2/11 = 11/2 (22 = 11×2)

Diane, man plans and God laughs. All of Monday into Tuesday morning while driving to work for a 10 am – 4 pm shift, I had been planning to go to NETA in Brookline on Wednesday, first of 3 days off from work, and redeem the $200 for the Medical Marijuana Re-Certification I had done last week.

But that was not to be.

Diane, I don’t wish what I am in the midst of on anyone, as the Car Insurance agent said to me yesterday morning regarding her past experience she now has in common with yours truly, two dreaded words: Kidney-stone.

The only way this report is possible is thanks to IBUPROFIN, OXYCODONE and Medical Cannabis. On 2/11, my body began passing the stone. I felt stinging when I urinated upon waking up pre-dawn. Little did I know it was a sign of a coming pain on my right side the likes of which I had never previously experienced, for a man it’s like giving birth, said one of the doctors who treated me at the hospital that morning. I may as well have been a man giving birth in the hospital’s emergency room two mornings ago, the utter anguish I was experiencing, as they were going through all the required steps to diagnose my condition. I had been rushed there by ambulance from the tow-truck shop in Lynn, city of my birth, because the drivers said they absolutely could NOT drive me to the hospital. So the ambulance it was. My first ever ambulance ride and I was in such excruciating pain that I became utterly delirious and was wailing and moaning like a woman having contractions.

Why was I at the tow-truck shop when the kidney stone, my first ever, began passing? Because about a half hour prior my paid off ’05 Chevy Malibu was murdered (albeit unintentionally) by a bespectacled, squinty 78 year old man also driving a Chevy, a Van, and with the same Car Insurance Company as I. His name and his birthdate are so blatantly synchromystically linked to the other synchromystic & nu-merical facts of my biography-specifically my address in San Diego, CA when I was 22 years old in ’98/ ’99 that there is no chance it’s just chance. It looks like this nearly blind old man was merely an agent of Yahweh/ Jehovah/ Jove/ Jumpin’ Jupiter/ Zeus/ Cron-us/ G.O.D. striking down my old Malibu at the crossroads (on the cross) of Maple (May-pole) S-tree-t & scaring the be-Jesus outa me with my first ever car accident experience, which just so happens to be a front end collision most likely spelling the death of the car I have grown to love and appreciate after over 10 years with it. Yesterday I walked all the way down Essex St. past Swampscott Cemetery, across the street from the first house I lived in as a child, the Cemetery in which I rode my big-wheels among the cannonballs, in the hot sun which had just started to be sprayed-over/ obscured by the geoengineering-cloud-streaks for artificial, govern-mental weather-modification/ manipulation. The government’s insane last ditch cover-up of the climate-collapse, hastening planetary omnicide. I walked all the way to Chestnut St. in Lynn, past Charlie’s Seafood with its famous ta-ta sauce, where my Chevy is most likely at its final resting place, until it gets scrapped or whatever will be done with it. Hopefully some of its parts will go to some use. I got the key from the guy at the desk and got my books and Organic Ketchup bottle costume from the trunk, cleared out all the collected CRS’s stuffed in the netted holder on the back of the passenger front seat. And yes, Diane, I remembered, albeit at the last minute as I began walking away from the tow-shop, to take the hanging Indian coconut ornament on the rear-view mirror, with the Peacock feather from Jaya Deva in Santa Fe and the Orange Ribbon from Collene Hesse. And, yes, Diane I am (physically) unharmed by the crash, although I am in the midst of the ghastly experience of passing a kidney stone. The only way I made that walk yesterday was thanks to the anti-pain drugs. I have sensitive guts, as you know, so I have gotten sick to my stomach a couple times from the OXYCODONE, just like what happened on the PERCOCET after the Wisdom Tooth Extraction in 2005. Today when I was going through all the Bureaucratic stuff with making a Urologist appointment and new Health Insurance Company, I was asked if you were still my emergency contact. Of course, I had to change it since I don’t know where you are and haven’t spoken with you for several years already. How is it 2020 already? So yes, Yahweh, Saturn, the Old Man took out the Malibu and spared me two days ago, 2/11, and since I was going below the speed limit when I slammed on the breaks before the collision and the airbags exploded, only the front of the car got smashed, not my legs or any other part of my anatomy.

Diane, it’s enough to make me not want to drive ever again.

Kidney stone and car accident on the same day, 2/11 (22).

Accidents are not accidental. God has a sick sense of humor. And when I die I expect to find him laughing. Yes, Diane, that is unoriginal. It’s from a famous pop song.

CRS = C-ash + R-egister + S-ynchronicity – Consumer Recreation Services – The Game – God


1. 2:49 pm: Total $24.94 – Invoice# 1279 – Items 6

2. 4:55 pm: Items 55 – Total $132.59 – Invoice# 1479

3. 4:16 pm: Items 16 – Total $41.41 – Invoice# 1445

4. 4:52 pm: Items 77 – Invoice# 1477 – Total $188.43


1. 11:22 am: Items 12 – Total $20.88 – Invoice# 6335

2. 11:27 am: Total $7.37 – Items 3 – Invoice# 2597

3. 11:28 am: Total $8.77 – Invoice# 2600 – Change $0.23 – CASH $4.00

4. 11:28 am: Total $5.68 – Invoice# 2599 – Change $0.32 – CASH $6.00

5. 11:52 am: Total $49.41 – Items 14 – Invoice# 2614

6. 11:54 am: Subtotal $20.12 – Total $20.37 – Invoice# 2615 – Items 8

7. 12:22 pm: Total $22.38 – Invoice# 2625

8. 2:06 pm: Total $3.32 – Invoice# 6406

9. 2:33 pm: M, Ed (Dad #2851), Invoice# 1670 – Items 14 – Total $66.66

10. 3:33 pm: Items 11 – Change $0.11 – Total $29.89 – Invoice# 2674

11. 4:24 pm: Total $24.44

12. 4:26 pm: Invoice# 2693 – Total $2.69

13. 4:51 pm: Total $24.51 – Items 11

14. 12:15 pm: Items 22 – Invoice# 2622 – Total $58.83

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