Nu-clear BTTF: Police (Car) Synchronicity (5253)- Mart-y Mc Fly

Everyone wants to know, ‘What does it mean?’ That is always the question Charlie (Kyle) hears in response to CRS (Cash Register Synchronicity). Charlie tries NOT to give a canned (auto-matic) answer, since he cares about the fellow human(e) being in front of him and he does believe it is an all-important quest-ion. Over the years he’s thought of (and imple-mented) different ways to respond satisfactorily to such a deep, complex inquiry at the checkout/ cash register.

You see, swiss psychoanalyst (actually one of the ‘fathers’ of modern psychoanalysis, after Freud), Carl G. Jung, coined the very term ‘synchronicity’ in his late (19)50’s essay of that title (an essay Charlie/ Kyle/ ‘I’ read himself/ myself at the end of the 90’s with the help of his friend Jiminy Tenenbaum, who worked at the Mass General Hospital Medical Library) to attempt to answer that very question, ‘What does it mean?’ The essay is 100+ pages of inquiry and speculation into what these uncanny, mysterious ‘coincidences’ in one’s life may (or may NOT) mean. Jung found that synchronicities often were ‘constellated’ (like stars in the h-eaven-s) around activated archetypes, or primordial images (of the collective unconscious) and dream symbolism, part of the entire, deep, thematic, underlying latticework of one’s psycho-spiritual unfold-ment, the yarn, hi-story of one’s life/ light itself.

So you can see the challenge one is presented with when asked to answer that question, ‘What does it mean?, with brevity, while also being an efficient (NOT deficient) AND ‘friendly cashier’ at a modern (convenience) grocery story, with impatient (peppered with a few patient:) peop-le waiting in l-ine all around you, not to mention bells ringing, babies crying, credit-card machines playing the ukulele, laser scanners beeping and other peop-le, customers and employees chit-chatting all around you, just general mayhem/ cacophany. Some of Charlie’s replies have been like this, ‘It is the manifestation of meaning itself.’ Or, it is the spiritual dimension within this physical world revealing itself, the w-hol-e spirit. But really, asking ‘What does it (CRS) mean?’ and expecting a quick, simple answer is like asking, ‘What does a tree mean?’ And how many eve-r eve-n begin to ask that quest-ion here in ‘2020’? Most are still on autopilot, lost in technocracy, instant-gratification, ‘ignorance is bliss,’ still American Dreaming, even as the Titanic (Ship of $tate) crum-bulls and sink$ all around them. So few even begin to consider whether or not a tree (of life/ light) means anything at all. And how many are really open to philosophical inquiry in this decadent age? Busy-ness dominate$. There’s a pronounced anti-intellectual streak running amok out there, a general hostility toward the light and depth of real intelligence, mass-aversion to critical thinking and feeling, taking response-ability, pursuing real intellectual inquiry, re-searching, which takes patience and perseverance.

So the challenge for this Charlie is NOT to be like what he hates (impatience and hostility/ malice/ laziness/ ignor-ancestry/ neglect) and to attend to the mo-ment, reach out and shift the environ-ment away from ignorance and toward gnosis, spiritual know-ledge/ wisd-om. He just wizzes it out there and trusts that it will do its thing on whomever it comes in contact with. You can’t change others. They can only change themselves. You can only change yourself. All you can do- with others/ ethers/ eithers/ is reassure, guide and en-courage. And be still. Be a beacon. A lighthouse shining in the darkness, reflecting, walking on the waves of water, what you are. Still. Make an ex-amp-le of ones-el-f. Be the change you want to see/ sea/ c/ 3/ tree. Open up the third eye, pine-al g-land. Within the temp-le-s. The Braintree.

Obviously, just dismissing it all, saying ‘It’s just a coincidence’ is based on nothing but your garden-variety intellectual and moral sloth, torpor, which seems to grow collectively by the day, as the biosphere implodes and the toxic govern-mental, geoengineering/ chemical ‘treatment’ of the atmosphere intensifies. Collective Cognitive functioning is on the decline. Every breath we take we are sucking it all in, aluminum, strontium, lead, barium, manganese, NOT to mention E-Coli, among others (and whatever else the sick psychos at the top want to dose us with). All part of the trans-human agenda of the controlling oligarchs/ plutocrats of unbridled ‘capitalism.’ Kaput-alism. Corpse-orations. Death cult-ure. Yale Skull and Bones-men.

