Mother Goose Suite

MauRice RavEL – Suite Ma MeRe L’oye / MotheR Goose Suite


At aRound 10:30 am eaRLieR today, once again I had the thought of the MotheR Goose Suite, thinking I would shaRe it on this here webpage, in honoR of the Life of the man known as RockstaR ‘MotheR Goose’ in the PhiLip K. Dick cuLt cLassic Sci-fi novEL ‘VALIS’…Two houRs lateR, with the thought again on my mind and singing aLong as I do to the cLassicaL music pLaying on the caR Radio, feeLing ‘this song is speciaL,’ I heaR the Disc Jockey say at the song’s concLusion: “That was ‘Mother Goose Suite’ by RavEL.”  Mind you, AndRea, this was onLy my second time heaRing it on the Ra-dio!, the fiRst time being in OctobeR or so at BReakheaRt ReseRvation and immediately connecting it to ‘VALIS: Vast Active Living Intelligence System.’

One big synchronicity right off the bat on this SatuRn’s-day- 3 up 3 down- and then, Lo and behoLd the foLLowing C ash R eg i steR SynchRonicity :

C R S (1/16/2016 A naL D omination )

$10.45 @ 1:54 PM

$9.55 CHANGE @ 1:55 PM

CLaude Debussy – La MeR

I am Ra y

I Rise and


 The ARchi tect

The Text uRe

The gRea t

I am

I am

S am

S eR pen t

p Re sen t

S eve n

L e tt e R

L i gh t e R

Ana g Ram



g Re en

L otus

L e tt uce

g a L ax y





With in

I am


CLaiR de Lune (Extended)

David Bowie – No ContRoL – “Outside” 1995

David Bowie ft. Mike GaRson – My Death (Live)

David GiLmouR & David Bowie- ComfoRtabLy Numb

The Man Who SoLd the WoRLd – David Bowie – Live at the beeb

David Bowie – HeRoes

Philip K. Dick – A Day In The AfterLife (CompLete)

Did PhiLip K. Dick discLose the ReaL Ma-tRi-x in 1977?

Red Ice Radio – Anthony Peak – HouR One – PhiLip K. Dick – The Man Who RemembeRed The FutuRe

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