Jesse + Crescent St. + Rose-Cross-Brother-hood % CRS (2/27/20×18)



Desti nation






2:27 PM: Before the commencement of my 2:30 PM shift, I purchased a CHOCOLATE BROWNIE CLIFF BAR, paid for the $0.89 TOTAL BILL/ BULL with a 1$ BILL/ BULL and my change was $0.11 (EL-EVE-N CENTS/ SCENT$/ E-SSENCE)

3:02 PM: INVOICE# 2301- TOTAL $23.98- ITEMS 12

3:04 PM (15:04:36): SUBTOTAL $33.43- ITEMS 7 (3+4)- TOTAL $34.24

3:08 PM: TOTAL $15.16- ITEMS 14

Jenni fer

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