This is A formal declaration (de-clear-rational)  of my intellectual, spiritual, mental and emotional independence from Corporate (Corpse-orate/ Dead Body/ Debt Abode/ Oration/ Speech/ Language/ Languish/ L-Anguish/ Legalese/ Dis-ease/ Diocese), Financial Empire Fascist Statism/ Phony External Authority…Hallelujah

I don’t care how much stock you own in CVS (C-BS/ See/ Sea-Bullshit/ L-eyes/ Sick-care NOT Health-care/ THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT/ ROUTE Of ALL EVE-ILL!), I do NOT accept that YOU ARE CVS, BRIAN/ Beta-Orion/ Ra-y-d-I-Aton/ At-ion.  Hare Krishna. Hallelujah.  Aloha. You are NOT your corporeal, corporate/ corpse-orate/ flesh-flash-form.  You ARE the ONE Operating the Vehicle, NOT the Vehicle.

I hereby declare my firm dissent from surrendering the power of my intellect and emotions, reason and intuition, logic and feeling, over to Finance/ Mammon/ Money/ Mono-eye/ Mon-ster/ F-Ra-ud.  Hare Krishna.  Hallelujah.  Aloha.

I serve God, the Good, the One.  I do NOT serve Money, I hereby declare with All as my Witness.  I hereby transcend (trance-end) Money, removing it entirely as the substitute in my mind and heart for genuine, AUTHENTIC CARE of/ for and by Holy, Whole Mother Earth, Gaia, Venus, Moon, Hathor, Isis, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Easter, Mary, Mamma-Rhea, Hera, April, Esther, Demeter, Diana, Terra, To-Ra-h, Torus, Taurus, May-Ya, Matter, Matrix, Nature, Married to Mars/ Ra-m-s.

When I face my maker, I hereby formally and sincerely and consciously and conscientiously do intend to have a clear/ clean conscience/ consciousness/ con-science/ with-sense when I/ eye meet my Father in Heaven Upon my Spiritual Rebirth after I separate from the temporary temples, body, bio-bull, bi-bull/ book, bouquet of Flowers/ Phallus/ Father-Palace of Alice/ Chalice.  Hare Krishna.  May God’s Love Be With You Always.




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