CRS 11/11/2019




11/11/2019 (16/7/ Nov-ember/ 9-burr El-even’th/ 20+19/ 39/ 12/ 3)

12:27 PM: (# of) ITEMS 27 – TRansaction INvoice5290 – Cashier# 5290 (As I approach the 15 year anniversary of my hire [higher] date [deity], December 4, 2004, it must be noted here that I personally chose my cashier number back at the end of 2004, Cashier# 5290 because that is my DOB expressed numerically, May 29, which was originally expressed 3-29 since May was originally the Third MOnth/ MOon-th of the Year, when the order of the 12 MOons followed the order of the 12 Houses/ Constellations of the Zodiac of Astrology (Star-Logos/ Stell-ar-Log-ic-God/ doG) . . . As I’ve shared many times with you already, my birthday, May 29, is the same as President Kennedy’s.  What makes the inception of this here ongoing lifetime (life story/ light Taurus/ Torus/ Torah/ To-Ra-h/ Rotary/ Tarot/ Torch/ Touch) especially synchro-mystic (blatantly so) is that my father Peter’s birthday is 11/22, November 22, the infamous day of President Kennedy’s murder in broad daylight in downtown Dallas [33rd Parallel], Dealy (Dei-Ley/ Lay) Plaza, sight of Dallas’s first Freemasonic Temp-le, Nightmare on El-m St.  JFK’s last address was 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, of course, The WHITE House and 529 (his and my birthday, May 29) reduces to 16 (5+2+9=).  I was born at 12:16 AM on 5-29 and Peter and Donna (Ma-Donna- Peter/ Pater/ Mother+Father = Matter+Pattern) gave me a name with 16 letters: Kyle [4] Charles [7] Grant [5] 4+7+5= 16.  The only thing I ever seemed to want to do for most of childhood was play baseball, having been inspired by personally attending the living museum/ professional baseball Park known as Fenway.  I played in Swampscott, Massachusetts Little League and when I was 12 years of age and 14 & 15, I was on the town’s All-Star teams and when we won the District Championship, we were the Champions of District 16.  1+6= 7 [S-eve-n] … Seventh Heaven [7th Seal in Book of Revelations] = Crown ChakRa at the Top of the Braintree, the Hea-d of H-eaven, the Heart of eartH.  God = You.  123.  Abc.  Trinity. Trilogy. Ma-tri-x.  x+x+x.  24+24+24. 

This particular synchronicity first caught my eye yesterday when I noticed the number of items in the transaction matching the number of the time, 27 items at 12:27, but it wasn’t until I went to show the customer on her printed receipt that I noticed the unbelievable concurrence of the Invoice# being the exact same number as my cashier# (5290) and birthday.  On 11/11, VeteRan’s Day (DDei), No less.  The next nov-el I will read after I finish ‘The Overstory’ is going to be 11-22-63, which will be my first ever reading of a Stephen King nov-el.  It’s about time.)

2:47 PM: TOTAL $102.47 (This occuring the very day after the big 247 synchronicity, which started at Whole Foods with my morning Coffee Cup lid being number 247, followed by sitting at a red light in Marblehead facing a Day Care Center with the address# 247 and then my second customer of the day on the cash register at work being an elderly couple who requested a balance inquiry on their Gift Card, and it just so happened to be $2.47.  24Hours/ Horus 7Days/ Deities )

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