“Kyle, for God’s sake.” V: 529 = L-aw / Tele-ph-one Om

The word in the dictionary I opened to at random, using divination for writing direction this morning of tempestuous, inner and outer re-volting tur-Bulent-thought-stor-m, rude awakening from American Daydreaming at Night all for Naught in Slave-Land-ia, Global Petro-Dollar-Power-Plant-at-ion, Frac-king-Fact-ory-Hi-st-ory-Hysteria, Divine Coma-d-Doc-Tor Strange Sleep-gnosis Dia-gnosis Pro-gnosis:

“Quotation Marks.” Which has its own special Etymological block on page 550 of this blue “Webster.” “THIRD EDITION.”

Kobe = 33. K (11) + o (15) + b (2) + e (5) = Hallelujah Hare Krishna Apo-Theo-sis, Bouquet of Mat-Thew/ Maat (Truth) + Di-vine :

You may never be able to be 100% objective, but by turning your attention and intention away from the noisy con-fusion of the hurt herd you heal the painful separation from your maker. You go from darkness to light, weakness to strength, and from this new standpoint of understanding you cannot help but see objectively the overwhelming shortcomings of your world situation. You have the space/ di-stance required to see the obvious, the evident, the what is-ness of it All. Th-e e-n-tire-t-e di-rect-lee. Head on. When you are trying to keep up with the herd, running full steam ahead all day long, serving machine$, staying busy to make the day go by fast, a workaholic, measuring your value by the false value of money, productivity, a ‘product of your environ-ment,’ you can never see the light, for you are living in a tunnel of darkness, a Neo-Platonic 21st Century Plato’s Cave, Living Allegory of Shadow-Play, God Game, Hide and See-k, Terror-bull War/ raW, inferior infirm inferno, dim, mid, mist, missed, corpse-orate lost souls/ sols/ batteries/ bait-Aries.

“So that guy had a name. A perfectly normal one. Kyle, for God’s sake. It made things worse because it made them more real.” Page 796 (7+9+6) of “11/22/63.” By Stephen King. About my dad’s 11th birthday. 13 years before I was born 16 minutes into what would have been JFK’s 59th birthday. 5-29. Given a 16-letter full-name. In ALL CAP$. Capital-eyes-d birth-berth certificate certify-eyed. Corpse-orate Strawman, KYLE CHARLES GRANT. Legal f(r)iction. Fake news. Os-wald. Just a Pat-sy of the C-ia/ ai-see/ sea/l holy/ whol-e.

I got into the JFK Library for free on my birthday in 2006 when I showed the guy at the ticket booth my driver’s license with my birthdate printed on it as proof, the day Kelly went with me. She also accompanied me to the sight of JFK’s birth, a house in Brookline, not a mansion. Bright, warm and sunny day, I recall. On the Green Line. The T. Trans-port-at-ion. Madly in love I was then. Again. But it was different this time. She had to be the one. That was before I real-eyes-d the one is within myself, secretly/ sacred-lee ‘me.’ Pre-(real) shadow-integ-ration pro-cess. Before I fully understood how deeply the self-destruct program implanted in me from the sy-stem really went, how far down the rabbit hole really goes. How chronically psycho-spiritually dis-empowered I had been made through up-bringing, adaptation to brutal kaput-alism, coming of age in an unconscious death-cult-ure. Healthy plants grow from healthy soil, which is full of shit, holy sh-it, sh-ed. This explains the close Phoenician phone-tic connection of ‘manure’ with ‘menorah,’ or men-au-Ra.

They were serving birthday cake and the recorded narration of the house tour was from the voice of Rose Kennedy, matriarch of the large, prestigious family. 14 years ago. Wa(l)ter under the b-ridge. The P-as-t. Bl-as-t from the P-as-t.

Hey, Charlie, why are ye seeking writing direction? Through divinatory synchronicity? Don’t you know already what you have to say? Isn’t it obvious, self-evi-dent?

Yes, but you see, no one- except sociopathic or psychopathic types/ path-ologies, of which I am assuredly NOT inclu-ded- takes pleasure in being the bearer of bad news. And the context of this here writing, the background scenario of this here commencement of the second decade of the ’21st Century/ Centaur-e’ is generally NOT supportive of blunt truth-telling, routinely ridicules and dismisses direct comm-uni-cation of just the straight facts of the case, the evidence, obviousness. I live in the global, total, dis-eased, dis-torted, disastrous-Disneyland-small-world-after-All(ah), Truman-Show-esque burlesque, offline, online, virtual reality tv context of a maniacal, autonomous, blindly mechanical, monolithic-bureaucratic-social system based on lie heaped upon lie for generation after gene-ration, collective denial, di-stress. An evil individual claiming and even be(lie)ving s/he is good does not magically render her/him good. Same goes for a collective, an association, a society. As Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted (adapted) to a profoundly sick society.” And boy is society sick here in 2020. People still believe there is an ‘away’ to throw things, to get.

