It Made Things Worse Because It Made Them More Real: Sweet Symphony, Bit-ter Sur-render

Indeed, things were worse now that they had been made more real. This happened when he became aware of his appearance (apparition) in a fantasy fiction (time-travel) novel, & NOT a mere cameo, NOT a bit (byte) part, but the protagonist (an alternate version of him as a time-travelling English teacher). & somehow, albeit secretly to the many, everyone else, he was linked to the mysterious gin, or spirit associated with the past’s (Land of Ago’s) obdurate will, Jim Ladue.

Jim Ladue (Jimla/ Gen-ie/ ginn) was the Author’s codename for James Douglass, secretly encrypting in his script-ure, ’11/22/63,’ his change of heart, his turning from believer in the Warren Commission Report, its lone-gunman Lee Harvey Oswald narrative, to believer in a government conspiracy to kill JFK (not to mention RFK, MLK and Malcolm X & 9/11) and then cover it up by pinning it on its asset, patsy, Oswald,, forerunner of Osama (bin Biden). The Author’s (K-ing C-ard’s) turning, mirrored by JFK’s turning to peace, was triggered by his reading of Douglass’s book. He was convinced that the Warren Commission Report was an elaborate fictional cover-story put out by the government and decided he would finally write his own fictional narrative surrounding 11/22/63,’ in which he would encrypt his emotional adventure from conspiracy denier to believer. He felt he had to do it this way, or else. Perhaps he was right/ w-rite/ Swamp-Scottish. Maybe the ‘King’ would have suffered the fate of the ‘King for a Day,’ Offi(cia)l Sacrificial Lamb, Goat for God. There’s no condemnation here. ?.

JFK ‘CHOSE PEACE. THEY MARKED HIM FOR DEATH.’ The pronoun ‘THEY’ is referring here (on the cover of ‘JFK and the UNSPEAKABLE’ by James Douglass, 2008) to the highest points of unelected power in the intelligence arm of the permanent defense establishment of the Greater US Hegemonic, Military-industrial-complex/ empire, the CIA, which was- during JFK’s presidency- already firmly entrenched in South Vietnam through Operation Phoenix (Phoenician/ Phony-Phonetic$/ Be-Lie-F$), committed to the profit$ which would be reaped in a protracted combat operation in Vietnam and also firmly committed to the perpetuation of the Cold War. At the time of his assassination, ’11/22/63,’ JFK was in the process of turning from Obedient Cold Warrior to its opposite, Disobedient Peace Advocate. This is why he was deemed by his own ‘intelligence establishment’ and warmongering Joint Chiefs a ‘security threat’ and ‘removed.’ The CIA, at its creation in 1947 by President Truman, was given the power of ‘plausible deniability.’ It would do whatever was necessary to efficiently dispose of ‘threats’ to US security interests (corpse-orate war-economic$) and then would deny its criminal involvement, keep its dirty secret$ from the public under the umbrella of national security.

I have a copy of the US Constitution. It comes with The Declaration of Independence. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called The Bill of Rights. These Rights come from the Creator of the Cosmos, originate from out of this world, the Beyond Section in ‘Click.’ Just ask Little Kyle. Right, Morty, Christ-opher Walk-in? Well, Nowhere in these documents is there any mention of the CIA, NSA, FBI nor IRS, nor FEDERAL RESERVE BANK(H), which is as FEDERAL as FEDERAL EXPRESS. These are all private-investor, BANK-STER-based, anti-constitutional, anti-democratic organizations which have invaded the Re-public during its small hi-story in this small world (whirled/ after-all) and which (Greenwich/ Green-wicked-wicca-w-itch-wick-m-atch/ h-atch) are, as we speak, choking the dream of Demo-cracy (People Rule/ Self-determination/ Self-Governance/ Auto-Nomic Nerve Us Sy-stem) in this my nation of birth/ berth as a Bouncing Bay-be Buoy, Bobbing on the C/ See/ Sea, Current-Sea, Currency, C-ash F-low, Liquid Ass-et$, Soul-d, Sol-d-oo-R, Soldier, Sol-dier, Sack-Ra-fire-ice, Sacrifice, Uni-Verse . . .

If a critical mass of humanity does not awaken to the violence of inherited and socially-indoctrinated ideology- mass-minded-belief-sy-stems- you can kiss all bio-logy of Mother Earth/ Mother Nature goodbye. It is not a mere quirk that we have always called Earth our Mother. Mother is the Symbol of Care/ C-air. W-here do you suppose our word ‘matter’ originates? It comes from the Greek word for ‘Mother,’ which is ‘Mater.’ All Matter is Mother. All Mother is Matter. What’s the Matter? Mother is the Matter. The Heart of the Matter, Earth, Terra, Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial. Dark Matter is Dark Mother. Kali. Isis. Astarte. Diana. Hecate. Demeter. Inanna. Hannah-Baal-lecture.

