SynchRomystic Epic XXIX: KING F-EL-IX

“19. The two-word cypher signal KING FELIX was not intended for human beings but for the descendents of Ikhnaton, the three-eyed race which, in secret, exists with us.”

`PHILIP K. DICK ‘VALIS’ (V ast A ctive L iving I ntelligence S ystem) page 259- APPENDIX (Tractates: Cryptica Scriptura)


T one

Em met

An ten na

SymboLs of PoweR: Skull & Bones, MonaRch SymboLism

Ra p toR

Ra p tuRe

Ru p tuRe

E Ru p t ion

E Ros

Ros e

A Ris e

A Rie s

Sep t embeR

ga Lax y





Hi Ram

Ab Ra h am

B Ra h ma

Sa Ra h

Si Ri us

Se Re ne

Si Re n

Uni veR se

On ion

Y oni

O ne

S ong


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