Jim LaDue = Jim (James) Douglass

Police (Synchronicity)- 5253

Just like Dan (Dna) in ‘The Shining,’ Charlie used to ride his ‘big wheels’ among the dead . . . in Swampscott Cemetery (Symmetry/ Same-tree/3), across the street from the Yellow house on Essex St.  

I hadn’t thought of that ‘big wheels’ connection until last night talking with Al-ex in the kitchen (chicken) . . . “Maybe you’re the same person,” Al-ex said.

‘King is a master craftsman.‘ –Time Magazine



# 33


Master Number

Believe you me, the Author-it-y, The Star-Eve-n/ LibRa K-ing, is nobody’s fool.  He’s NOT a dunce who believes in the government’s nonsensical lone-gunman story.  He knows what is made plain as day to all from the Zapruder Film, that JFK was shot from the front. ‘Back and to the Left.  Back and to the Left.  Back and to the Left.’ King just can’t go public with it, or so he be-lie-ves.  His image and reputation are on the line after all.  And when you’re a famous author with so many books to sell, when you’re the King, well, ‘your’ image and reputation are everything.  Public I-mage L-imited. 

‘Any re-semblance to ACTUAL PER-SONS living or de-ceased is Co-incidental.’  You have been dis-claimed, Charlie/ Kyle/ Yellow ORange Black Card Man.  Feel free to Re-claim Y-ourself at any TIME.

You were killed so that you could be Re-born/ Res-urrected/ R-isen from the Ashes.

20. Kokopelli

The turning that Jim Douglass describes JFK going through during his presidency, the turning that got him killed by his own military-intelligence-establishment, turning from Cold Warrior to Peace advocate, was mirrored by the turning/ conversion the Au-thor King experienced reading his copy of Douglass’s book, a turning which had started over a decade prior when he (King) saw Oliver Stone’s JFK film and was exposed so directly- with the rest of America in the early ’90’s- to the only case ever taken to trial in the JFK assassination, that of Clay Shaw, indicted for conspiracy to murder President Kennedy.  The prosecuting attorney was New Orleans District Attorney JIM Garrison, played by Kevin Costner in Stone’s ’91 landmark feature film.  

 The King Card was given a copy of peace activist Jim Douglass’s ‘JFK and the Unspeakable’ shortly after it was published in ’08.  It was given to him by his ‘contrarian’ wife, the ‘conspiracy theorist.’

 Jim Douglass’s book rocked King’s world, provided a concise narrative/ timeline of 11/22/63 that he hadn’t seen before, & made the whole affair deeply personal, had spoken to him directly and implicated him (and all of us) in the wicked crime, made everyone responsible (response-able) for the UNSPEAKABLE evil at play behind the killings of not only JFK, but his brother RFK in ’68, along with MLK, not to mention Malcolm X.  The public’s denial and willingness to believe the cover-stories- be-lie-ve the lie$- of the criminal govern-ment conspirators is the bedrock of the UNSPEAKABLE.

“Nonviolence implies a kind of bravery far different from violence.” ~Thomas Merton

So instead of openly sharing with the world his conversion from believer in the Warren Commission Report/ Whitewash to being convinced of the government’s guilt of the crime- that it was indeed a conspiracy and Oswald was exactly what he said he was, a Patsy- King shared it obliquely- he hid it in plain sight in the narrative of ’11/22/63.’  The Jodi Texas Star Quarterback in 1958, with his own billboard- JimLa/ Ginn-aL- is given the name Jim LaDue, which is King’s  encryption into his script of ‘JFK and the Unspeakable’ author Jim (Do)ug(la)ss (Jim LaDue) . . . 

How do I know?  Why do I care?

What happened?

I saw it with String O’Vision, another way of saying ‘The Shining.”  I saw it on a billboard.

I am Kyle, the Yellow Card Man, Bananaman.  Even though I am none of these.

The ‘Card’ is the ‘Little Numerology Card.’  I am one of the homoplasmates, yoked with the Word/ Log-os/ the Eternal One/ None.

I am the suffix of philosophy.  And I am also the prefix, the love of Philip.  Great Green Greek.  Wis-dom.  Dominos.  Domin-ion.  Domi-nation.  Zack Lang.  Jack. Jake. Jacob. John.  His name is my name too.

My birthday is May 29, 1976.  JFK was also born on May 29, in 1917.

I was 35 in 2011, the year I started this WordPress page and told the synchronicity of my life, my birthday being the same as JFK’s and my father Peter’s birthday being the day of JFK’s assassination.  Dad turned 11 on 11/22/63.

1. The Cash Register Synchronicities

Like me, Jake Epping/ George Amberson is 35 in 2011.  (page 233 ’11/22/63)

My father’s birthday is 11/22 1952.  Jake Epping’s father was also born in 1952.  Which we find out on page 117: Jake, having traveled to 1958 from 2011, thinks of his parents.  His father is 6, which means he was born in ’52 (like my father, Peter) and his mother is 5, which means she was born in ’53.  My mother, Donna (MaDonna), was also born in ’53.  So NOT only is Jake the same age as I am- 35 in 2011, born in ’76- his parents were born the same years as mine.

& AL-L this on top of the already earth-shatteringly inexplicable synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) of my birthday (JFK’s birthday) and my dad’s (JFK’s murder-day) . . .

Then, way at the end of the suspense thriller romance novel which seemed to somehow be secretly about ‘me,’ on pages 795-796, the name of the Yellow Card Man is finally revealed (by his replacement Zack Lang).  ‘So the crazy guy had a name.  A perfectly normal one.  Kyle, for God’s sakeIt made things worse because it made them more real.’

3. Little Numerology Card

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