C ash

R eg i ster

$ yn chronici ty


1:08 PM (1:08:22): ITEMS 8 TOTAL $38.92

1:43 PM (13:43:13): TOTAL $32.41 INVOICE# 1423

3:57 PM (15:57:17): TOTAL $30.57

4:37 PM: (My lunch break purchase) TOTAL $7.44 ITEMS 3 INVOICE# 1503


12:40 PM: TOTAL $22.24 ITEMS 6

1:08 PM: CHANGE $9.09 ITEMS 9

1:24 PM: TOTAL $4.24 INVOICE# 5924

1:27 PM: CHANGE $2.71 INVOICE# 5929 CASHIER# 5290 (529 is my birthday, May 29th, same as JFK’s, as I’ve shared several times on this webpage.  The very next customer was a nice man named Rick.  He asked me if I knew why JFK Jr.’s magazine was titled ‘George.’  He didn’t know that I have the JFK’s birthday and my father’s birthday is the day of the assassination, 11/22.  I told him I didn’t know that he had a magazine, but I guessed that he named it ‘George’ because he knew George Bush was instrumental in his father’s assassination.  ‘That’s right,’ said Rick.  When he did that (named the magazine ‘George’) that sealed his fate.  I told him that I heard that both Bushes were seen at the airport where JFK Jr. took off from the day he died, in addition to Bush Sr. being at Dea-Ley Plaza on 11/22/63.

1:39 PM: TOTAL $39.39 (39 is my birthday (5/29/1976) #: 5 + 2 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 39

2:15 PM: TOTAL $15.15 INVOICE# 5955 ITEMS 6

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