This is what Charlie has realized (real-eyes-ed): ‘The’ meaning is like ‘the’ beauty, in ‘the eye of the beholder.’ A mind that is contemplative, silent, broad, open (vulnerable) is capable of communing with the trans-personal, creatures who do not speak English or any other ‘human’ language, but rather speak the universal language of light/ life, nature’s vegetative world, flo-Ra and fauna, the tree- the forest with its deep roots- is NOT limited to the slow, animal form of verbal or printed information, man’s narrow ‘meaning’. Real Meaning is not separate from experience. In fact, nothing is separate from anything else. It’s all connected. For these sensitive (sens8) ones meaning is a constant companion, not limited to linguistics. Meaning is also non-verbal, intuitive, instinctive. Meaning is direct, experiential, NOT only abstract, and in a world dominated by ‘abstractionism’- as Alan Watts noted- NOT ‘materialism,’ in which people are alienated from the very ground beneath their feet and their own physical bodies, well, direct, experiential meaning (me-a-n-ing/ manning/ minding) is usually NOT even part of the discussion, let alone investigated or explored.

CRS = C-ash + R-egister + S-ynchronicity (Consumer Recreation Serv-ices)

1-26-20201. This is the Top One of the day because it is to me the most amazing one. It happened right when I showed up at Register #6 to relieve young C., Thomas (whose cashier# as listed on the receipt copy I have here on my lap is 8008): 4:29 PM: Total $42.29 – Invoice# 8299

2. 5:47 pm: Items 47

3. 5:10 pm: Total $111.63 – Invoice# 6322 – Subtotal $111.19 – Items 31 – State Tax 1 $0.44

4. 4:57 pm: Items 14 – Invoice# 8314

5. 4:59 pm: Items 22 – Change $2.02 – Total $52.98 – Invoice# 8316

6. 3:03 pm: Items 3 – Change $0.03

7. 2:51 pm: Items 15 – Total $28.85 – Invoice# 9935

8. 2:25 pm: Total $23.13 – Invoice# 9913 – Items 7

9. 2:49 pm: Items 9 – Total $24.91 – Invoice# 9933

10. 1:19 pm: Items 9 – Total $12.91 – Invoice# 9870

11. 1:34 pm: Items 43 – Total $96.21 – State Tax1 $0.39

12: 2:31 pm: Items 39 – Total $133.12

13. 4:47 pm: Items 67 – State Tax1 $0.97 – Subtotal $218.43


1. 2:53 pm: Total $33.23 – Items 14 – Invoice# 7711 – Subtotal $32.42 – State Tax1 $0.81

2. 2:47 pm: Invoice# 7707 – Change $0.23 – Items 12

3. 11:40 am: Total $14.41 – State Tax1 $0.44 – Invoice# 9752

4. 12:48 pm: Items 27 – Total $33.23 – Invoice# 9781 (Stephanie/ St. St-even’s feet)

5. 12:41 pm: Total $74.41 – Items 25 – Invoice# 9775

6. 3:24 pm: Items 9 – Change $24.17

7. 2:39 pm: Invoice# 7700 – Total $23.37 – Subtotal $22.75 – Items 5

8. 4:12 pm: Total $77.22 – Invoice# 7757 – Items 27

9. 2:34 pm: Items 23 – Total $33.77 – This intelligent young woman told me I made her day by sharing this synchronicity with her, especially my bonus commentary, (Christ = 77 in Ordinal English Gematria and was crucified at 33 years of age), stating my knowing that it is a ‘spiritual phenomenon.’ She told me she agrees with me that there is an unseen (by the physical eyes), hidden ‘spiritual dimension of meaning’ to everyday life, even though it is always revealing itself, still it is routinely ignored/ neglected and denied/ dis-missed. I smiled, shook her hand and introduced myself, as I frequently do. She made my day, too.

10. 2:30 pm: Total $31.88 – State Tax1 $0.28- Subtotal $31.60 – Items 21 – Invoice# 7695

Happiness happens. Joy makes no sense.

11. 11:30 am: Invoice# 0626 – Total $26.73 – Items 17 – Change $13.27

Get out of your own way.

12. 12:07 pm: State Tax1 $1.37 – Subtotal $33.83

13. 4:39 pm: Total $39.68 – Invoice# 7776 – Items 24

I shit you NOT: The word I turned to ‘by chance’ today in the Dictionary was: (noo’kle-er) nu’cle-ar – adj. 1. being or pert. to a nucleus. 2. pert. to the study of atomic nuclei.

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