How did I know Eric Lampton (David Bowie) was going to ‘die’ on the 10th, the very next day/ Dei?


Well, I didn’t consciously ‘know.’  But in the days leading up to the announcement on that Sunday (Day of the Sun/ Son), as I will show, my synapses were extremely busy putting together the pieces (Pisces) of the whole Horselover (Philip) Fat (Dick) Synchromystic (Synchrosphere) Epic, the grand ‘Man Who Fell To Earth’ puzzle, the Occult (Hidden), Esoteric (Inner) Holly-Wood (Druid) Grand Mystery (Mist-starry/ My-story).


It was right after the Winter Solstice (Sol-still/ dead), when during meditation for that and the previous year, I experienced inexplicable beneficent, palpable effects of what I can only describe as ‘rising Kundalini,’ in conjunction with the Sun of God’s ‘Death’ on the Southern Cross (Tropic of Capricorn/ Cap-Ra-Corn) and ‘Ra/ Re-birth/ Resurrection’ on Dec-ember 25.  I believe that this is what was behind the spontaneous clairvoyance (clear-vision) I was experiencing and continue to intermittently experience.  Looking back at the broad sweep of my entire life of nearly 42 years, I can see how all throughout there have been signs of psychic-ability (telepathy and clairvoyance).  But I was born in an age of extreme materialistic extraversion, in which ‘psychics’ are advertised in neon lights, in a society obsessed with money, status, physical survival, comfort and sense-gratification, a parasitic system which generally has no interest in helping introverted ‘psychics’ (those who have ‘The Shine’) develop and deploy their gift.  In fact, this epoch is so lost in materialistic pursuit that it generally ignores and denies the psyche (mind/ soul) altogether.  It is an age of extreme ego/ body-identification, the tyrannical empire (m-pyre) of the diabolical military-industrial CORPORATION (corpse-oration/ dead body-speech- O-Ra-t-ion), Plutocratic, Oligarchic Occult-ocracy, Hidden Rule of the Super-Rich-Few, a complete De-Mockery masquerading on the world stage as Democracy, with round the clock propaganda info-tainment to continually whip the masses into confusion, hysteria.

It looks very much now like these are the final days of the ‘Age of Mankind’ on what is commonly known as ‘Planet Earth.’  It’s yet another morning of intensive Stratospheric Metal-Particulate Dispersion for Solar Radiation Management (Geoengineering/ Climate Engineering) here on the Atlantic Coast.  GeoengineeringWatch.org  And, as usual, the general public is completely clueless of what is going on right over their heads, how absolutely dire the abrupt climate shift actually is, that the biosphere is imploding all around us, Mother Earth is really dying, and we likely have only 5 years.  That’s all we got, give or take, depending on how long the Ozone Layer lasts with this awful, covert-criminal Geo-engineering assault the corpse-orate govern-ment is committing against the atmosphere and all of us, the entire web of life and its interdependent life-support-systems here on/ in Earth/ Gaia/ Geo-.

Geo- = Gaia = Ge = G = 7

So today I am re-posting the images I uploaded and posted on this site on the date of January 9, 2016, clearly labelled with that date in the Media Images I have stored here.  To me this is another example of the mind’s ability to see around corners, as Jung put it, to transcend the ‘Laws’ of space, time and physics, the ability which humanity has collectively suppressed and abandoned at its utter peril.

I dedicate this post to the memory of E.L./ D.B. and all those who have been ritually-sacrificed (Sack-Ra-F-Iced/ Isis-D), ‘murdered by numbers,’ ritually slaughtered by the diabolical dark-occultists/ Cabbalists (sorcerers) of the Illuminati (El-Lumen-Nazis), the Real Owner$.  If there isn’t an awakening of a critical-mass of humanity soon to the Geoengineering Elephant in the Room, we will all be sacrificed, the entire Biosphere will be lost.


Philosophy = Greek: Philo- (Loving) Sophia (Wisdom)

by Philip K. Dick (Horselover Fat)


page 209:

“Sophia is two,” Linda said.  “She was born in 1976.  We tape what she says.”

“Everything is taped,” Mini said.  “Sophia is surrounded by audio and video recording equipment that automatically monitors her constantly.  Not for her protection, of course; VALIS protects her – VALIS, her father.”

“And we can talk with her?” I said.

“She’ll dispute with you for hours,” Linda said, and then she added, “in every language there is or ever was.”























Zoo-  Dia-


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