“(mul’ber”e) n. 1, a tree or its berrylike, collective fruit. 2, a dull red-dish-purple color.”

That is today’s (Sunday’s/ Son-Daze) Word, which I turned to by ‘chance,’ upon opening my copy of ‘The New American Webster HANDY COLLEGE DICTIONARY.

ALL ABOARD! The Next Stop for the Train (of Thought/ Thoth) will be ‘The Other Side.’

There is no chance it is just chance. That you are now here/ hear reading this. That you are you. Beyond statistical probability. Way be-yon-d. And as Ramtha teaches on page 147 of ‘The White Book’, ‘There is no such thing as the will of God apart from your own divine will.” Blasphemy, you protest? Heresy, you say? New Age b.s. channeled from the ‘Anti-Christ’? Well, I and the Father disagree with you. I and the Father would very much appreciate it if you would consider that you have been misled by organized religion from the get-go. From a very early age, programmed by fear to be(lie)ve in ‘Authority,’ NOT God/ Love/ Light. You have been lied to nonstop by the sick, brutal, inhuman, machine SY-STEM from Day/ Dei- One/ Uni-. Here’s some more of what you may upon first reading erroneously dub ‘blasphemy,’ or ‘heresy,’ further down page 147, the beginning of CHAPTER 11 entitled, ‘The Gift of Love’:

‘God is not separate from you. You and he are one and the same. Your will is his will. Whatever you want to do is what you term divine providence, divine will. So you are never in conflict with destiny, for destiny is not preordained; it is ordained wholly by you. Everything you think creates your moments to come. Your very Now moment is simply the product of the thoughts you had moments ago. That is the science of God. The only thing the Father wills for you is to experience the totality of life that he is, according to the feelings within your soul. Why? So that you come to understand what joy is and the unconditional love that God has for you and all life.

‘In the beginning when the Father contemplated his most splendid self, he expanded himself into the splendor of light. It was from that expansion in light that each of you became God in the form of a unique, singular movement so that you would continue the expansion of thought into forever.

‘In order for God to be an ever-expanding uniqueness through your contemplative thoughts, it was necessary to give each of you the power to create uniquely from the thought that he is. And he did this by giving you the action called free will. The principle of will was given to each of you so that you would be unique and sovereign, so that you would be the creator of your own truth, sovereign in your own understanding. What gives you your divine essence is that you have the freedom to embrace and experience whatever thoughts you desire. And that divine essence, called free will, is love. It is the gift of love from God to each of you. Each of you has the divine essence of will so that you have the freedom to create uniquely whatever ideal you envision through thought.’

So, wait a second, you say, why have I always been told by all the experts in this religious ‘God’ stuff that God’s will is NOT the same as my will? Well, I skipped the second paragraph from page 147 because I knew you would ask me that, and I knew this was the big stumbling block for you, what you keep tripping yourself up on. Why you ‘can’t’ seem to simply get out of your own way.

‘What is called the will of God was CREATED BY MAN so that he could govern and control his brothers. Yet if you believe that teaching and see God’s will as separate from yours, then you will always be in the battle of his will versus yours, for you will want to do certain things and feel you must; yet the will of God says you must not.’

Why do you suppose GO-vernment al-ways claims ‘In GO-d we Trust?’ And these two terms just so happen to begin with ‘GO?’ And, if you are symbolically-literate in the ‘Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet’ (by Alvin Boyd Kuhn), or the ‘Occult (Hidden) Science of Hermes Tri-smegistus (The Thrice Great), the Sac-red, Sec-ret of the Alphabet/ Aleph-Beth(el), House of Jah/ Yah/ Jove/ Jupiter/ Zeus/ Sun/ Son, it is actually the first 3 (tree) letters of ‘Gov’-ernment and the entire word ‘God’ which are the same. D(e)/ #4 & V(e) #22/ 4 are One (On-e) and the Sam(e), the Divin(e) of the Quint-e-ss-e-nc-e, the Fifth Essence, Top of the Pentagram, Parousia, Father & Mother, Alpha & Om-eg-a, Fire & Water, Cause & Effect, On & Off, is & is-naught, night & Dei-t, Empyrean H-eight, 88, Spirit & Matter, Spear-it, Th(e) (E)ther- Air, Earth, hEart: A(e) B(e) C(e) D(e) (e)F G(e) (e)H I(e) J(e) K(e) (e)L (e)M (e)N (a)O P(e) Q(u) (a)R (e)S T(e) U V(e) W(u) (e)X Y(e) Z(e) . . . g(7) + o(15) + d(4) = 26. A-Z-eus/ Zoo-s. Bi-o’s. Log-os. True Wood. Druid. Log Lady. Twin Pines. Twin Peaks. Twin Towers. All Vow-el’s (Ow-l’s of Kn(owl)edge) are 1, the Vows of el, the El-iza-beths, Odd-numbered. Odd = Adam, Dawn, Aries, Mars, March. Even = Eve, Evening, Libra, Venus, Ember/ Amber, September. Adam is the Body. Eve is the Mind. Vow-el’s and Con-sonants. Opening and Closing. Beginning and Ending. Up and Down. Round and Round. The Will is the Wheel. Why were you NOT taught any of this in ‘public education?’ That there is Only (One-l) the A, Alpha, Aleph, The Bi-Bull, The To-Ra-h of the Torus of C-Horus, the Turning W-heel of the Zo-dia-C, the inner Truth of Astro-Logy, the Stellar Word of God, the Light of Life, the O-Ra-gin, Gene-isis, the First Cause/ Thought?

