“Kyle, for God’s sake.” (5.29=L.AW) II

Al, look, there was simply no other way it could have happened.

What happened?

What happened. The Unspeak

a bull actually occurred.

This is what it is. I had to read it in 20-19, ’11/22/63.’ I had to go those eight years from 2011 until then NOT knowing (what was secretly re-vealed/ dis-closed) in that nov-el. “The owls are NOT what they seem.” “It is happening again.” Twin Peaks. Twin Pines. Twin Towers. Twi-light Z-one. I had to be there reading the 848 page tome at that mom-ent, sitting in the comfy chair inside Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, outside the Adventure place, so that at that mom-ent I would be told I have a ‘handsome twin’ by that nice big ol’ lady who coulda’ sworn I was someone else. Welcome to Bananaland, man. Bananaland is just an-other way of sayin’ Wonderland, which goes to Govern-ment C-enter (at the end of the Blue Line, just before Bow-den) . . . If JFK had been able (a-bull/ bill) to do as he had wished, shred the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind, maybe we wouldn’t be here, and maybe I wouldn’t have to play this Mad Hatter/ Yellow Card Man Role, down here at the end of the Rabbit Hole/ bubble of Time, Hi-story. But I also do happen to believe everything happens for a Reason/ Ray-sun/ Re-son; it’s just that usually we don’t like that Reason (Ray-son/ Ra-Sun- John 9:25- ‘He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.’ C.R.S. Consumer Re-creation Services. Cash Re-gister Synchronicity. Past Present and Future are One. The Tree is the Three. All 3 aRe Sim-ul-tan-eous. Separative ego fracks them, frag-mentation.

Now I see, Al. You are the ‘train man.’ The train is time and the track is eternity. We’re on the right track (to un-convering and un-derstanding, un-raveling the written riddle, the magic go-spel(l) of el, the el-ec-tric(k) of l-ight/ l-if-e) . . . There is no time to waste. Literally. The track (eternity) is cause, reality, truth, the l-ight of the h-eight (ether/ either/ whether/ weather/ wetter/ wedding/ wetting/ we-eating/ we-eat-her/ Mot-her earth/ heart/ eat your heart out). The train is effect (time/ tie-me), off-act, illusion, special-effect, green room, moon room, 23-7, 2730, 2703, 9/27, little Kyle, Sale-m, Rose-line Chap-el, Roslyn S-tree-t, trick or t-r-eat, 43, 3/24, Libra-Aries, Aries-Libra, equilibrium, equal-Libra-Om, Chris Grisc-Om, et phone home, homophone, illus-ion, de-lus-ion, Lost Numbers, Shadow Play, I-s-Land, Se-Par-at-ion, Se-c-t-ion, Sex-ion, E-on, E-Ra-y. ‘Erased from existence.’ Eternity canc-els out time. Cause overturns, forgives, all its effects, debts, deaths, divine, divide, A-Z. A-O. A-T. Father to Mother. Fire to Water. Spirit to Matter. Self to Other. One to Two. Womb to Tomb.

Yes, Sadie (Sa(n)die(go), 33, I am from the future. I came through a bubble, a port-al. Pro-jected onto the movie screen, moon-Eve scream.

The very purpose for starting this writing in 2011, at age 35, was to share the synchronicity of ‘my’ ‘life’ (in Autobiographic-al fiction-al form/ 4m/ 44/ 8):

I’ was born 16 minutes into JFK’s birthday (May 29th, 5/29, 5+2+9=16, 1+6=) in the year 1976 with a father whose birthday is 11/22, the day of the assassination, Dad having turned 11 on that day 13 years prior. That synchronicity was an ‘act of God,’ a ‘Gift’ (‘Pre-sent Mom-ent’) from the Creative Mind of the One behind it All, the Order in the Chaos and the Chaos in the Order, Alpha and Om-Mega (A-Ton/ God’s Sun/ Son), with the express purpose, along with several other glaringly synchronistic phenomena experienced along the way, of shifting my awareness away from the noise of the ignorant, conformist collective of my time committed to its own self-destruct-ion, and pointing it toward the transcendental interconnectedness underlying all the noise, the dance of sound and silence, visible and invisible, shifting me into conscious recognition and remembrance (anamnesis) of not only past-life but also future-life, all life, all tied tog-ether in time, bound just as a book (bouquet) is bound, down the c-enter, mid-l, the s-pine. And a book wears a jack-et, just like your body. That’s cuz, symbolically, the book is your body, beginning where one always begins, Genesis (Genetics, the O-Ra-Genes/ Origins of Isis/ Gene-isis/ Goddess of all Goodness, Fertility, Re-Production, REsurr-ection/ action/ Di-Rection, Dereck).

