JFK = 10+6+11 = 27 (The 27 Clu-b) – Numinous Number (Femi)9/ SacRed SecRet S-caR(e) – T-wo (2) S-evens (7’s)

What took you so long, Charlie (Kyle/ Yellow Card Man/ Jake/ George)?

I take ‘my’ time.  Always have.  Just ask my mother, Rosie.  Additionally, I always agonize over Eve-Rything.  What I am is what I am.  Same goes for you and All Else.  Try walking in my shoes.  You’ll stum-bull in my footsteps.

What happened? 

The ONLY Reasons (Ra-y-Suns/ Sons/ Days/ Dei’s/ Daze)

anyone still believes in the Warren Commission Report

(Government’s Cover-up/ Whitewash of its High Crime, Murder of the El-ected K-ing JF-K/ 106-11/ LanceR/ PRe-si-dent)

are the same Reasons anyone still be(lie)ves in the 9/11 Commission Report (Government’s Cover-up/ Whitewash of the High Crime, Murder of thousands at Ground Zero):

The ‘Reasons’ (UnReason-a-bull ReaSon$) for still be(lie)ving the Unreasonable/ unbelievable/ (un)in-credible/ Phony-Phoenician-Phonetic-Cover-Stories of the Govern-ment are entirely psychological, same Reasons underlying the irrational psycho-spiritual (mental/ psychic) phenomena like the Witch Hysteria, which happened here in (Jeru)Salem, Ma. w-here I current-lee Re-side:

Cognitive Dissonance is behind (& within) ‘it,’ the Wretched-Mass-(Hysteric-al)-Deni-al:

1. Cognitive

Dissonance :

Mental phenomena explain why (Ra)legions of men (and womb-men) doggedly avoid simply facing facts- and in the process (Re)adjusting their psycho-spiritual focus/ orientation (Orion-t-Aton/Aten-ion)- their perceptions, beliefs and attitudes- to the facts, what is, (the) truth (true true, see ‘Cloud Atlas’ 2004 by David Mitch-ell), f-actuality; their avoidance and vehement resistance of truth is due to the fact that the last thing they want is to have to change their minds, to go through the discomfort and inconvenience of (Re)adjusting- updating their mental software- to what is, and, in the process, being yanked out of (letting go of/ sur-rendering) their childlike fantasy-projections, naïve innocence (in-no-sense) what they have always merely imagined/ be(lie)ved to be real, true, what they have always been told by Author-ity.

Stock holm

Synd rome

Holy / W(hole)

2. Master Numbers

12. I am an Open Book

De(rr)y = Da(ll)as

Da(ll)as = De(rr)y

Jim LaDue = Jim (James) Douglass

I (Kylegrant76) = The Yellow (Orange & Black) Card Man

JFK’s Birthday: 5/29/17 My Birthday: 5/29/76 (@12:16 AM)

My Father’s Birthday: 11/22/52 – JFK’s Assassination Day: 11/22/63

I am 35 in 2011

So is the protagonist

Police (Car-bumper-#)- Synchronicity- 5253

See ‘Back to the Future’ (1985)

Mom born in ’53

Dad born in ’52

Same with the protagonist’s Mom and Dad

Jake = Jack/ Jacob/ John Ken(nedy)

Cinema, San Die(go), CA – Adams (Atoms) Avenue

Sadie Hawk-ins

(54/9 Hawk/es St. in Marble/head)

19(85) – 19(58)

15+8 &




(4+8+15+16+23+42=108/ Dharma Initiative/ Initial-eve/ eye/ i/ femi-9)




(Ripley’s Believe it or NOT, Re-ality Tell-A-Vision/

String O’Vision/ Magi-c Carpet)

3. Little Numerology Card

Epiphany = Epi+phany


‘This is bigger than what you can imagine.” -The Mes-sia-h






Page 230- VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) by Philip K. Dick (1981):

“What exactly did I have to do?  I didn’t know.  None of us knew.  Already I had heard the AI voice in my head, and others would hear that voice, more and more people.  VALIS, as living information, would penetrate the world, replicating in human brains, crossbonding with them and assisting them, guiding them, at a subliminal

level, which is to say invisibly.  No given human could be certain if he were crossbonded until the symbiosis reached flashpoint.  In his concourse with other humans a given person would not know when he was dealing with another homoplasmate and when he would not.

Perhaps the ancient signs of secret identification would return; more likely they already had.  During a handshake, a motion with one finger of two intersecting arcs: swift expression of the fish symbol, which no one beyond the two persons involved could discern.”


THE AppRent-ice







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