‘Mother,’ ‘Matter’ and ‘Mass,’ and all Words beginning with the Letter ‘M, do NOT begin with ‘M’ by accident, or at ‘Ra-nd-om.’ There’s no chance it’s just chance. It is by de-sign, as eve-rything to do with The English/ Anglish Language/ L-Anguish is by de-sign (d-oo-r sin-e).

Our Letter ‘M’ is the descendent of the Phoenician ‘Mem.’ It is a PictogRam of a Wet Wave. ‘Mem’ Means ‘Water.’ ‘W-ater/ W-otter’ M-oves in W-aves. D-aughter. Hannah-Baker Dozen. Dodecahedron. Hide Ra Island. W-ater is the Element (L-Lament) of M-other, M-atter, M-oon, Money, M-ood, Mono-the-is-M, Tides of Time, Titanic Vess-el, Monday, W-ork W-eek, Weak-N-ess. The Sin of Eve is symbolic, a signal of the Sine Wave, All Anti-Names, Antonyms, Complimentary Opp-o-Sites, Interdependent and Interchangeable, Mutually Exclusive and Inclusive. ‘The All is Mind. The Universe is Mental.” ~The Kybalion . . . M = 13, the Mid-el, Pyra-mid, Horus, God of Dual Relations. W = 23. Upside Down. Downside Up. Ah-p. Letter #16. Letter#6. P-h. F. E-f-f-ort. E-f-f-ect. O-f-f-act. Eve-act-ion. Evacuation. Eviction. Evisceration. Eventual. Everlasting. Evermore. Evergreen. Tree. Three. See. Sea. C. Mister E. A B C D E. 1 2 3 4 Fire. S-k-in. Flesh. Flash. The Tempt-ation$. Carnivore Carnival. Carcass Caress. Car Care. Auto Mo-b-ile. Self Moo-v-e-ment(al). Incarnation. Incarceration. Laceration. D-Cision. D-Side. Door-S-ide. Delta/ Daleth/ Tent-Door/ Letter D/ At the Fore/ 4/ For/ Fair/ Father/ Farther/ Fear/ Fare/ Farm/ Form/ Morpheus/ Metamorphosis/ Metaphor/ Metabolic/ Diabolic/ Double/ Devil/ World/ Deva-l/ Whirled. S pin Psy K ill. D C limb. Braintree 3 Massachusetts. Chew Sets. Dendrites. S pine. Pine al G land. 3rd eye, eve, i. Sac Red femi 9. Secret Secretions. Sea creations. Crust a shuns. Ache horns. Benjamin. Linus.

M is letter number 13 of 26 in the Alphabet-tickle Order of Orion, Smack Dab in the M-id-d-le of the Alpha-beta, Aleph-Beth-el, House of God, Light of the World, Word, Log-os Lady, Lord of the R-ings, K-ings of Capital-is-m and Social-is-m, Marxists, Mars-ists, Wars-ists, Moses, M-ark-on-Texture, M-ix-Ture-Us. Brea-king the Spell of El. Cast on the Sheep-el. Power to the People. Take it back from the Powers that Believe They Be. They Might Be Gi-ants. Emmet Brown. Micha-el Ang-el-O. Be Severely Civilly Disobedient. Now. woN. The only time you have. Which like totally has you. Bittersweet surrender. See Charlie Waving the White Flag. Down By the Riverside. He ain’t gonna study War no More. No More Damning the F-low.

(Just because I oppose war/ violent violations of others’ sovereignty, does NOT Mean I am a ‘Marxist.’ Does NOT automatically make me a Socialist/ Communist/ Common-ist. You are the Uncommon within the Common, and Vice Versa. This is What I am)…

What happened?

What happened.

It happened.

Cosine Sh-it.

It’s Around the Corner.

The Excrement Hitting the Air-Conditioning.

Terence McKenna is right. It is a tragedy to go a whole lifetime without a psychedelic experience. I’ve taken walks through the cemetery and thought about that, how sad it is that so many of the dead never got high.

Here’s a Cash Register Synchronicity (CRS) from December 23 that got separated from the rest. Lost and Found: 12-23-2019: 3:18 PM – 18 ITEMS in purchase/ trans-act-ion. Two days before Christmas. In the obdurate past, before I read pages 795 & 796. (21&22/ ’11/22/63′)

This is a book already written. We are all already dead. Don’t be afraid, Ozzie Rabbit. Just continue to Read line by line, page by page, day by day. What the hell else are you gonna do? Yeah, you don’t want the book (bouquet) to end, but you want to find out what happens, so you keep reading, turning the p-ages.

A Wrink(le) in Ti(me).

James Hurley.

Hugo Reyes.

Luisa Rey.

Ana Lucia.


Boston Red





















Ben: I think we’re a parasite species.

