SynchRomystic Epic XC: EX C EL, InCORPSE-ORa-ted

UniveRsaL Consciousness! – SUN OF SATURN

 C R S

C ash

R eg ister

S ynchronicity


03:24 PM: TOTAL $42.00 ITEMS 15

$0.37 TAX – 37 ITEMS – Then, the ‘customer’, who just seconds before had told me she remembered her last purchase at my register because it had a synchronicity in it, tells me her birthday is March 7th or 3-7

Mes sia h

Mes meR ize

Mes sage


S age

Mas sage

Mas teR

Ma son

M ast

TaR get

gui taR

Si taR

gin geR

geR ia tRi c

May on naise

M ang o

T ang eR in e

T ang o

TuR in

Sign a tuR e

Ac toR

AR thuR

ThuR s day

TheR ma L

EtheR ea L

E teR na L

E theR

E tha n

W ea theR

Ha thoR

E thyL

Eve Lyn

EL eve n

TheR em in

TheR m om e teR

g aut am a

Bi g

Y ang

Ang us

g ang

B ang