John 10:11- ‘I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.’

I am the sun, the son. I shine, issue forth, photosynthesizing all that grows on my green earth, heart. I am love.

I know that this is true about J-FK (that Jim Marrs was right, and so is Jim Douglass/ Jim LaDue): HE CHOSE PEACE. THEY MARKED HIM FOR DEATH. And I know we are still living in the wake of the injustice of the murder and cover-up by the real perpetrators of JFK’s murder, the legally-sanctioned criminals in the CIA. Because they got away with the JFK assassination, they were able to then go forward and take out Malcolm X, MLK and RFK. And now, here we are in 2020, downwind from these events, living in the valley of the shadow of America’s Nightmare on Elm St. in Dei(ty)-Lay/ Ley Plaza, sight of Da(ll)as’s first Freemasonic Temple (33 degrees of Masonry, Dallas is on the infamous 33rd parall-el), NOT to mention the FACT that an aeria-l view of Deal-y Pla-za in Da(ll)as (De(rr)y) re-veals that it is structured in the same shape as the pyRamid with its capstone Re-moved (and the All-seeing Eye of Ra/ Re/ HoRus Resting in its place).

Page 142, ‘JFK and the Unspeakable: WHY HE DIED AND WHY IT MATTERS’ (2008) by James Douglass:

“In his deepening alienation from the CIA, the Pentagon, and big business, John Kennedy was moving consciously beyond the point of no return. Kennedy knew well the complicity that existed among the Cold War’s corporate elite, Pentagon planners, and the heads of ‘intelligence agencies.’ He was no stranger to the way systemic power worked in and behind his national security state. But he still kept acting for ‘the interests of the great mass of other people’- and as his brother Robert put it, to prevent ‘the specter of the death of the children of this country and around the world.’ That put him more and more deeply in conflict with those who controlled the system.

We have no evidence as to who in the military-industrial complex may have given the order to assassinate President Kennedy. That the order was carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency is obvious. The CIA’s fingerprints are all over the crime and the events leading up to it.

According to the Warren Report, Lee Harvey Oswald told the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on October 31, 1959, that his new allegiance was to the U.S.S.R. He said he had promised Soviet officials he ‘would make known to them all information concerning the Marine Corps and his specialty therein, radar operation, as he possessed.’ However, the Warren Report did not mention that in the Marine Corps Oswald had been a radar operator specifically for the CIA’s top-secret-U-2 spy plane. By not admitting Oswald’s U-2 or CIA connections, the Warren Commission avoided the implications of his offering to give ‘something of special interest’ to the Soviets. Oswald was either a blatant traitor or, as his further history reveals, a U.S. counterintelligence agent being dangled before the Russians as a Marine expatriate.

The head of the CIA’s Counterintelligence Branch from 1954 to 1974 was James Jesus Angleton, known as the ‘Poet-Spy.’ As an undergraduate at Yale in the early forties, Angleton had founded a literary journal, Furioso, which published the poetry of Ezra Pound, e.e. cummings, and Archibald MacLeish. After he went on to Harvard Law School, Angleton was drafted into the U.S. Army. He became a member of the Counterintelligence Branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), World War II predecessor to the CIA. The OSS and CIA suited Angleton perfectly. Counterintelligence became less a wartime mission than a lifelong obsession. For Angleton, the Cold War was an anti-communist crusade, with his CIA double agents engaged in a battle of light against darkness.

Investigative journalist Joseph Trento testified in a 1984 court deposition that, according to CIA sources, James Angleton was the supervisor of the CIA assassination unit in the 1950’s. The ‘small assassination team’ was headed by Army colonel Boris Pash. At the end of World War II, Army Intelligence colonel Pash had rounded up Nazi scientists who could contribute their research skills to the development of U.S. nuclear and chemical weapons. The CIA’s E. Howard Hunt, while imprisoned for the Watergate break-in, told the New York Times that Pash’s CIA assassination unit was designed especially for the killing of suspected double agents. That placed Pash’s terminators under the authority of counterintelligence chief Angleton. Joseph Trento testified that his sources confirmed, ‘Pash’s assassination unit was assigned to Angleton.”

