SynchRomystic Epic LXXXVII: 1978-1987 & The UL-TimaTe LiTmus Test TickLE

Marty Leeds – Flat Earth – The Ultimate Litmus Test

Just for the RECORD: It still seems to me that Truthiracy is correct in assessing the FLAT EARTH movement as a secret intelligence PSYOP (Psychological Operation)…

That being said, Marty Leeds presents a balanced approach to the whole dramatic issue, which is indeed a huge one.   Needless to say, the true shape of our Material (Mother EL) Universe is of paramount significance to all of us.  I for one would like to know if we are in fact living ‘in a bloody snowglobe,’ a flat plane geocentric system, rather than a global heliocentric one.  With all of the secrecy, all the flat-out deception I have seen from studying the JFK Assassination and Cover-up, the UFO Phenomenon and Cover-up and the history of banking (b-Ankh-ing) and the fraudulent Federal Reserve System, I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if we are being  lied to about the shape of Terra, the all terrestrial, all Mamma of all Mammals (Mamma ELs) and all solar souls.

See you in another life, bRatha…

“Those who perpetuate the evils upon this world want you to perceive evil where beauty flourishes.  Why?  Because it makes their job a whole lot easier.” -Claudia Pavonis

Evi L

Vei L

L ive

Oi L

O L ive

Pe R c e i ve

Co n c e i ve

De c e i ve

Re c e i ve


Eve n

Eve n in g

Eve R y

Va ll ey

Va L ve

Va gin a

Vi R gin

Vi R g o

O Ri gin

O ven

Ov aRy

Ven us

Ven ous

Ven ice

Ven om


Om eg a

Occ i den taL

ORth o d ox

Ox f OR d


Bu ll ock

Bu sine ss

B L ack

Bu tt ock

Tau Rus

U te Rus

St ock

Occ uL t

Oc uL aR

J oc uL aR

C uL t

C uL tuR e


C ash

R eg ister

S ynchronicity


(my lunch BReak puRchase at 1:38 PM) $8.15 TOTAL $1.85 CHANGE

(12:58 PM at C., TYLER’s R eg ister) $0.55 CHANGE 55 ITEMS

11:32 AM: TOTAL $20.13 ITEMS 5

11:22 AM: TOTAL $23.22