Chaos and confusion are the order of the day. People willing to get violent at the drop of a hat, kill each other over bullshit political opinions. And an insane mainstream ‘media’ which does nothing but stoke the flames of di-vision (of the di-vine/ US). Generally, people (m-ass-con-sumer$/ credit-credo-faith-card$/ B-Ankh-ing) are still re-fusing to grow up and face the fact that our collective failure to take responsibility (response-ability) for our dysfunctional relations with our sur(round)ings is leading to a nightmarish ‘hell on earth’ scenario, the ultimate dystopia, which is being forecast (scheduled) in nearly all of the popular ‘fictional’ stories now being consumed. Here I sit in the late-stages of the complete collapse of the largest military-industrial empire of unbridled aggression the world has ever known, deregulated & morally degrading, fundamentally exploitive, earth-poisoning capitalism/ kaput-alism/ corpse-oration$/ dead/ debt/ cult-ure/ neo-feudalism. “The love of money is the root of all evil. I said it and they killed me for it. And they continue to. By perverting me. All throughout hi-story. Because I had a real following, the Word was spreading of me. And I knew I was the one. I knew what ‘I’ really meant. I was the prince of peace and they knew it. So it was off to Golgotha, place of the Skull, where ‘Christians’ continue to crucify/ cross-I-phi me to this day, pre-ferring to be placated by priests and ministers than to take my experiential Instruction, my Emmanu-el. Why do you forsake me? You claim to follow me, to love me, to pray to me, calling me ‘Lord,’ but you do NOT do as I say. You have been led astray. I walk among you and you do NOT recognize me. You are all drunk. When did I ever tell you to keep quiet and obediently obey unjust, man-made law, a legal sy-stem opposed to God’s natural Law of the Golden Rule, Do NOT harm others, violently violate their God-granted Right to exist as themselves and live their lives according to their choosing, as long as it does NOT violate others? When did I tell you to follow Man’s (Beast’s) Unnatural, false law and NOT to follow God’s Natural One?

I (eye) Re-Pete(R): When your Eye is Single your body is full of light. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Seek it there in your Temples, seated in silence behind the dark void of your eyelids, and you will find it. My medicine is my meditation. Medi- means the Mid-el. The Mid-l-ine/ l-ion (of the Tri-be of You-d-ah) of my L-if-e. The C-enter. The PyRa-Mid. To be like me, to become the light you already are, you have to see God face to face within yourself, to become one with me and the Father, to realize you always have been and you could never not be. Faith is never blind. Faith always sees. Only false claims of faith are blind, lacking vision, gnosis, knowledge, wisdom. Walk with me and you will no longer go astray. For indeed I am THE Way. Om Shanti.”

What is behind this (officially) unreported breakdown/ collapse/ f-all of the Global, Tyrannical Beast, the Global Corpse-orate M-pyre? It is the destruction of the very life-support-systems of Mother Earth/ Nature at the hands of this mass-consuming military-industrial juggernaut of insanity. A paradigm of ‘endless growth/ PROFIT’ on a fragile biosphere (life-circ-el/ circ-uit/ el-ec-tri-c) of limited ‘ReSources’ NEVER made the slightest bit of sense. It was incredibly short-sighted/ stupid from the industrial get go. So when I come out and say all this bad news bluntly and boldly and unabashedly, well, what is the most immediate con-sequence? Hatred from those committed to their denial, their precious ‘comfortable’ illusions, those who have chosen, and continue to choose every second of every day, to mentally, emotionally and spiritually buy into the propaganda being spewed forth by the earth-killing cult-ure, to be(lie)ve that every thing’s gonna be hunky dory, unicorns and the Easter bunny, and we should just keep buying (dying) and selling (sailing/ cruise-control/ auto-pilot) our lives away. Just keep flag-waving and marketing, just keep busy making the busy-mess of business, effectively doing the equivalent of rearranging the furniture on the deck of the Titanic, in hysterical denial of the ship’s immanent demise.

Cash Register Synchronicity (CRS/ Consumer Recreation Services/ The Game = God)