1:17 (1 minute and 17 seconds: 5 0 6) Tri-nity – Ma-Tri-x – Tri-logy – Heart eartH

CRS = C-ash + Register + Synchronicity

17 Cash Register Synchronicities collected on 1/14/2020. El = 17. E (5) + l (12). El is Canaanite/ Phoenician/ Phonetic for ‘God.’ ‘God is l-ight.’ ~John 1:5. God can be neither proven to exist by believers nor disproven by non-believers. As Jung pointed out, faith (in God/ ‘Higher Power’) is like salt in the diet; even if you don’t know it’s good to have some in your diet, it’s still good to have some in your diet. Faith in God is psychotherapeutic, freeing the mind from troubling itself with matters out of its jurisdiction, putting it in accord with truth, that the only things one has direct control over are one’s own attitudes and choices in moment to moment experience. Without letting go and letting God, the ego is alienated, atomized, becomes overwhelmed, disoriented and just plain neurotic, worry-wart, control-freak.

1. 6:31 pm: Items 18, Invoice# 8077, Total $108.77 – Subtotal $58.42 – City Tax $0.35

2. 5:43 pm: Items 45 – Total $123.10 – Invoice# 8052

3. 3:27 pm: Items 37

4. 5:45 pm: Invoice# 8054

‘There’s no chance it’s just chance,’ says Charlie at the Re-gister at the En-d of Hi-story, #1.

5. 3:22 pm: Items 11 – Total $37.34

6. 6:04 pm: Invoice# 8066 – Total $6.68

‘Everyone’s too busy,’ says the Customer, the One. Ms. Nobody who is Everybody. She understands. Trading deep spiritual connection to Mother Nature for ‘material progress/ convenience/ efficiency/ indus-tree-al Re-vol-ution/ Re-volve-pollut-ion/ Po-is-on iv-y/ eye / eve-al-one/ eve-n-ing/ Lib-Ra/ Baal-lance Beam/ Be-Am/ i / 9 / di-vine / di-vide / Day-vid/ Deva / Deus/ Dis/ Astro-/ Gastro-/ in-test-in-/ Al/ El/ i / Jah/ Yah/ Way/ Tao/ Two/ Tw-in/ Too-in/ Tune/ A-Ton/ At-on-e-men-t-al/ El-lament-Al/ a+i = 1+9 = R+a/ 18+1/ Son/ Sun/ Soon/ High Noon/ Moon/ Mono-the-is-m/ 13/ Hannah Baker Dozen/ Dodecahedron/ Tetrahedron/ Tetragramm-/ Aton/ A-ten/ 10/ 01

7. 3:11 pm: Items 11 – Total $52.47 – Invoice# 6692

8. 3:29 pm: Total $13.26

9. 3:14 pm: Items 10 – Total $30.10

10. 2:42 pm: Items 14 – Total $40.46 (4+0+4+6=14, date 01/14/2020) – Invoice# 6676

11. 5:54 pm: Total $32.51 – Items 10 – Subtotal $32.20 – Invoice# 8058

12. 5:17 pm: Total $3.15 (Cooper) – Change $16.84 (100-16=) – Invoice# 8040 – Items 4

13. 5:08 pm: Items 14 – Total $29.92 – Subtotal $29.42 – Invoice# 8034

14. 5:07 pm: Items 12 (5+7) – Total $22.08 – Invoice# 8032

15. 3:58 pm: Total $38.58 – Items 22 – Invoice# 6710

16. 5:21 pm: Change $16.17 – Items 7 – Invoice# 8043 – Total $3.83 (3+8+3)

What I think (out loud and clear, for all to hear/ here) is: the divine is real and is talking to us through our direct experience, even through the cash register. After all, Adam is Odd and Eve is Even (Aries and Libra, Equinoxes, Equilibrium, Calibration, Mars and Venus, March and September, Hermes and Aphrodite, Hermaphrodite, Androgynous Anthropological Android. But that’s just what I, Yellow Card Man/ Mad Hatter, think(s). “The All is mind. The universe is mental.” ~The Kybalion

17. 3:44 pm: Items 5 – Change $5.45 – Total $4.55

I am the Garden of Eden

I am the Gaia-Ra-den of Eatin’ (18=6+6+6/ Eight+Ten/ A-lpha+10/01/ The One/ neO/ Beast/ Be-east/ House of the Rising Sun/ Aries/ 3 o’clock/ Arise/ Horizon/ Horus-eyes-on/ Z-ion/ L-ion/ L-eo-nard/ Lion-hard/ Bernard/ Bear-hard/ Phoresy/ P-Horus-see-sea-c-1-2-tree/ Re-v-e-l-at-ion-$/ Book/ Bouquet of Flowers/ Phallus/ Ph+Alice in 1-D-oo-R-L-and/ dna/ Dan-I-el)

I am Adam and Eve in the Garden

I am Odd and Even

I am Dawn and Evening

I am the Serpent in the Garden

Kundalini at the base of the S-pine

Unwound round the Brain-tree to the





3 of Know-l-edge +

3 of L-if-e



Mystery of the


o hi m





D ivi
















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