Luc-ky el-eve-n CRS’s (Cash Register Synchronicities) of 5/02/2018

Like Charles Bukowski I was gifted with a shitty life, a shitty-beautiful-ugly-gargantuan-microscopic-macro-orgasmic-nanotech-bi o-tech-post-trans-human-is-m-apocalypse-Apollo-eclipse-


Dis a ster


for which I am

eternally grateful,

a graceful

great fool.

I had the good fortune of being hit on the head a number of times early in life, starting with the da-da-da-da-da-boom incident on Essex St. across from Swampscott Cemetery-

Yes, I consider myself lucky to have experienced a few undiagnosed concussions in the age of concussion-syndrome oblivion.  These blows were secretly (sacredly) by design, as are all the event$ in my life, and in yours too.

How do I know?  I just do.  It’s obvious to me, plain as day, as it should be to all.

My strong suspicion is that these blows helped to jog my deeper, ancestral, astral-memory of eternal self and put me on an inevitable collision-course with the psychic territory of the ancient psychoactive plant-mind, the ancient Gnosis and the psychology of Jung and the mythological-studies of thinkers like professor Joseph Campbell, not to mention put me into contact with the world of emotional turmoil, now a known effect of concussions, especially in the already turbulent period of adolescence.  Each and eve-ry experience has been right on schedule, exactly as it was de-signed and programmed to happen in this virtual bio-simulation experiential free-will experiment we call


(X-is-tense/ Y / why / sentence/ exit-dense/ ou-ter-density).

It seems every day I am more grateful for just being me, still somehow with my wits about me now here, nowhere,

grateful not to be you,

but to be me- see / c / sea ?

you are the ‘not me’

the other side of me

ether destiny

father density

farther destination,

Geo r ge  M c F l y

Trump = 88 (mph) – Hi-Ra-m A-Bi-ff Tan-nen






11:55 AM: ITEMS 5 – SUBTOTAL $13.05 – CHANGE $7.05 – CASH $20.10

12:20 PM: INVOICE# 7474 – TOTAL $26.93 – CHANGE $13.07

1:00 PM (13:00:39): ITEMS 10 – TOTAL $25.26 – SUBTOTAL $24.70 – STATE TAX 1 $0.56

12:46 PM (12:46:16): ITEMS 6 – INVOICE# 0814 – TOTAL $18.04

2:44 PM (14:44:54): ITEMS 34 – INVOICE# 0863 – SUBTOTAL $78.93 – CITY $0.28

12:12 PM (12:11:58): ITEMS 23 – SUBTOTAL $117.41 – STATE TAX $0.22 – TOTAL $117.63 – INVOICE# 7468

5:51 PM (17:51:29): TOTAL $33.22 – INVOICE# 7957

2:49 PM (14:48:58): TOTAL $7.58 – INVOICE# 0865

5:53 PM (17:53:44): INVOICE# 7960 – TOTAL $19.60

3:00 PM: ITEMS 30

1:07 PM (13:07:12): TOTAL $184.64 – INVOICE# 7484 – ITEMS 56


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