M-Arch = M-Ars = M-oses = Aries = Arise = Ra-eyes + Horus-eyes-on = Horizon – Sunrise = Equi-N-Ox = Equa-Tor = Equation = Equate-ion






M aR ch M aR s M os es M aR y AR M Y Aries M aR in e Arise M aR i time Re sur rection Ad miR al ty Ra Night Ma Re Ra y Mamma E Rection Rhea Di Rection HeR Met ic Di ana Re d Hannah Rum Baal Re ad Hannibal Ridd le Ba k eR Sp hin x Doze n Sp hin c teR Do deca hed R on Phoen ix Dou ble Phoen ician Tet Ra hed R on Phone tic Tet Ra g Ra mm Aton

Caul d R on

Cal de Ra






02:34 PM (14:34:45): TOTAL $7.77- INVOICE# 2944

06:41 PM: TOTAL $33.41

06:48 PM: INVOICE# 0468- ITEMS 23

06:51 PM: TOTAL $51.61- ITEMS 23

07:15 PM: TOTAL $15.96

07:47 PM: TOTAL $31.47

09:09 PM: (My ‘Last Call’ purchase) SUBTOTAL $7.18- INVOICE# 6318- STATE TAX 1 $0.22- TOTAL $7.40- CASH $20.40- CHANGE $13.00

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