CRS (3/12/2018- An-other Day/ Dei-A-midst the Corp$e-O-Ra-te-$tate of Ma$$-achu-$ett$-Pan-ic-Con-$umer$/ Ani-mated-Live-Action-Lunar-Illuminated-Illuminati-Nazi-Nasa-Nazarene-P$y-op$ Brought to you in Part % W-hole Whirled in 3D+HD-Re-a-lit-y-TV by Mr. No-Body/ True-man S-how)

EZE-KI-EL 39 :

“THEREFORE, thou son of man,

prophesy against Gog, and say,

Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I

am against thee, O Gog, the chief

prince of Me-shech and Tu-bal:  . . . “


“The next night, he (Horselover Fat) and I and Kevin drove up Tustin Avenue to a small walk-in theater; since they intended to see a science fiction film I felt that for professional reasons I should go along.

As Kevin parked his little red Honda Civic we caught sight of the theater marquee.

‘Valis’  Fat said, reading the words.  “With Mother Goose.  What’s ‘Mother Goose?'” ~VALIS by Philip K. Dick; page 150

Venus Venous Five Alive Vine Divine Vie Divide Di-Anna 

Hannah Baker Dozen Dodecahedron Ra-ch-el Corrie Is-Ra-el Bulldozer Doze n 

David Day Date Deity Deus Destiny Density Zeus Jupiter Judas Peter J+Zeus + G+Sus 

Chord Cord Core Cork Corona Coronary Care Carve Carcass Caress Car Carry P hores y  Career Cardinal Carnal Carnival Carnation Carnivore Omnivore Om in Incarnation Nation N-at-ion Aton At+on A+ton A-to-On Om-en Dolphin Delphi Philadelphia Endorphin Endogenous-Morphine-Morpheus God Good Gad Gadzooks God’s Hooks God’s Hoax God’s Hawks H-Ox Eight Ate Gate Gat Got Goat Miracle Mirror Oracle Ocular Occult Nature Na-tur-e Incarceration Laceration Lactation Lacto- Galaxy Gaia Uranus Geo- -logy Logos Lord Land Gland Pineal Pine Elohim Allah Aloha Hallelujah Elijah Elisha U Ra N us Ram Us Rama Ram a Chakra Ra Tantra Ra Mantra Ra Meant Ra Mental Ray Radius Radiance Deva Devastation Devil D evil Eve L Even W Oven Ovum May tri x Venom Ventilation Veneration Vein Ration L Reason Rhea Son Sun Say Turn Say Ten Say Ra Re- Sarah Abraham Cerebrum Cherubim Brahma Abracadabra Abraxas Cadaver Dia-Gnosis Idea Anamnesis Amnesia Am knee Jah Anastasia Parousia Quintessence Ether Hathor Weather Other Utter Udder Break Bread Breed Bride Better Butter Batter Bat Bate Beta Bait Beat Bite Bit Byte Apple B Apollo Alpha Aleph A Life Phallus Fallacy Fall False Fellow Follow Alice Chalice Palestine Pulse Pale Horus Horse Hours C-horus C-enter Entrance In-trance Exit Existence X is tense Alphabet Feather First Fire Firm Inferno Fury Fiery Fist Fight Fear Fair Fare Fore Four For Father Matter Mother Earth Heart Hear t Her e Here t 20 12 t I’m e – B-gin + En-d – 1 + 2 = W-om-b + T-om-b 









1:18 PM: ITEMS 18

12:16 PM: CHANGE $6.66 – ITEMS 6 – TOTAL $13.34

4:07 PM: TOTAL $17.04

4:34 PM: TOTAL $34.09

5:31 PM: ITEMS 31

12:43 PM: ITEMS 53 – TOTAL $105.31

12:35 PM: TOTAL $113.45 – ITEMS 55

5:11 PM (17:11:35): TOTAL $191.11

11:56 AM: STATE TAX 1 $0.56

4:16 PM: CHANGE $62.16

1:32 PM (13:32:02): TOTAL $14.45

1:50 PM: ITEMS 40 – TOTAL $140.12

12:55 PM: ITEMS 5 – TOTAL $5.95 – CHANGE $14.05




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