CRS (Cash Register Synchronicity) & ’11/22/63′ = THE NightMARE Before ChristMASS/ NightMAMMA-RHEA on EL-M S-TREE-T/ Tri-ck oR Tre-at? Hollow-Eve-ning (LibRA) = Halloween/ Hallelujah December = (God’s Sun’s/ Son’s) Death-ember (& Sub-sequent SYM-BOLIC Re-B-earth/ heart/ Resurrection/ Ra’s erection/ Buil-ding) = CapRicoRn (AsTro-pi-c)/ W-inter Sol-st-ice/ Sun Standing Still

11/22/63 (2012) by Stephen King- Page 117 (Oct-ober 1958):

‘I stripped to my shorts, lay down, and tried to sleep.  My mind turned to my mother and father.  Dad was currently six years old and living in Eau Claire.  My mom, only five, was living in an Iowa farmhouse that would burn to the ground three or four years from now.’ 

So in 1958, the year to which Jake Epping (George Amberson in ’58) time-travels, his Dad is 6 (born in ’52, same as my Dad) and his Mother is 5 (born in ’53, same as my Mom).   

Then on Page 233, after Jake has returned to 2011 after 52 days (yet only 2 minutes), we learn that not only were Jake’s parents born the same years as mine, Jake is the same age as I am:

“‘What are you, Jake, thirty?  Thirty-two?’

‘Thirty-five.’  And two months closer to thirty-six than I had been earlieir this morning, but what was a couple of months between friends?'”

And if you have been following this WordPress site, you will know that My Birthday is the same as JFK’s, 5/29 (May 29, 1976) and my Father’s Birthday is 11/22, anniversary of JFK’s assassination in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas (November 22, 1952)…

I’m on page 240 (of 849) presently, and another synchronicity I have noted thus far into the nov-el is that every time a multiple digit sequence is reported, it reduces by addition to ’19,’ not only the currently waning year (20-19), but also the Gematria reduction of a.i.  a = 1 i = 9. . . & the man who owns the diner in 11/22/63, the diner with the Rabbit Hole to 1958 in its pantry, just so happens to be named ‘Al.’ 

‘You can call me Betty and Betty when you call me you can call me. . . ‘



5:26 PM: TOTAL: $26.91 INVOICE# 6,591 SUBTOTAL $25.66

G = 7 : O = 15 : D = 4 (D-oo-R/ D-elta/ D-aleth) 7 + 15 + 4 = 26

7:22 PM: TOTAL $22.14

5:14 PM: INVOICE# 6,514


1:26 PM: ITEMS 26 TOTAL $66.50


5:04 PM: ITEMS 17 INVOICE# 1,816 TOTAL $59.53

5:28 PM: TOTAL $28.28 INVOICE# 1,828

VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) by Philip K. Dick (1981); Page 209:

“‘Sophia is two,’ Linda said.  ‘She was born in 1976.  We tape what she says.’

‘Everything is taped,’ Mini said.  ‘Sophia is surrounded by audio and video recording equipment that automatically monitors her constantly.  Not for her protection, of course; VALIS protects her – VALIS, her father.’

‘And we can talk with her?’  I said.

‘She’ll dispute with you for hours,’ Linda said, and then she added, ‘in every language there is or ever was.'”


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