SynchRomystic Epic LXXII: The HoLy Lie XV – A-meRican RedRum VIII – F-Light

LOST: FLight 815 CRash in ReaL Ti me

VALIS (1981) by Philip K. Dick

(page 150):

The next night, he and I and Kevin drove up Tustin Avenue to a small walk-in theater; since they intended to see a science fiction film I felt that for professional reasons I should go along.

As Kevin parked his little red Honda Civic we caught sight of the theater marquee.

Valis” Fat said, reading the words.  “With Mother Goose.  What’s ‘Mother Goose’?”

“A rock group,” I said, disappointed; it did not appear to me to be something I’d like.  Kevin had odd tastes, both in film and in music; evidently he had managed to combine the two tonight.

“I’ve seen it,” Kevin said cryptically.  “Bear with me.  You won’t be disappointed.”

“You’ve seen it?” Fat said.  “And you want to see it again?”

“Bear with me,” Kevin repeated.

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