A w A y

Spir-it-ed . . .

TODAY, 1/24/2020 10:45 AM, I will spirit you away. We will find a way. Out of this timeline and into the Great Beyond. We’ll take a train. Of Thought. I will be the conduc-tor.

‘All Aboard the Pineal Express to Wonderland.’

The conductor was the Mad Hatter. Played by Deep Johny. Here he is. Playing me. He knew why his train was full this day in Dreamland. It was 1/24/2020, the time of the Trump Trial. The third day of the (beginning of the end of the) Democratic Party endlessly repeating its Trumped-up charges against President Dark-O-ccult, hypocritical, criminal corpse-orate-sponsored don-key$, Pots calling the Kettle Black, all day long, causing a global wave of boredom and frustration, the tension of it rivalling the most boring and frustrating of all hi-story, which- hopefully you know by now- was a Fall from a Great Height, G-Ra-ce, an intellectual Error, NOT a moral one. You were innocent when you slipped into this Harvest to be Reaped by the (bi-o)Cycles/ Sickles. You fell into hi-story, as Eve-n (LibRa/ Psyche/ Spirit/ Mind) falling in the Fable (Fa-bull) of the Garden of Eden (18/6×3/Ankh-en-Aten/Cross-in-Sun/ Son) in the Book of Genetics, like Alice falling and tumbling down the Rabbit Hole. Like the Prodigal Son squandering his inheritance. Swept a way. You knew NOT what you did. So you ARE forg(ive)n. 0 is the her0. The Savior is nobody. But now, right here this very moment, mercifully, hi-story ends, and you venture forth with me on the fast track out of the darkness of the tunnel and into the illumi-nation, aboard my Train of Thought/ Thoth, my Mer-Cur-e, Panacea, Meditation-Medication. In the Gr8 Py-Ra-M-id, the F-ire in the C-enter.

Thought is what underlies all of it. Yes, I said ALL of it. Eve-n E-mot-ion, E-ther, 5-m-ocean. Quint-essence. Parousia. And ‘it’ is by no means arbitrary that your word for this underlying expression of the Mind of the Creator, Thought, is so closely connected phonetically to the name ‘Thoth,’ which is the Ancient Egyptian name for the God Hermes (Greek)/ Mercury (Latin). Thoth/ Mercury is the God/ Planet closest to the Sun/ Son of God, Light of the World, Father (Farther) in Heaven/ Head. His year is 88 days, shortest in the Solar System, which is why Bob Gale and Bob Zemeckis chose 88 mph as the speed the Time Travelling Vehicle, the D(eL)orean, must reach to break through the ‘space-time continuum’/ barrier/ bound-ary. Thought/ Thoth/ Mercury/ Hermes is the God who brought human beings writing (not to mention ALL Science, Arts & cult-ure). He is like All the God(s), All 7 (which are 1/ All 7 ChakRa’s/ Seals/ Colors of the Ra-inBow/ ARch-itect), Occult Science/ Sense, Hidden from Common View/ Percept-ion, Yet He is All View-points and Percept-ions/ Decept-ions, Elec-trick-all Effects/ Off-act-ions. Writing is a magical, divine gift of the God(s), which is why writing has always been regarded by man and womb-man as sacred/ secret and which is why Jesus (God) is the Alpha-Bet/ Beta/ Beth-el/ Om-mega in R-eve-lations. Thoth/ He-rmes is the God of Magic, which is why words are Spell(s), Magi-c, and Who is it that announced where Jesus would be born (in a manger/ stay-bull/ bi-bull/ Tor-ah/ Turin/ Sa-Turn/ Santa-Clause/ Clouds)? The Magi, of course, the Astro-logers/ lodgers of the Log-os, Druid, True-Wood of the Lord, the Word of the World, Whirled, Heard, Bird. The Egyptian Thoth has the head of a Bird, an Ibis, and the body of a man. The Roman Mercury and Greek Hermes have human heads with Bird Wings attached, maintaining the myth-o-poetic synch-link with the Bird, Flight and the Spiritual, Quicksilver, Grease Lightning, in the Flesh, in a Flash. He is the Messenger, the One who delivers the Hidden Message/ Massage, Below the Threshold, Sublime-in-el, directly from the Horus’s M-outh, Sooth of the South, Soul, El Sol, Plasma, Psalm-A, God’s Sun/ Son/ Day/ Dei- Down to the Earth. His Day is Wednesday, for his Norse myth-o-logical correlative (co-r-e-relat-ive)/ correspondence is with Odin, or W/Odin, for wh/om Wednes(W-Odin’s)-Day is named. God the Message yet?

