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Night MaRy (Mamma-Rhea/ Ra-y-Ya/Jah) BefoRe ChRist Mass on El-m (l-m/ 12-13/ 3-4) S-tree-t: 11/22+09/11- Live eviL Tv Om-mega Fall (of Man) Rituals (Rites of el/ SatuRn)- AlteRed States of AmeRica: ARRival (2016) O-T-T-F-F-S-S-E-N-T-123456789-10

  “The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it.” ~George Orwell

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CRS 11/11/2019

C ash R egister S ynchronicity 11/11/2019 (16/7/ Nov-ember/ 9-burr El-even’th/ 20+19/ 39/ 12/ 3) 12:27 PM: (# of) ITEMS 27 – TRansaction INvoice# 5290 – Cashier# 5290 (As I approach the 15 year anniversary of my hire [higher] date [deity], December 4, 2004, it must be noted … Continue reading

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HaRvest 2019 SynchRomystic Epic: OA, The OveRstoRy and the JokeR/ YokeR/ Yoda-Yoga-R-ARe-InteR-InneR-eAR-con-neck-t-ed-t-id-e-t-im-e-teRnity: The Ending of the DaRk K/night/ R/ift of the Soul/ Sol/ S.O.L./ Statue of LibeRty/ StaR Of Light/ Shit Out of Luck/ Lakshmi/ Lady/ Log-ic/ Log-os/ Life/ StoRy/ TauRus/ TaRot/ Rotary/ Torus/ C/HoRus/ ToRaH/Eight/88 MPH/ HiRamA/Biff/ Trump/et/ CaRd/ PokeR/ The Ga/me/ Micha/El Doug/las/x/ Russian Doll/aR/eye/TRee/ ThRee/ MissTeRi/TeRRa/AstRal/XTRA/XTRA/Re/ad/a/ll/a/bout/it/Ridd/le/el/News/Pa/peR/US/PapyRus

The end of the Dark K/night of the  Soul  Sol  Hallelujah Halloween True Wood  DR uid  Tree Three SycamoRe  

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