Charlie: I think we don’t even exist. We’re eternal, immortal, infinite light, consciousness. In our desire as expansion itself, incapable of experience/ expertise, we desire our opposite, compression- we want experience. So we create a Maze Made of Amnesia, Sleep, Dock-Taur-Us. We are Lost, Locked into that Maze, Labyrinth, Soul/ Sol caught in Perpetual Re-birth, Re-cyc-ling. Round and Round, Spin, Storytelling, Jesting, Hypnotic Sug-gestion, Di-gestion, In-Di-gest-ion. G-astral. G-astro. God-star. doG-Ishtar. Easter. April. Mighty Aphrodite. Hermetic. Occult. Hidden from the Ocular. Concealed. Sealed. Re-Vealed. Ra-V-Elations. Boo-k. W-hol-e G-host. Haunted House. Doc-ToR-Us. Do-N-ut. Naught. Night. What is. What is Not. Knotted. Dually no-ted. No el. No el. Is Ra El. Moon Sun Sa-turn. W-heel. Achilles. Ache-kills. K-ills. k-now-ledge. hip-g-nosis. noses. scents. sciences. con-science. consciousness. conscientiousness. Etym-ology. Origins. Aura-genes. Light. Life. Lift. Off.

I am a hobbit. I even lived in a hobbit house in Santa Fe. In the Railyard District Downtown in the City Different in the Land of Enchantment. 218 Maynard S-tree-t. A Casita, little house. The ceiling was just above my head- 5’8.5″- made me feel tall. Hobbits have hobbies. Habits. Habitats. The Shire. We love regularity, predictability, no alarms and no surprises. So when I was called to adventure by the Wizard, Wise-s-word, of course I hesitated. For a very long time. But eventually I couldn’t resist the Call. I heeded. I surrendered. Let go and let God. God Grant me the Serenity. Courage to Change (Ch/alle/nge) the things I can and the Wise-Dome to K-now the Di-fference.

Stream of Conscious-ness. Loch.

Luck-sh-me. Lady. Lakshmi. Married to Vishnu (Sustainer-God). Luck (fortune/ wealth) is Married to Sustenance/ Maintenance.

Log-ic Lady.







Magic stick.




The Ch-Alice and the Bl-ade. (Bull-ladder/ leader/ Bladder)

Jacob- Jack- Jake- Epigram

Life is a Dance

Are we Hue-Man?

C R S = C ash + R egister + S ynchronicity


12:49 PM: TOTAL $120.49

I don’t play the lottery. I communicate with the divine directly, experientially, through sign(al)s, symbols, spiritual communication from the sur-round-ing environ-ment, Creator’s living mind expressed through eve-nts. The miraculous is. Right now. Right here. No-w-here else?

Quest-ion & M-An-Swear.

I Swear to God.

God’s femi-9 side is called Goddess.

God’s Yin side. Lunar. Recep-t-ive.





CRS (continued)


3:51 PM: Invoice# 6244 – Total $28.44

“The contemplative has nothing to tell you except to reassure you and say that if you dare to penetrate your own silence and dare to advance without fear into the solitude of your own heart, and risk the sharing of that solitude with the lonely other who seeks God through you and with you, then you will truly recover the light and the capacity to understand what is beyond words and beyond explanations because it is too close to be explained; It is the intimate union in the depths of your own heart, of God’s spirit and your own secret inmost self, so that you and He are in all truth One Spirit.” (Thomas Merton; Letter, August 21, 1967)

I have nothing to tell you. I can only reassure you. I am an-other you. From a di-mention torn free of the future. So deeply interwoven into the Magi-C C-arpet- L-inked inextricably, Emergen-C-Sect-ion- Birth & Berth- Shipping & Re-C-eiv-ing- that I cannot begin to fath-om its depths (and h-eights). Neo-, the -oNe, is New. Strange. Stranger Than Fict-ion. Stranger Things. Doctor Strange Sleep. Dan. Dna. Man. Hand. Land. Gland. Sand. Stan in the Science Lab. The Messiah is on Netflix. The R-ev-olution will not be tell-advised.

2:12 PM: Invoice# 0107 – Total $17.59

11:22 AM: 11 Items – Invoice# 8248 – Store # 5 0 6 – Ma tri-x – S-tore – S-tory – Hi- 358 Broadway – Route 1 – 0848 – 5290 – May 29 – 16 – 16 – 16 – 7 7 7 – Total $24.69

11:37 AM: Total $152.67 – Invoice# 8257 – Tax $0.37

11:27 AM: Total $8.48 – Invoice# 8252 – Items 4 – (781) 231-

12:12 PM: Total $8.16 – Items 4 – Invoice# 0041

12:24 PM: Items 12 – Total $24.78 – Invoice# 0047

12:27 PM: Items 26 – Total $78.07 – Invoice# 0049

3:03 PM: Items 23 – Total $49.09

2:45 PM: Items 21 – Total $60.62 – Invoice# 6206

3:20 PM: Invoice# 6225 – Total $54.25 – Items 15

3:31 PM: Items 13 – Total $38.67 – Invoice# 6231

3:29 PM: Items 49 – Invoice# 6229 – Total $127.85

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