SynchRomystic Epic XCVIII: Ma gn o L ia III & THE THE

SecRet Book of John . . .

Aimee Mann – ChaRmeR

“in his madness . . . he said, ‘I am God, and there is no other God beside me,’ for he is ignorant of . . . the place from which he had come . . . And when he saw the creation which surrounds him and the multitudes of angels around him which had come forth from him, he said to them, ‘I am a jealous God, and there is no other God beside me.’  But by announcing this he indicated to the angels that another God does exist; for if there were no other one, of whom would he be jealous.”

~Apocryphon of John 11.18-13.13, in NHL 105-106

Ch Ris t

C Re am

ice-c Re am

Ja ck-shi t

Ja co b

Shi t

Ch ic ken-shi t

Ja me s

S me aR

Ri p pLE

Me me

Ho key-po key

Ja ne

Shi te

C Re am pu ff

Jo an

Shi t TEN

S c Re am

Re am

Jo hn

Bu ll shi t

C Re me + de + LA + C Re me

Shy s teR

TuR d

TaR taR

Je an


B Ru LE e

S ca t o L o gy

gen e

Ra me ki n

S tRo gan off

gen u in e

No t


Po t

Ch ou

Se an

So uR

To u gh

Cen tRi fu ge

Pe a ch

Sa d


Ha L f -AND- Ha L f

Sho ot

F Re e z eR

Ji mm i es

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