Videos Pro-duced before, during and after the 2,018 Winter (Winner/ W-enter/ in-coun-Taur-us of the 4 Quar-Taurs of the To-Ra-h/ Whol-e Bi-bull of Byblos/ Babylon/ Bab-el/ D-oors of the Y-early Bi-Cycle of Na-ture/ Nat-ive-Na-me-Taur-us of Horus/ Hours of the Day/ On the Horizon/ Horus-eyes-on/ L-ion/ I-r-on/ Z-ion/ Dei/ Die/ L/ 12/ 3/ Tree/ Miss Teri/ My story/ Boss-A-Ton A-Stro-ng/ G-astro-Ankh/ B-Ankh/ River/ Re-v-e-R-b-e-Ra-t-ion/ Vita-l- Vi-b-Ra-t-ion/ Baby-Lon-Don/ Dawn/ D-one/ Tota-L/ Com-p-le-te/ ion/ Neon lights/ Nob-el P-R-eyes/ Al-one/ At-one/ At-om/ At-h-om-e/ Arrival/ Arise/ Aries/ East/ House of the Rising Sun/ Son of Sunday/ Christmas/ Saturnalia/ Turning Wheel/ W-heel/ W-hell/ W-ill/ Valley/ D-eath/ D-ec-ember/ amber/ umber/ Sep-t-ember-Sep-a-Ra-t-ion/ Lib-Ra/ LiveR/ EveN/ LiNe/ Equa-Taur-us/ As-Tro-pics/ p-ix/ CanceR/ C-Ra-b/ Cap-Ra-C-oR-n/ Ben-James-in H-oR-n/ Uni-C-oR-n) Solstice (Sun-standing-still/ Son-StellaR-ice-us/ Isis/ God-s)


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