The context in which this phenomenon is occurring is perhaps the biggest, most telling part of it. The ‘crazy’ cashier and the ‘crazy’ numbers. The delicate dance. Freedom and bond-age/ c-age (Corpse-orate/ dead/ debt-irate-Man-age-ment = Pol-ice / Pol-icy/ CONTROL KILLS & CONNECTION HEALS). Truth and lie. Light and shadow. Star Wars/ Mars. Luke and Darth. Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Hero and Villain. God and Devil. Odd and Even. Adam and Eve. Dawn and Evening. Yang and Yin. Aries and Libra. Libraries. Innocence = In no sense. No mo-t-ive, mo-t-ion. Still. Turn back time, the tide, tied tog-ether, w-eat-her, Ha-thor. ‘Man plans and God laughs.’ -Yiddish Pro-verb (of Pro-vidence)…I certainly didn’t realize it when I started tracking it in ’05/ ’06, over 15 years ago now, the implications of all of it, its w-eight, its function as an integral part of a natural, spontaneously-arising, counter-point-voice, a necessary-balancing-relativizing alternative position/ stance/ under-standing/ paradigm/ worldview to the dominant mainstream one, which is blindly mechanical, autonomous, d-mechanical, conformist-collectivist and destructive of ALL decent human(e) value, which is based on Care, the Care of the Mother, Which/ Who is the Primal (First of All) Symbol (Same-bull/ Taurus/ Torus) of Care, the Archetype of Motherly Love. She is Dark Matter, Mother, Kali, Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Inanna. Heart/ eartH of the Maat-her/ it/ Double/ U/ You/ Thou/ Two/ To-Ra, En-light-en-ment, Ment-al (one) L-ight of the H-eight, Heave-n, Head, Top of the Braintree, Crown Chak Ra, Seventh Heave-n, 8-Even, Pinnacle of the Pine-al G-land, Holy Whol-e. I am. That. W hat. Waat. UR. Go(l)d. Jah-free. Jeffrey(e). I am indeed an-other Jack-et, Y-ellow, Ya-el, Ow-l of Yule, Jewel, Gem-in-I. Sh(eye)ning. Wise Fool. Fool Wise. W-eyes/ i’s. d’s. cross your . . . dot your . . . dough + wa(l)ter. Bread. Bride. Breed. Brood. Break. Beta-Ra-ke(y)/ Reiki. L-eve-L 1. Hands On. L-earning. Urn-in-g.

The context is Genesis’s ‘Land of Confusion’ from the 80’s, only now on steroids in 2020. From Ronald to Donald, when all the while it’s only been McDonald’s, ham-burgers, clowns for dollars.

This phenomenon stands for itself: a brash, brazen display by the holy (whole/ total/ complete unto itself/ his/ herself/ One God within and through the Man-y) spirit & his partner in thought-crime, the open-hearted, courageous, cowardly-l-ion, broad-minded advocacy by the ‘crazy’ intellectual, philosophical cashier (c-ash-ear) who would dare to bring such a frightful thing to light in pub-lic in the ‘free’ marketplace, making grand prophecy in the small, narrow world of 4 PROFIT, Kaput-el, death, debt, dim, mid. god game. 26. weeks. weak(s). god #.

Yesterday I collected 7 more little miracles from the machine, planning on not collecting any this day, but when someone said to me, like an automaton, standard this day and age, “I don’t need the receipt,” and I looked at it before putting it in the tiny trash bucket- throwing it ‘away,’ here is what I saw: TOTAL (CASH) $23.07 at 1:07 pm with an invoice number of 1,077 (ITEMS 13). How many CRS’s is that now, going back to 2005/ ’06? Well, I lost count long ago. Hundreds and hundreds. But they stand here on this sight as a testament of what I have witnessed and continue to witness, the divine one’s mathe-magical, ra-tional mind breaking through into the insane, busy-ness world and showing that there is more to live for than lowest-common-denominator, keeping up with the Joneses, run of the mill ‘reality.’ Consensual reality. Bear that in mind. Just because it shouts in your face all day long that it is ‘reality’ does not make it so. If it really was ‘reality’ would it need to put so much energy into convincing you? ‘Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.’ -Al-bert Einstein … I also believe/ k-now that CRS is the Creator’s ac-knowledge-ment of the immanent end of this age/ line and is bringing forth the EmergenC (emergence) Message/ massage. It- the synchronicities on the cash register- is a special effect of our coming collective meeting with our collective maker, the Eschaton. I know this more than I believe it. But I can’t prove it, so I have to say that it is what I believe. And I believe grown, responsible A-dults do re-quire see(k)ing for themselves to believe (know) for themselves- they re-quire proof, as a necessity, like air, water and sunlight, not the false-faith of dogma, being brutally commanded to sub-mission into a childlike obedient, blind, false ‘faith.’ God is love. Love must be experienced, not just believed in and talked about. Man’s Authoritarian, autocratic, govern-mental God is cold, dead institutional fear itself and its dis-graceful off-spring, shame, self-contempt, con-fusion.

CRS (Cash Register Synchronicity)


1. 1:07 pm: Total $23.07 – Invoice# 1077 – ITEMS 13

2. 1:23 pm: ITEMS 7 – Total $22.23

3. 3:14 pm: ITEMS 14 – Subtotal $41.86 – Invoice# 1164

4. 5:20 pm: Total $120.61 – Subtotal $119.17 – ITEMS 29 – Invoice# 3938

5. 5:44 pm: ITEMS 22 – Invoice# 1222 – State Tax 1 $1.02 – Total $73.10

6. 4:54 pm: Total $22.22 – ITEMS 8 – Invoice# 3924

7. 2:05 pm: Invoice# 1125 – Change $0.77 State Tax 1 $0.25 – Subtotal $8.98 – Total $9.23

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