“Kyle, for God’s sake.” IV

‘Didn’t they tell you? I’m the Saint of Blasphemy.’ -(The Last Temptation of) Christ


“To be closed-minded is to be closed to the possibility of anything existing outside the values that can be experienced through the senses of your body. Yet in the realm called God, nothing is impossible. If any one thing can be conceived or pondered, it exists, for whatever is dreamed or imagined is already within the realm of existence. That is how all of creation came into being. Anytime you tell someone that something is only your imagination, you are programming them into stupidity and limited creativity. And that is indeed what happens to the children on this plane – all of you.

I tell you, whatever is allowed to be thought of, is. And whatever you allow yourself to think, you will experience, for your electromagnetic field will draw it to you.

You know, the atrocity of being closed-minded is that it keeps you from knowing joy. It keeps you enslaved to the illusions of man. It keeps you from knowing the glory of yourself and God. As long as you have a cloistered mind and live and think according to social consciousness, you will never venture into the unknown or contemplate the possibility of greater realities for fear that it will mean change. And certainly it will, because there will be more to see, to understand, and to be a part of, than there was before in a tidy world that lives and dies. As long as you accept only those limited thoughts that have been bred into you, you will never activate greater portions of your brain to receive and experience any thought other than what you have faced every day of your existence.”

This sight is not for the closed-minded, nor am I.

It is for the open-minded, and so am I.

It’s also no such thing, of course. I am Mr. NoBody. Completely Unoriginal and Unprecedented. NOT just Another Anything. NoThing at all. Unfinished. Infinite. Never-ending. Story. Torus. Tarot. Taurus. Rotary. Tower. Row. Twin. Miss Teri. Inter. Terra. Twine. D. Isidore. Dorothy. Isis. Theodore. is. Delta. Nile. Currency. Denial. Current. Eden. C. Aisle. ash. Is land. Flow. Vulcan. O. Liquid. Volcano. Asset$. American Idol$. Donkey. Dollar$. & nonsense.

Betwixt & Between. I am. X-Y. 217-237. 77. 11.

Closed-mindedness has brought us to this current point of confrontation with our collective immanent demise, the end of all life, as Dane Wiggington calls it, near-term planetary-omnicide, the killing of all life on Earth at the reckless hand of man (unkind). It is brutality, stupidity and stubbornness that have brought us here, institutionally-sanctioned, legal violence, the violation of the inherent dignity and rights of all of God’s creation.

Why do you suppose we have laws and rights prohibiting the violation of others and their property? Why are there morals and ethics if we are not sacred, holy life/ light, divine creation beloved of the hidden crea-tor? Oh, wait, and just who is it you must swear to with your Right hand on a bi-ble in a (tennis/ ball/ Baal) clown court of ‘law’? And what is that you exclaim upon climbing to the sexual climax, c-oming-o-ver, you know the carnal m-eeting, m-ating from which we all physically emanate? Om-g. Om is the highest name of God in India, land of the H-indu, Indra (In-door-Ra). g is the 7th letter. Big/ Capita-l G = 33.

“Is it okay if I don’t believe in God?”