You were not taught any of the Esoteric, inner truth, specifically for the purpose of keeping/ locking you OUT of the inner circle, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically/ literally ON the exoteric, outer-edge, skimming the surface of ignor-ancestry all your days, deaf, dumb and blind, con-fused, turned into a passive con-sumer of your own life, made a foreigner in your own home, ashamed to eve-n be taking up space, afraid of your own shadow, believing in and fearing demons/ devils that don’t exist, shadows of Shaddai projected on the Wall of Plato’s Cave, in 3d, de-luded, walking on eggs-hells for-eve-r. You were NOT taught the Light of Truth, God you are, so that you would NOT know who you really are, God, the 1 within the man-y. (The Tree/ 3 of) Kn(owl)edge is Power. The Branching Braintree with its Pine-al G-land, the 3rd eye/ i/ 9. That is why/ Y you were fore-bitten to eat of it. The Worldly Power to Control others with Magic Spells, The Word(s), to man-ipulate others, to row their boats for them. The only difference between you and the Vampiric ‘El-ites’ is this Power-differential stemming from kn(ow-l)edge, what g-ives ‘them’ the edge, leg-up, ad-vant-age. The Big Y of the Con-spiracy to Control You (Re-mote-l-ee) from Birth/ Berth. This ongoing monetizing, harvesting of your personal data online by the ‘Tech Giant$’ is just the latest man-ifestation (man-infestat-ion) of the Agen(c)y-Con-s-piracy by a ruthless, power-mad, well-organized inner-circ(le)/ Ca(bal) of s(el)f-appointed el-ites/ el-ect, Rich, Fat Cat Psycho$, Owner$ who N-EVE-R Work a day in their lives, Reapers of the Common-Wealth by Stealth, Wicked 1’s Who be(lie)ve they are appointed by God to Rule over you and YOUR LIFE. And the only way they have EVE-R been a-ble to do this is by l-imiting/ shaming your Thought, snatching away your divinely-bestowed free will, your wheel to Steer your Owner-Ship of Relations, your Relation-Ship- Your Boat, Your Body, Your Birth/ Berth/ worth, take you OUT of your rightful place in Part-ner(ve)-Ship with God and make you a worthless spec-tator (couch-potato) of the spectacle, nation-ally tell-advised, hypnotized, corpse-orate spokesperson, mouthpiece, sycophantic pup-pet for pro-fit, merc-enary, expen-dable$, disposable under-ling of the Phony Phoenician (Phoenix/ Phone-ix/xi) Bull(etin), Papal Bull(shit) God of the Bi-bull, the Canaanite Canni(bal) (Cane+Ab-el), Cannon B-all. The simple truth of the matter (mother nature) is that you are ‘it.’ And ‘it’ cannot be compressed into time-track-bound language, scribbled by scribes on papyrus, Riddle written on paper. ‘It,’ ‘you’ is/ are in the ‘Beyond Section.’ Beyond the Be-Yon-d. A-Way O-ver Yon-d-oo-r, Dorothy, The-o-Dor. When you are ‘good’ you are ‘God.’ When you are ‘evil’ you are ‘Devil.’ ‘God/ Good’ is in ‘Heaven/ Head/ Heart/ H-eight/ Greater.’ ‘Devil/ Evil’ is in Hell/ Heel/ Depth/ Lesser. It is all symbolic of you and your life, now here, nowhere, in this ‘parenthesis in Eternity.’ Your choices, attitudes and behaviors in your day to day, dei- to dei-, life. That is the Re-ference P-oint, ‘you,’ ‘it.’

“Didn’t they tell you? I’m the Saint of Blasphemy.” -Christ

CRS = Cash Register Synchronicity (Consumer Recreation Services/ The Game/ Russian Doll)


1. 4:25 PM: (Paul) 55 items – TOTAL $155.22

2. 1:17 PM: TOTAL $111.56 – ITEMS 44 – INVOICE# 8024

3. 1:48 PM: TOTAL $28.70 – INVOICE# 8040 – ITEMS 20

4. 12:40 PM: ITEMS 20 – TOTAL $82.00 – INVOICE# 8008

5. 1:22 PM: ITEMS 22 – SUBTOTAL $84.48 – CITY $0.84 – TOTAL $85.32 – INVOICE# 8027

6. 4:40 PM: TOTAL $64.64 – STATE TAX 1 $0.34 – SUBTOTAL $64.30 – INVOICE# 9287

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