I Am Whole

This – all of it – every single bi((y)t(e) of it – is to the One among the many and the many among the One. (At the end of the Day/ Dei) You Re-member yourself, whether you want to or not, however strong your doubt may now be – y-our dual(el)-mindedness – however much of a u 2 faced liar incapable of h(one)sty you may presently be – :

I will not address it ‘To Whom it May Concern,’ because it concerns All, the One, which not only includes you and is you, always and never, however ridiculous it may sound to the doubters/ knee-jerk, automatic, automaton-de-bunkers, Robot Radicals identified with the mainstream sy-stem of dis-ease-d li(v)es$, dead debt, debit doubt.

Whatever it is you seek from ‘me’ I do not have for ‘you.’ Whatever it is you imagine could be gained from spending time with ‘me’ ‘in the flesh’, ‘con-versing,’ is based on a delusional, dis-torted, di-stressed, phantasmagoric, egoic, e-motional pro-ject-ion, Disneyland daydream. I am no one else’s power source. Nobody’s fool. Because I say so. I’ve wasted too much time playing games already. I long since called off the quest(ion) for the admiration/ p-raise of others. I do not require your approval, acceptance. I approve and accept myself. I don’t need you to police me. I police myself. I don’t need you to be response-able for me. I am response-able for myself. I firmly say NO MORE 2 Abusing myself & others and all-owing myself to be ab-used by others, parasitically sucked dry. The world is indeed a vampire, Smashing Pump-kins. You cannot drain me. Thank you very much. I didn’t do all the work of differentiating myself from the herd (pack social animals) to give up now. So please give up pursuit of me if you are pursuing me. It’s not me you’re after. There is no me to be after in the first place. Everyone gets it in the long run. At the end of the day/ dei-/ line/ lion/ lyin’. Truth destroys lies as light destroys dark. You cannot accomplish the opposite. Try bringing a little piece of ‘darkness/ malice’ into a room filled with light and love. You will not even put a dent in the light, but when you bring a tiny light into a dark room, the darkness is immediately vanquished.

And I know this how? I may not know how. But I do know who, what, where, why and when. Even though I know nothing at all. There is nothing to be added or subtracted from me anymore, never was- I just ‘be(lie)ved’ it was so. Like everyone else in the ‘West’ I was trained to chronically get in my own way, believing in ego, which is nothing but a chronic muscle tension. Damming/ Damning the Flow (of life/ light/ Current-C/ Stream of Consciousness/ Conscience/ Conscientiousness).

Thank God. By the Grace of God. For God’s sake. The underlying basis of coupling and relation-shipping and receiving on this global, cap-ita-l-ist, mind-slave-ship, power-plant-(st)ation of whol-e lie$ masquerading as truth – m-ass-marketed court-ship rich-uals/ jewels – L-or-d dia-mond r-ings, concentrically in the con-text of con-crete jung-le ‘life’, 4 PROFIT & A-Prophet, A-Theistic, m-ass-marketed, X-ploy-t-Eve R-ape-l-if-e, De-Mockery, Re-Pub(l)ic, wicked go-spel(l) Game (Of Thr-ones) God of com-merce, Sports, spores, spirits, be-er and w-ine, lick-er, spurts, seamen, salmon Solomon soul/ Sol of man(y), e-fish-ent nav-el off-icers, testis testa-ment$, commer-shell enter-prizes, IBM, ITT and AT&T, penta-too-k pentagon penetration perversion, inversion conversion perpetration, sick sick sick society, mer-chant-dicing, slashing p-rices/ phallic Aries/ Rises (Mars-cut-dead/ $/ circumcision decision incision, Caesar Scissor, person-el proper-t/ owner-$hip/ mon-ey(e)-t-eye$-d. Sy-stem-addict ab-US-e.

I am not a thing, not a ‘being,’ not a ‘person,’ ‘mask,’ ‘product,’ ‘machine,’ LEGAL NAME (Roi-el Negative Aim) f(R)ictiion, Registered Trade Mark CoRpse-oration, dead debt.

