pm: Total $49.49 – Invoice# 1369 – Items 21

8. 2:17 pm: Total $18.97 – Invoice# 4064 – Items 3

9. 5:30 pm: Total $71.77 – Items 27

10. 5:27 pm: Items 37 – Total $108.77 – Subtotal $108.27 – Invoice# 8262

11. 5:24 pm: $165.29 – Items 76 (5.29.76 DOB/ Cashier# 5290 (since 12/4/2004/ 12.4.42/ 4012 Georgia St./ Santiago/ San Di-ego/ Die-go/ Store$ 16-5/ 12+4/ 16/ 7/ 617/ 77/ Hare Krishna/ Jessie Crescent/ Aloha/ Hallelujah)

That’s right. There just so happened to be 11 today. Yes, it is all very eerie. Because it’s so real. Good luck hiding from it (you): the signal in the noise, hiding in plain view, right out in the open for all to see/ sea/ c/ 3/ tree (d/ 60), we-b of al-l-one. This post is like every one on here. It is by, of and through necessity. No thing el-se. I am swimming in a world/ whirled of lies, madness, dis-ease, in-justice, ‘living’ in a time of uni-vers-al cor-ruption and there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s no stopping man’s collective crazy train, so in denial is the mass of the population in this decadent phase of American Empire, of American Exceptionalism. I see it up close and personal in plain sight in the marketplace, the willful ignorance of U$ Americans. It’s not as much a ‘Christian’ nation as a ‘Business/ Busy-ness’ nation. I for one can easily see Christ being appalled by ‘America/ U$.’ Did he not say man cannot have two masters, that he cannot serve both God and money and that the love of money is the root of all evil, not only ‘all kinds of evil(s).’ ?! Once you love money, money is your master, not God. God is life, inherent, natural value. A man springing into action to rescue someone from a burning blaze is not motivated by financial re-ward. Money is man’s arbitrary, (punish-ment and) reward-based, win vs. lose bi-nary (life vs. death), cap-it-all-ism, kaput-al-ism, kill-all-ism, greed-biased/ based-material-valuation of life/ credit-credo-creed-credibility-cult-ure/ mercenary/ time based/ dead-debt-debit- on the artificial valuation/ trans-act-ion, elec-tric-k, worth of precious material-‘goods,’ pro-ducts/ ob-ject$/ metal$/ jewels/ money/ currency/ current-sea/ liquid assets/ cash flow/ water/ watt-Ur/ what-you-are/ R/ commerce-shell-enter-prizes/ star-ship-gates/ port-al-$. It all spells and sells the end of the soul (you) and the beginning of complete authoritarian automation, servitude, bond-age, the inevitable end of the line for the religion of convenience/ expediency is the end of the line for all men and womb-men. We are not material objects, not bio-mechanical body-boat-ship-ment-al-sy-stems with brain-trees and limbs and limbic sy-stems which can be weighed and measured, examined and assessed. We are the animating principle in and around (surrounding/ circum-scribing) the body/ boat/ vehicle/ bi-o-cycle of el-if-e. The Psych-e. Lib-Ra. Living Radiance. Ra dance. We are the intangible at the end of the day, the invincible, invisible singular soul, essence. Eternal light of life. God. One. Tao. Two. Too. To. T+o. 20+15. In-fin-8/ h. a-c-h. e. 5. fire. You can’t take it with you. The Brinks truck doesn’t follow the hearse.

As Chris Hedges points out, the standard historically-documented decaying empire always features mass-denial and retreat from reality by its common citizens into private fantasies, bread and circuses, political theater. Mass-allergy to truth, what actually is, cold-hard-facts of the matter/ mother. Entertainers, athletes and politicians become the most important figures in decadent empires like ours. On which to project child-like fantasies/ m-ass-delusions/ escapist society of American dreamers, living the dream. Make-believe. Small world after all. Corpse-orate night-mare Disneyland dis-ease.

This dying empire is taking the entire biosphere down with it, the only of its characteristics which makes it special. A real patriot is capable of criticizing and condemning his nation when it has become morally bankrupt and criminally-insane, world-destructive. In fact, it is his or her responsibility/ duty to speak up an out when his beloved home has been turned upside-down and inside-out, when lies are spun, branded and mass-marketed to his fellow countrymen and coun(t(h)ree-womb-men.

Earth is really dying. And fast. Certainly much faster than any of the predictions in the mainstream, all based on the denial and ongoing coverup of the criminal geoengineering, weather-warfare assault from above, contaminating us, mass-poisoning us, every breath we take. How long can you hold your breath? So pardon me for being ticked off and daring to be seen as impractical, called ‘crazy’ by my ‘peers,’ and please consider that what you may call ‘out of this world,’ dismiss as ‘out there,’ ‘weird,’ or whatever insult based on nothing but your own narrowmindedness you could throw at me, consider that what you may totally disrespect (‘my’ perspective/ belief/ know-ledge/ w-is-d-om/ the unfamiliar/ unknown/ foreign to you) is the only thing which could redeem you from your hellish, corporocratic, megalomaniacal miser-y, your distractionist, abstractionist, spiritually reckless and totally impractical (from the eternal, ethereal standpoint of re-ality) bore of a so-called life, superficial seeker of approval, corpse-orate yes-man, passive, obedient order-follower, bully-ish defender of a sick sy-stem of money-worship, exploitation, usury, crime-sycophant$, lawyer$/ liar$ a$$-ki$$ing your life away, puppet for dollars, w-horse of Baby-Lon-don B-Ankh-ing Empire, Death Star, Yes, I said Abstractionist doom of bore-dome and a-pathy an pathological lying. You cannot come alive until you die to the world and its false, artificial, financial ‘valuation’ of ‘you.’ You must take yourself off the meat market. That’s the only way. Without taking that first step you’re never going to find yourself. Your authenticity. You. Actually.

You think you’re so good. And in this thought and your stubborn adherence to your claim of its veracity, you deny your own shadow so routinely that it is eating you alive from the inside and outside in ‘events/ happenings/ circum-stance.’ Every time you project it (your psychological shadow) outwardly and direct scorn at me or anyone else, it boomerangs right back at you. You are your dis-ease. Until you recognize this, you will never know yourself as your ease, what I am. Flow. Stream. Consciousness. Conscience. Science. Sense. Heal-th.

If you cannot first face yourself you can never even begin to face the grand ‘what actually is.’

In all its glory.

And horror.

Pain is the other side of pleasure.

Sorrow is the other side of joy.

There is but one coin.


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