The Tao which can be expressed is NOT the true Tao. Which is to say the Way which can be expressed/ told is NOT the Way. Lao Tzu, author of the ‘Tao Te Ching,’ only spoke when necessary. He hated it when someone wasted breath in pointing out the obvious, like someone commenting that ‘the sunrise is beautiful.’ Which is why he only wrote the ‘Tao Te Ching’ when he HAD TO, after a lifetime of refusing to write, which would have been Anti-Tao. He only wrote of what he knew, the Tao, the Way, when it had become necessary for him to do so. His hand had been forced. He was on his way to die in the mountains, which meant he had to cross the border. One of the border guards just so happened to be one of his students, who told Lao Tzu he would allow him to cross the border, but only after he wrote down his teaching. Thus the ‘Tao Te Ching’ was born, the book about the futility of writing, of saying ANYTHING at all.

It’s futile because you cannot say ‘it.’ ‘It’ is in the Beyond Section. Trance-end-dental. With Morty. Beyond the Bi-nary (1 & n-one) of Mortal and Immortal, Temporary and Eternal. This is what hap-pens when all compli-mentary oppos(it)es m-eet/ m-eat in the mid-d-le/ el. They canc-el each other OUT. They are 1, 2, tree and N-ONE at all. This is why the Tao is like the definition of God I learned from mythologist Joseph Campbell. ‘God is an intelligible sphere whose center is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere.’ In other words, God is a word for what is beyond words. Beyond explanation. Because God is eternal, the track upon which this illusory-time-train, Thought, currently rides. While simultaneously NOT the track, anymore than ‘it’ is the train. Time flies. But it is an illusory special-effect, electrical outflow of magnetism, so it could never fly or do anything at all. Time is Santa, a Real illus-ion, the One who is Saturn, Sa-Turn, Cronus, Lord of the Rings. Satur-day is Saturn’s Day, the Sat-ire/ Satyr/ Sitar/ Sabbath. And, yes, this is also the Origin of Satan (Say-ten) and the famous Satan/ Santa anagram, in the Moon-th of Dec-ember/ Death-amber/ Decline of El-ec-trick-el l-ight/ No-el, No-el, Born is the K-ing of Isis-Ra-El, Moon-Sun-Saturn, Monday, Sunday and Saturday. For Satan is the Fallen Ang-el/ Ang-le of L-ight, Fallen to the Heel/ Hell B(el)ow. Why did ‘God’ cast this ‘God’ out? For refusing to bow down to his new creation, the human, man and womb-man, created in his/ her its I-mage. And what does Satan/ Saturn do All the livelong day/ Dei- at the Hell of the He-el? He sings in Praise of God. Magic-ally created. By Spea-king the Magi-C Word (Whirred/ W-heard). Abracadabra means ‘I create what I say/ intend.’ And it is connected to Abraxas, God/ Devil of the Ancient Gnostics, Knowers, NOT Be(lie)vers. The real God/ Devil is Beyond Words, Beyond the Phonetics of Phoenicians, Beyond the Beyond. And this 1 who is also 2 is NOT in conflict with ‘it’ s(el)f. Even when ‘it’ is. ‘It’ is only an appearance, an apparition, part-partit-ion, part-ner, p-air of p-ears, pi-ers, a-peer-ants. Yang and Yin, Solar and Lunar, Mascu-line and Femi-nine (Anti-names) are engaged in an eternal dance, together and separate. Nearest and Farthest. Man’s Literary God is the Di-vine Di-vided, NOT Literal, Allegorical, Symbolic, Dual, Du-el, Broken in 2 Test-aments, Old and New, Winter and Summer, Luke and Darth, Light and Dark, Jehovah and Jesus, Saturn and Sun/ Jupiter, Saturday and Sunday (& Thor’s-Day/ Dei), Satan and God, Evil and Good, Even and Odd, Eve and Adam, Cold and Hot, Old and Young, Mind and Body, Fruit and Soil, Femi-nine and Mascu-line. Men are from Mars (Wars/ Mud/ Body/ Clay/ Aries/ Arise/ Blade/ Lingam/ Linguistics) and Womb-men are from Venus (Peace/ Mind/ Fruit/ Libra/ Descend/ Chalice/ Yoni/ Silence). Libraries = Libra + Aries, the Equin-Ox-es, HoRus-Alpha’s, Aleph’s, A’s, A-Zeta. The Scriptural God is but a faint Shadow of the actual, blazing, blinding, inexpressible God, the One, the TaO.

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