I have 0 patience or tolerance for the big lie underlying all the hallmark card sweet nothing little lies of everyone’s lives. There is 0 time. We are out of time. Mass-murdering helpless, innocent creatures for harvesting protein factories (so-cia-l-is-tic-cap-it-all-is-m) is evil beyond belief and if ‘humanity’ continues the poisonous practice of factory farming and all its related ‘war on Terra/ Mother Earth’ terror-bull act-ions, the con-sequences will be unimaginable, blowback on a planetary scale of devastation, dystopia, the turning of Earth into Venus. An unbreathable atmo-sphere. The death of the bio-sphere. The End. Here. Hear. H. ear. 8. are.

Mother Earth is dying due to our collective blindness of ourselves and our deep, devastating impact on this fragile terrestrial world of matter (mother/ ma-tri-x). Maya may be illusion, e-lec-trick-le, but She is rea(l) nonethe(l)ess, and I am NO Al Gore or Bernie Sanders supporter, just cuz I can call out (thanks to the FIRST Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech) this phony Phoenician Trump-et, Poker Joker Card, Apprentice-$hip, Nixonian Effigy, Age-nt Provocateur Bull-shit-er, Don-key, Jackass, Global ‘Judeo-Christian’ hegemonic, military-industrial, deep-state mafia, corpse-orate bull-e, boss-hog, busy-me$$, M-Pyre, Dis-aster Kaput-el-ist$, Butcherers of Mother Earth/ Holy Spirit/ Whole Spiral Sack-Ra-f-ice Ritual (Rite of Y-Ang-lo el-ite$/ Govern-mental Mafia-Over-Lord$). Trump is no less an agent of the Beast (of Revelations, of You/ Man/unkind) than Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon and Johnson. He’s their Best Diabolical Ac-tor/ Jester Agent of the Global, Multinational Cabal of Systemic Ritual Torture, Abuse, Chaos and Murder, Dark Occult Sorcerers of the New York Yankee Banksters. W-all $-tree-t. 11/22 – 9/11. Nightmare(s) Before Christmas. NIght-mare on El-m St. Dealy Plaza 11/22/63 Truth: JFK’s Murder was committed by a rogue power which had grown in the newly-formed CIA like a tumor throughout the 1950’s Cold War US and runs the show from the shadows to this day- JFK was murdered in broad-daylight from the grassy knoll by CIA/ Mafia assassins within his own military-industrial-intelligence ‘service.’ He was made A High Noon Sacrificial K-ing Off-e-ring to Bel/ Baal/ El-or-d G-od/ the Double-Deva-l, J-FK, J-upiter/ Zeus/ Jesus, Reenactment of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Both princes of peace were killed for the same ‘reason’: Accused of ‘Treason’ by the Empire for Calling for the exposure and end to the banksters’ war-profiteering operation, its ‘LEGAL/ REGAL’ criminal racket and its institutional psychological war being waged against ‘We the People,’ and they were brutally executed for calling (ad-voc-ating) for the beginning of peace on Earth. Their executions were a message to the people from the executioner$. See what happens to effective peace-advocates who change peoples minds and hearts, civilly-disobedient-Rabbi Rebel Rousers. They are butchered by US.

How absurd on a chronically sick and dying planet/ bio-sphere to keep blindly hoping for another power-structure-puppet, spokesperson/ mouthpiece of the dis-eased sy-stem to come along and save US from ourselves. Across the insanely divisive ‘American’ ‘political spectrum’ all you find is hysterical, childlike neurotic believers in the fantasy of benevolent govern-ment/ dictator-ship, clapping their hands for ‘national pride,’ upholding the ‘Shining City on a Hill,’ American Exceptionalism, forever believing in the sick political game of ‘free elections’ and ‘free-market economics’ and ‘freedom isn’t free.’ All while Rome burns all around them. The Titanic sinks into the sea. This is what happens at the end of all empires. During their decadent phases. They cannot see themselves at all. So engulfed are they in the hypnogogic trance of entertain-ment, Bread and Circuses, political thea-ter.

