The Etymology of Cauliflower

The Etymology of Cauliflower


The first full word within Cauliflower (it’s right there) is the four-letter word (whirred):

“Caul (n.) 

early 14c., ‘close-fitting cap worn by women,’ from French cale ‘cap,’ back-formation from calotte, from Italian callotta, from Latin calautica ‘type of female headdress with pendent lappets,’ a foreign word of unknown origin.

The ‘cap’ sense was the main one until 17c.  Medical use, in reference to various membranes, dates to late 14c.; especially of the amnion enclosing the fetus before birth from 1540’s.  This, if a child was born draped in, was superstitiously supposed to betoken prosperity, give the gift of eloquence and protect against drowning (18c. seamen paid dearly for one, and cauls were advertised for sale in British newspapers through World War I).” (Source:

‘-flower,’ the second word within the compound-word Cauli-flower is from the following:

*bhel- : Proto-Indo-European (P.I.E.) root meaning “to blow, swell,” “with derivatives referring to various round objects and to the notion of tumescent masculinity.” ~Watkins (

Other words, like Cauli-flower (Kali-flower!?) containing this same P.I.E. root (route) OR connected with the Italian & Latin root of ‘Cauli’ or ‘Cabbage’:








Cole – Cole-slaw – Kale – Beltane – Bale – Mellifluous – Boulder – Bull – Bill – Bulletin – Bullet – Bollocks – Bowl – Blow – Bless – Blood – Blade – Ithyphallic – Bole – Bold – Balloon (Baal-Loon) – Ballistics – Ball – Ballot, et cetera…

*bhel- = b-el = beta-god (Ra-dia-t-ion/ Radiance) = Horus = J-Zeus = Jupiter = Judas-Peter-Petroleum

…which (wit-ch) brings us to the Etymology of the word phonetically linked to the Cauli/ Kali-flower, the word: Occult, a word which has been deliberately confounded by Dark-Occultists (L-anguage itself has been occulted or encrypted for control) to gate-keep the masses, the herd on the planetary plantation/ power plant, from what is ACTUALLY going on here.  Ask most on the street what Occult means and they will say, ‘Evil.’  But that is NOT what the word means at all.  It simply means hidden, or concealed (con-sealed- Hermitically), covered-up, secret/ sacred/ secretion.  And like Caul-i-flower (Cap-eye-Flo-Ra), and most words, Occult also has a Proto-Indo-European (P.I.E.) Root, this one called *kel- …



Other words rooted/ routed in *kel- are:

Cell – Supercilious – Eucalyptus – Color – Calypso – Apocalypse (Apollo-Eclipse/ Apo-Calypso) , etc. 


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