SynchRomystic Epic XVII: His Na me IS Bow ie


I went to cLick thumbs up- Like- foR the above TRuthiRacy video on Youtube & immediateLy noticed the foLLowing synchRonicity: The video had 701 views, 71 Likes and today’s date is 1/17 (Sun’s day/ dei)…

1+7=8..8×3=24= 24 HouRs/ HoRus…The SynchRometeR Looks Like it is about to go off the chaRts heRe, foLks…

Why aRe These 32 SymboLs (Same buLLs) Found In Caves ALL OveR EuRope – Genevieve von PetzingeR – TED TaLks

GRaham Hancock – The WaR on Consciousness BANNED TED TALK

Signs Out of Time – Marija Gimbutas

Joseph Campbell on Following Your Bliss

SpiRit Science 31 – SecRets of The MOOn

Joan RiveRs TRuthiRacy

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