You and your skies are being sprayed with metal particles from above by ‘your’ govern-ment everyday. Toxifying every breath you take. It’s been ongoing for 70 years, during every Republican and Democratic Presidential Administration. Weather warfare is being waged on you by an insane, machine-like-force, war waged on all of earth, a bulldozer of planetary murder, supported by a corporate cult mindset of obedience and cheerleading support for the machine. The real owners Carlin spoke of, the ones pulling the strings of ALL the Political Puppets, are out to destroy the natural world, the old world order, so that they can impose their dystopian nightmare world of TOTAL CONTROL, MECHANIZATION. No more pesky ‘free will’ to deal with. No more revolts or revolutions. No chance of them without human(e) care and free will. Who controls your eyeballs controls your brain.

I’m not for a second about to turn away from the struggle for internal independence from bond-age to others and their agendas/ pro-grams. I am already complete as I am, not waiting or seeking to be completed by any other. The whole and the part are one and cannot be added to nor subtracted from. Please cease and desist pursuit of me, for whatever you believe or imagine to be me is just that, nothing more, not the real me, any more than the reflection you see in the mirror is the real you. I have been clawing and scraping my way all along to mental freedom, believing in Marley when he says ‘None but ourselves can free our minds.’ I guessed correctly what the stumbling block had previously been: co-dependence, and I was half of the co-. So it was up to me to solve the pro-blem for myself, to save myself, for no one else could. No external agency can magically deliver anyone from his or herself. Only he or she can do that his or herself for his or herself. The pro-ject-ion has to be dissolved. There is no objective, absolute closure, end, purpose, final meaning or answer. I have no opposition, opposite position, for I am all positions, which is no position whatsoever. Now that I’m committed to dissolving the funhouse mirror projection onto the other (and myself), all that’s left is going for the gold of true individuation, come hell or high water, never again to give myself away like garbage to anyone else, never to treat myself or anyone else again as an object to gain power from by having power over them (and allowing them to have power over me). Self-serving egotism certainly is never good but neither is total self-sacrifice, martyrdom. The Way is Through the ‘Opposites.’ The M-id-el.

VALIS by PKD (Page 209)

“Sophia is two,” Linda said. “She was born in 1976. We tape what she says.”

“Everything is taped,” Mini said. “Sophia is surrounded by audio and video recording equipment that automatically monitors her constantly. Not for her protection, of course; VALIS protects her – VALIS, her father.”

“And we can talk with her?” I said.

“She’ll dispute with you for hours,” Linda said, and then she added, “in every language there is or ever was.”

CRS = Cash Register Synchronicity (Consumer Recreation Services/ The Game/ God)


1. 11:56 am: Items 4 – Total $29.38 – State Tax1 $0.19 – Subtotal $29.19 – Store# 506

Trinity – Ma(tri)x – Trilogy – 1:17 – 5 0 6 – Entrance- D Isidore – Delta – Daleth – Dorothy – Theodore – Nile

2. 10:40 am – Total $24.40 – Items 9 – Invoice# 4329 – State Tax1 $0.19

3. 10:37 am: Total $113.27 – Invoice# 4327 – Items 43

4. 11:36 am – Total $23.23 – Items 7 – Invoice# 4357

5. 2:12 pm: Items 12 – Invoice# 1896 – Total $35.68

6. 10:00 am: Items 1 – O, Bob – Cashier# 2123 – Invoice# 9818 – Total $1.79

7. 5:12 pm: Items 12 – Invoice# 9948 – Total $29.04

8. 5:17 pm: Total $18.57 – Items 8 – Invoice# 9952 – Cashier# 5290

9. 5:34 pm: Total $15.34 – Invoice# 9964 – Items 6

10. 1:23 pm: Items 23

11. 10:32 am: Total $132.94 – Items 42 – Subtotal $132.23 – Invoice# 4325

The only game in town, the only real battle, is the human(e) vs. the machin(e), consciousness vs. unconsciousness, awakening vs. sleeping, connection (healing) vs. control (killing). All preexisting political ideologies are on the side of control. The (political) left and the right are the two wings of one globalist AND nationalist bird shitting on all of our heads from above US. The owners (less than 1%/ powers that believe they be) do not care an iota for ‘social issues’ NOR the welfare of the ‘common’ people, the Re-public. They only care about their continued power and control over US.

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