Charlie’s jaw drops. This is the first thing this woman says to him. With an undercurrent of hostility. This woman who had been standing next in line with her 2 items to buy, listening to Charlie speak of his view that synchronicity is from the ‘sacred,’ talking and still efficiently disposing of the trans-act-ion. Thanks a lot, miss. In broad daylight and out loud she barked the quest-ion, implying that Charlie shouldn’t speak of such things publicly for fear of offending ‘atheists.’ But he knows exactly what to say, how to re-spond, ‘up for (2) the cha(lle)nge’ of this vicious, aggressive atheist God has put in his face just 12 minutes in, after the following flabbergasting CRS (Cash Register Synchronicity): At 11:07 AM, the purchase contained 7 items and the total was $23.23. Then 4 minutes later, two transactions later, at 11:11, the same as the one at 11:07 occurred, the total was $23.23 for 7 items. Charlie was ready for this lady who was looking for trou-ble, after he was talking about the spiritual symbolic significance of the numinous numbers involved in the far-out synchronicity, blazing little miracle in broad daylight, in Corpse-orate Com-merce (Disney/ Dizzy/ Busy-mess) L-and. Here’s how it happened. He looked her right in the eye, a woman he had helped before, held his hand to his chest and said, “Why are you asking ME that question, miss? The only one you should ever ask that question is yourself.” If she was really ok with not believing in God, as she claimed, then why was she asking? And are believers truly believers? Do you believe them? I don’t. Not at face value. Most are obvious carnists, hypocrites who would have nothing to do with the real Christ who renounced worldliness, lived a life of voluntary poverty. Going to church every Sunday and saying you believe in God (with a glutinous diamond-crucifix dangling over your bos-om) and the Christian dogma/ (reverse of amgod)/ creed/ credit/ be-lie-f- system of Ancient R(om)e (Empire, whether one of the billion Protestant ‘denomi-nation$’ or Catholic) does not automatically mean your heart and soul is truly committed to God. Doesn’t automatically mean you really aren’t just some nasty brute liar out to look all pious. The bible, so often thumped upon but so little understood (stood-under), frowns upon those who make a show of their faith to hide their real lack of emotional commitment. One truly committed is secure and silent, humble in her faith. Ones truly on fire for God are not content to be obedient sheep. They actually wish to follow Christ, the spiritual rebel Savior within the Heart/ eartH, ‘the Saint of Blasphemy,’ Turner of the Money-Changer$ Tables in His Father’s House, the Temp-el, the one who says in Matthew, ‘You cannot have two Masters. You cannot simultaneously serve God and Money… the love of money is the root of all evil.’

Everything is upside-down these days, and if you don’t look deeper you will go upside-down too.

I am like Jung. I don’t have to ‘believe’ in God. As scientists, we can’t ‘believe.’ We have to know. When you know you no longer need belief. Seeing, experiencing, is believing. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The kingdom of heaven is within you. Seek and you shall find it. Then you will know it to be yourself and all your surroundings also. It is the treasure in the depths. How can you find a hidden treasure without digging? How can you get to the root without standing under? Real faith comes directly, bluntly from your experience. Who can be an expert in being you other than you? There is only one you. Now and forever. All we have is now. ‘Kyle, for God’s sake.’

CRS (Cash Register Synchronicity/ Consumer Recreation Services)


1. 11:07 am: Items 7 – Total $23.23 – Change $16.77

2. 11:11 am: Items 7 – Total $23.23

3. 11:55 am: Total $58.86 – Items 14 – Invoice# 9948

4. 12:12 pm: Items 12 – Total $29.59 – G., Kyle – Cashier# 5290 – Invoice# 9955 – Store# 506

5. 1:51 pm: Total $32.97 – Invoice# 9997 – Items 13

6. 12:18 pm: Items 11 – Total $29.29 – Invoice# 9958

7. 12:22 pm: Total $8.48 – Items 2 – Invoice# 9961

8. 2:15 pm: Total $38.11 – Invoice# 0011 – Items 19

9. 2:19 pm: Change $0.14 – Invoice# 8014 – Items 4 – D, Barry – Cashier# 1938 – Total of my purchase: $9.86 – Crew Member Discount $1.10

10. 3:42 pm: Invoice# 0042 – Total $31.97 – Items 13

11. 3:47 pm: Invoice# 0047 – Total $11.86 – Items 4

12. 2:58 pm: Total $138.71 – Invoice# 0018 – Subtotal $137.25 – Items 39

13. 12:37 pm: Items 17 – Invoice# 9967 – Total $43.03

14. 11:23 am: Total $119.32 – Invoice# 8380 – Items 40

15. 11:37 am: Total $123.16 – Items 42 – Invoice# 8386

16. 11:12 am: Items 11 – Total $39.11 – Invoice# 8374

17. 11:33 am: Items 2 – Change $0.02 – Invoice# 8385 – Total $4.98

“Chuang Tzu said this as follows:

Fishes are born in water

Man is born in Tao.

If fishes, born in water,

Seek the deep shadow

of pond and pool,

All their needs

Are satisfied.

If man, born in Tao,

Sinks into the deep shadow

Of non-action

To forget aggression and concern,

He lacks nothing

His life is secure.

Moral: ‘All the fish needs

Is to get lost in water.

All man needs is to get lost

In Tao.”

(from page 123 of ‘Encounters with Merton’ by Henri J.M. Nouwen)

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