Mela-tonin = Melanin + Sero-tonin

Alpha-bet = Alpha + Beta = Aleph + Beth (Phoenician-phonetics)

End-orphin = Endogenous-morphine (Morpheus-dolphin/ Delphi)

Morphine  Morpheus  Yoga  Metamorphosis  Yoke  Dolphin  Yoni  Matrix  Uni-verse  Matter Union  Join  Onion  Unite  Integer  Integrity  Tao  Whole  Tog ether  Hole  Ether  Holy  Horus  H our  Zeus  Yean  Other  Yang  Hathor  Yin  Osiris  God  O  Gad  Sirius   Isidore  Aphrodite  April  Dorothy  Hermaphrodite  Fool  Thoth  Thor  Thought  Theodore  Thursday  Arthur  Friday  Weather  Frigg  Parousia  Freya  Quintessence  Hermetic  Queen  Aphrodisiac  Green  Frau  Cheese  Free  Chess  Agnus+Dei  Wednesday  Odin Day  Dennis  Denise  Adonis  Dna  Adonai  Dan  Madonna  Andromeda  Madam  Androgynous  Adam  Andrew  Atom  Android  Thomas  Automaton  Thammuz  Eve  Lacto- Even  Galaxy  Halloween  Gargantuan  Hallelujah  Juggernaut  H Jupiter  Eight  Judas  Ate Peter Allah  Elohim  L Aloha  Gautama  Hawaii  Buddha Anthropomorphism

Meta-phor – Mid-el-for-m / four-m / 4 x 13 = 52 (Weeks of the Yearly Calender/ Calendar/ Cylinder/ Whe-el/ Cycle/ Psyche-el of M-other Na-ture

Ob-el-isk / Py-ra-mid / Pyre-a-mid

Atum – Atem – Aten – Aton A-Temp-el  



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