SynchRomystic Epic XXII: DepaRt-ment #22- LandmaRk TheaTeR #220- The Road To San Di ego

TheRe aRe 22 LetteRs in the HebRew ALpha-Bet (ALef-Beth-any), the LAng-uage of The ToRah, OLd Testa-ment of the scRi-buLLed Bi-buLL fRom BabeL, feaTuRing the sToRy of Cane and A buLL. 

TheRe aRe 22 caRds in the majoR aRcana of the TaRot deck, which is used for d-ivi-nation. 

The 22nd LetteR of the LAtin ALpha-Bet is V, coRResponding with the HebRew Shin, which RepResents E-V-e, the UniVeRsaL PRimoRdiaL MotheR, the ChALice, the Re-cept-iVe O-pen-ing, intuit-iVe, B-et-h, B-iRth/ B-eRth, the Beginning, Being, BecOMing, Gene-Isis, Gene-Ra-tion, O-Ra-gin, ViR-gin, ViR-ginia, ViR-go, VuLVa, Vagina, VoLcano, ExpLosion, ERuption, RupTuRe, RapTuRe, OM-eg-A, the SacRed, oR di-Vi-ne Femi-nine, HathoR, HoLy cow goddess of Love & Beauty, whose compLimenTaRy opposite is the SacRed Mascu-Line, The SacRed BuLL BLade god, OsiRis, HoRus, Je-zeus, A-dam, A-tom, A-tman, Atum, ALpha, ALoha, ELohim. 

A = ALpha = Adam = YAng = Odd = Dawn = AetheR – FatheR – PatteRn – The Sun Son FiRe – SteLLaR StiLLness – Cause – ABoVe – BoVine – Red

B = Bet = Eve = Yin = Even = Evening = eARth – MotheR – MatteR – The Ocean WaTeR W-AVe – Mot-ion – Effect – BeLow – BeLLow – BLue

VALIS by PhiLip K. Dick Fu ll Audio book

VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) – pages 236-237:

“Certainly it constitutes bad news if the people who agree with you are buggier than batshit.  Sophia herself (and this is imortant) had said that Eric and Linda Lamptom were ill.  In addition to that, Sophia or VALIS had provided me with the words to get us out of there when the Lamptons had closed in on us, hemming us in – had provided me with the words and then tinkered expertly with time.  I could separate the beautiful child from the ugly Lamptons.

I did not lump them together.  Significantly, the two-year-old child had spoken what seemed like wisdom . . . sitting in the bar with my bottle of Mexican beer I asked myself, What are the criteria of rationality, by which to judge if wisdom is present?  Wisdom has to be, by its very nature, rational; it is the final stage of what is locked into the real.  There is an intimate relationship between what is wise and what exists, although the relationship is subtle.  What had the little girl told us?  That human beings should now give up the worship of all deities except mankind itself.  This did not seem irrational to me.  Whether it had been said by a child or whether it came from the Britannica, it would have struck me as sound.

For some time I had held the opinion that Zebra – as I had called the entity which manifested itself to me in March 1974 – was in fact the laminated totality of all my selves along the linear time-axis; Zebra – or VALIS – was the supra-temporal expression of a given human being and not a god . . . not unless the supra-temporal expression of a given human being is what we usually mean by the term ‘god,’ is what we worship, without realizing it, when we worship ‘god.'”

 Epic SynchRomystic BiogRaphy

Name (TRip-EL CRown PRopeRty BiRth/ BeRth CeRtificate/ CaRgo Manifest StRawman): Kyle C. Grant In-coRpse-oRated

DOB: May 29, 1976 (5/29/76) (What would have been PResident John F. Kennedy’s 59th biRthday)

Father’s DOB: Nov-embeR 22, 1952 (11/22/52) , 11 yeaRs befoRe PResident John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas.

At the age of twenty-one, I moved to San Diego, CaLifoRnia with ‘Jackie’ StaRR, aged 33.

Two months afteR moving there, I found out-, in an incredibly synchRomystic manner whiLe woRking at the NaTuRaL WondeRs NaTuRe StoRe in the Mission Va-ll-ey Ma-ll-, that San Diego is on the 33rd paRa-ll-el, the same 33rd paRa-ll-el that I would lateR leaRn Runs thRough Da-ll-as, TeXas.

The next year I TuRned 22.  I had 2 paRt-time jobs, One at HenRy’s MaRket on PaRk BouLevaRd and the OtheR at the Ken Cinema on Adams Avenue.

The number code for the CustomeR SeRvice DepaRtment in which I woRked, and in which I was lateR named ‘Head BaggeR,’ was #22.

The number code for the Ken Cinema in the LandmaRk TheaTeR CorpseoRation was: 220.

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