“Kyle, for God’s sake.” (5.29=L.AW)

‘You see there’s a lot more to Mathematics than just numbers and equations… The mind can make the most amazing things.’ ~http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=Spirit

The birthplace for ALL of man’s scientific acheiv-ments? The mind.

Where is the ONLY ‘place’ we can conceive infinity? The mind.

‘Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.’ ~Galileo

Galileo = Gaia+Leo (The L-ion of Earth/ hEart)

That is what I am.

That is who (how) I am.

Le-o + Virg-o + Lib-Ra + Scorpi-o + Sag-o-Taurus + Cap-Ra-Corn + Aqua-Osiris + P-Isis + ARies/ ARise/ Ana-g-Ra-m-aR/ + Tau-Rus/ Ho-Rus + Gem-in-I + CanceR/ C-Ra-b/ See/ Sea-Son/ Sun/ Be/ Bee/ Beth-el/ House of God/ All 12 Signs/ Signals/ Sine-El’s/ Signa-tures/ Sign-Taurus/ ToRus/ ToRah/ TaRot/ RotaRy/ ToweR/ Two-R/ 22/ April Fool Card/ 0 Her0 / Ne0/ Mr. No Body/ Boat/ Abode/ Home-less/ Wandering StaR-t/ StaR-e/ SteeR/ Ring/ W-heel/ Hell/ Head/ Heaven/ H-Eve-n . . .

IN 2010 ‘I’ lived at 33 New Ocean St. when ‘I’ was 33 years of age. There was a liquor store right across the street, in my ‘circle.’ On the Swampscott/ Lynn line. There was, unbeknownst to me at the time, a time-travelling portal, ‘rabbit hole/ bubble,’ which encapsulated this area. One of the ‘doorways’ opened by the loonies who ‘secretly’ ‘rule the world.’ The doorway is still there here in 2020, along with several others which have been opened since. But this was 2009-2010, when I binge watched ‘Lost’ on Netflix, shortly after moving back to Mass after 3 years in NM. My mom just so happened to have moved to 33 New Ocean St. a little while before and had a spare room for me upon my return from Santa Fe. When Micha-el Jack-son ‘died’ and that was all you heard about (in the ‘news’).





2011 (11×02=22).




Little Numerology Card.

Yellow Card Man.


Welcome to Bananaland, man.

‘That crazy guy had a name. A perfectly normal one. Kyle, for God’s sake. It made things worse because it made them more real.’

Call me obsessed, call me mad, call me what you like. Mad hatter. Nutter. Call me Al. But ask yourself, how would you react if you, a nobody like me, found out you were somehow the King’s protagonist, the her0? Don’t forget (Mat-thew/ Maat-Theo/ Truth-God 7:1), ‘Judge NOT unless you be judged.’ Is NOT the whole idea behind reading fictional narrative (naRRat-Eve) to lose yOuRself in the protagonist and his/ her/ its tale/ tail/ yarn/ thread/ weave-world/ whirled? To identify with the her0 on the great adven-ture s-tory, the journ-ey of (t)hi-s-tory/ 8-Torus/ Myth-o-log-os? To get so Lost that you get Found? Of course that’s the whole I-dea, the p-oint. Even as it is NOT. All anti-names (antonyms) are interrelated, interdependent and ultimately one. The two is one and the one is two. How it is = How it isn’t.

Who R U? Puff the magic D-Ra-g-On. Queen. Bee. Eve. 32. 23. Five. Fire alive. First born. Uni. Corn. Cap Ra. Corn. Crop. Crap. Reap. Ripe. Ban-Anna. Hannah Baker Dodecahedron. Prince. S. Di-Anna. Twin Pill. aR. Emergen-C B-Ox. A-leph. A-life. Al-pha-Bet-A.

E-merge & S-ee

Pro-cedures must take effect. ‘Reality’ is a special effect, an elec-tri-C. Of the l-ight. Real illusion (persistent) and illusory ‘Reality.’

11/9 + 9/11 + 1/19

Don(nie/ald) D-ark-O (Door-Archon/ Arch-itect-ure)

The scene: It is 5:29 pm (5+2+9=16/ 7) in Australia. Over a decade ago. Not now. The digital clock in the car reads 5:29. ‘Kyle, for God’s sake.’ Ana Lucia and Dr. Christian Shepherd. Outside the bar in which Sawyer/ James Ford/ Jacob 4D sits, awaiting his synchro-mystic meeting with Dr. Christian Shephard, Jack’s father who will soon ‘die’ of alcoholism.

‘Everybody has to die sometime, kiddo.’


Donald Trump = Donnie Darko

The 9 hawks descend from Ab-ove. Below them Charlie sleeps on a black futon in the CVS parking lot (in broad daylight), the CVS on Eastern Ave. in Lynn. Where his Mother and Father met in the early 70’s. They were two college kids working at ‘Richdale’s’ (before it was a CVS) . . . Kyle (Charlie) was still just an evil glint in his Father’s eye, a dormant potentiality, seed and egg, a future possibility/ proba-bill-a-t . . . (ah-ee-t-ee, x-pressed phonetically/ phone-home/ homophone) . . .

Do you know how to get to Charlie Grant’s house?

Is it cold in Santa Fe?

That’s from a tv commercial, a Christmas ad, that was aired during the 2011 Christ-mas season, right after I had started this sight, giving myself the fictional name ‘Charlie Grant,’ and having just returned from Santa Fe.

I am AbRa (CadabRa) . . . The Magi-C Word. Go-sp-ell. The W-hole G-host of the W-hole Bi-bull (ToRah/ To-Ra/ 2-Lights/ Parallel/ Pair of El’s/ Yang and Yin/ Sun and Moon/ Mars and Venus/ Aries and Libra/ Libraries . . . That I am

I am.

‘Johny/ God is an American.’ 1997 = 26 (1+9+9+7) (12:16 am) (g+o+d) (m+i+d) (dog-dim/ Anna G. Ra-m) (phone-home/ homophone/ same-sound/ sun/ son/ day/ dei) . . . ‘God is Light.’ -John 1:5

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