Base Baal Cabal Allah Elohim Lingam Linguist Tongue-Twi-s-t

Baa l

L ing am

L ing u is t

If he hadn’t received THE message, at that particular time and place (the 21st), I would not be here.  You would not be here now (the 22nd).  None of us would.  And that message, of course, is our message, our only hope, that which is keeping us all alive.

Dis seminate

Semin al

Semin ary

Semin ar

Seman tics


Phoenician Phonetics

English Angel/ Angle-ish

Phony Phoenix/ Phone ix/ xi


E-merge & see/ in see/ enter-C / C-enter/ En-trance/ inter/ enter/ inner-Terra/ Two-Ra-y/ Torah/ Torus/ Taurus/ Tarot/ Rotary/ uterus/ utterance/ udder-ants

Roman Row man-ticks

L anguish L-anguage

Anglo Angus

Go sp el

Goy joy buoy toy

Gaia sp el


Test is

Testic le

Corp oration

Testify – Testimony – Test-A-Money- Moon-eye- Honey 


Testosterone- Test-star-one-

Esther Estrogen Astro-Gastro-Isis-Genesis-Genetics-Gender-Genie-door

Tesseract – Tetragrammaton – Aton – Grammar – Gamma – Beta – Alpha – Aleph – Ra-dia-tion / Ray-Day-Aten-Ankh-Antenna-Attention-Attend-Intend- Tetrahedron – Cannabis-business-busy-ness-Loch-Lake-Look-Loki-Luna-Luminary-Lucy-D-Lucian-Illusion-Contusion-Destitution-Asherah-Wednesday-Valentines-Dei-us-Deus-Zeus-Juice

Elect ra

Penc il

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