Hey + CRS (April/ Aphrodite/ Ishtar/ Easter/ Esther/ Hathor 20+18)

Hey, Jack Kerouac, Mr. Blue Sky,

Could you have foreseen this back in 1941,

Way back then at the commencement of WW11,

The insane total scale of this 21st century geo-engineering military-industrial operation, solar radiation management!, ‘chemical ice nucleation,’ ‘covertly’ overtly covering the daytime sky with heavy-metal-particulate-dispersions aerosol-sprayed from jet aircraft, daily generation of toxic, utterly poisonous artificial cloud cover over a completely stupefied, technology-engulfed society of conformist automatons, make-believe-humans, the apotheosis of the ‘productive animal,’ completely oblivious of the mathematical certainty of near-term human extinction,

Way back yonder in the daze of your youth of discovering truth about lines about time,

When you most accurately diagnosed your beloved America’s sickness,

The sickness of War,

Could you have foreseen this 2018 America where I must dwell?

Would any of it surprise thee, O Brother Where Art Thou, Jack of Low-ell?

Because what is more obvious to me than anything else is that this so-called ‘Reality’ of early 21st Centaur-e would make you a retching wretch:

I would take you on a tour of Salem, tell you of 911, GW Bush, War on Terror, Obama, drones, the World Wide Web- the Inter-n-et- ‘Smart Phones,’ ‘Social Media,’ ‘Unfriending,’ ‘Texting,’ the Trance of ‘Transhumanism,’

And you would be nonstop puking all over the asphalt over the ghastly spectacle, not actual, literal puke, allegorical, literary v-om-it, the tea we smoked beforehand settling our inside-out stomachs, twisting and shouting at the horror of the Geo-engineered, Metal-particle-painted Sky, HD pseudo-environ-mental, post-pre-apocalyptic, govern-mental, Dis-eased Disneyland Disaster Whirled, the End of the



4/12/2018: 9:49 AM: TOTAL $19.19

4/05/2018: 10:11 AM: TOTAL $15.32





4-11-2018 (2-11)

4:54 PM (16:54:16): TOTAL $88.15 – INVOICE# 1333 – ITEMS 27

4:23 PM: ITEMS 5 – STORE# 506 – INVOICE# 1315 – CHANGE $6.05 – TOTAL $13.95

1:36 PM (13:36:41): TOTAL $14.16 – ITEMS 9 – INVOICE# 4865

2:14 PM (14:14:27): ITEMS 12 – INVOICE# 4887 – TOTAL $29.68

1:56 PM (13:56:31): TOTAL $56.10 – ITEMS 19 – INVOICE# 4876

4:39 PM (16:38:54): TOTAL $148.77 – ITEMS 58 – SUBTOTAL $147.46

4:33 PM (16:33:19): ITEMS 23 – INVOICE# 1322 – TOTAL $49.87

1:54 PM: CHANGE $1.34 – SUBTOTAL $13.47 – INVOICE# 4874

2:06 PM: ITEMS 3 – CHANGE $0.33 – TOTAL $5.67 – INVOICE# 4883


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